Dog On Pot – Without Crack

Scientists discover new strain of dogweed – potted version

Customs agents train pot-sniffing dog for sit-in demonstrations

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Dog sitting on a flower pot without a crack in it

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This guy's no 'dope' when it comes to 'urning' his keep.
Al McInnes

I've heard of Dandelions and Cattails, but this is ridiculous!
What happens when you send your husband to the garden shop for POPPIES.
Jacqui Graham

When this sucker hatches, I'll never have to beg again!
Alzheimer's is no joke. But at least I'll be able to find whatever it was I buried here.
Ed Best

A Greek earns how much?
Barry Gilfoyle

I'm telling you one more time, I don't have a monkey on my back,
but I do have pot out the butt.

L.B. Scott

I Kid You Not, THAT dog's going POTTY!
Irvin Kauffman

Derriere - a dog true to the end.
Linda Newman

Needs water to grow.
I was told to Plant myself.
Leonore Garcia

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