Sometimes Life Just Isn’t Fair

Role reversal for the cat and dog

“Who’s been sleeping in my house?”cigarettes

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Life Isn't Fair

Captions from our readers...

That cat has got to go!
Carl Estes

This is what happens when you get married!
Ashleigh Custer

Every time it throws a shoe, I fall for it...
next time, I'm not getting outta my bed for anything!

Roy Gathercoal

Excuse me, ma'am, could you explain to me again why it's better this way?
I may be bigger than her, but she carries concealed weapons.
Are you sure this is a magic basket?
I've sat in it for two days but so far no bones have appeared.

Jacqui Graham

Sigh, somehow I just don't think I'm the favorite anymore.
Ellie Strasser

Dog: Why cat - why have you betrayed me?
Cat: Because when we got married you never said 'I do' - you said 'ruff ruff.'
Marisa Poll

One more whimper out of you, and the hindlegs go too!
George Bergmann

Brain Transfer - Is it wrong? News at Nine.
Mark Prairie

A Basket Case
Goldie Kildea

Is it just me or has my basket shrunk and hers has enlarged?
Hannah Peace

The name is Hilton, Tinkerbel Hilton!
Jackie Godfrey

I wonder how many lives that damn cat has used up!!!
Donna Morris

At the Annual 'Issues In Psychotherapy' Conference:
Ladies and gentlemen, Doofer and Miss Thang will now role-play the difference between cats and dogs.
Diane Putnam

Dog says to Cat: “See, I told you I would fit. Now, can I have my fiver?
Barry Gilfoyle

Guess who got 'time-out'?
Cat to Dog: Now who's the sissy?
Dog: I never win at Rock-Paper-Scissors.
Leonore Garcia

Things a man will do for pussy.
Joe La Rosa

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