High Heel Motorcycle

“To heel with it, men!”

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Motorcycle shaped like a ladies shoe

High Heel Shoe Motorcycle

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Al McInnes
Athlete's foot finally finds the perfect shoe.
Lindsey Clawson
I just couldn't fit one more pair of shoes in my closet.
They're very stylish, but I spend a fortune in shoe polish.
My husband was always borrowing my Harley.
Jacqui Graham
Finally... proper transportation for Imelda Marcos.
Rick Rambin

Well, I only bought it because it was on sale.
My husband was mad though because shoes usually come in pairs.

Daniel Summers

Hey, Miss Giant - we have a present for you that we think will fit you.
Marisa Poll

This thing is really Heel On Wheels...
Mike Schneider

Did I tell you how she popped that heely this high off the ground?
Gloria Lee

Imelda Marcos - eat your heart out!
Edmund Molina

Rumor has it that 'The Old Woman Who Lived In A Shoe'
sold all of her children & bought herself a new sports car!

Goldie Kildea

I think I have found Cinderella's missing shoe!
Hannah Peace

After coming of age, a child of the old lady who lives in a shoe buys a motorcycle.
Cyclists have changed their image and are making a fashion statement... now known as the Heels Angles.
Marlene Goodman

No, I said I am looking for a Low Rider Heel.
Ron Wells

You wear what size of shoe?
L.B. Scott

There's no place like Home.
Riding high on the hawg!
Kris DeVries

If the shoe fits, drive it.
Linda Newman
I'd like to hear anyone say 'Kick my ASS' to this lady!
DRIVING REQUIREMENT: Foot powder bath before driving.
Do I need to cover myself in foot powder before I can drive it?
Ledon Orbiso

Oh, I thought I heard, 'Pump your ride'.
Ralph Castro

You think this is a big shoe, wait till you see the foot!
Finally, a shoe that fits.
Where's Bigfoot?
Geoff Pearce

This one was on the last leg of the race, got way ahead and won by a foot,
he was itchin to win, and he really took a shine from the crowd.

Brian Smedley

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