Redneck House Siding

How to recognize a Redneck home - by its insulation

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Redneck License Plate House Siding

Captions from our readers...

I've been everywhere, man...
Why the Newfie stole 10,000 cars...
Jacqui Graham

...and you haven't seen his mobile home yet.
Adam Kellerman

It costs a fortune to renew these every year.
Daniel Summers

Look Toto, the house finally made it home.
Nuala Robinson

Red Green's First Lodge
Larry L. Doub

It took 75 years but Earl finally finished siding his house.
Marlene Goodman

Jeff Foxworthy:  “You might be a Redneck if you ...
Ron Wells

As the old saying goes, You can sleep in your car, but you can't drive
your house.?

L.B. Scott

Joe's Soup Kitchen - no shortage of Plates!
Irvin Kauffman

Bobbie Lee, your house has more miles on it than your car.
Linda Newman

Just one more state and I'm done.
Jessica Bradshaw

I've heard of gold plated and silver plated, but never license plated!
Patty Price

I've been everywhere... but now I'm here!
Darlene Benson

Hillary Clinton's first home!
Teresa Bailey

If I had been in the joint a few more years, I'd been able to finish my house.
Them plates work good... no painting needed.

Patricia A. Dooley

I couldn't afford the aluminum siding at the Sears store so I made my own.
Markal Brown

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