Downside Electric - “Short” Safety Program

Electrician makes “short” work of a downside situation

[This picture was shot in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by the boss of Farooq Ishaq's father.
It was presented in the annual meeting under work safety practices.
Farooq's father works at an LG air condition dealership as a service technician...]

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Electrician dangling outside a window to fix an air conditioner unit

Captions from our readers...

We don't need a repairman, Honey! I can fix it myself!
Amanda Selvidge

HEY .. that better be FREON I hear leaking, or I'm LETTING GO!
Bob Cleveland

Tell me you didn't have beans for lunch today.
Shut up, Ralph! YOU pawned the ladder, YOU get to hang out the window!
Jacqui Graham

OSHA Violation - Regulation 27863, Section D - Improper safety harness.
Tom Steele

Reverse bungee jumping
Irvin Kauffman

You put George out, you put George in, you put George out, and shake him all about,
you do the Hokey-Pokey and turn yourself around... Oooops - sorry George.

L.B. Scott

Michael Jackson at it again!
Tony Holt

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