Cat Got Your Tongue?

Baby’s favourite snack

Purrfect meal for a baby’s light snack

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Baby chewing on cat's tail

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Honey, I really think it's time to start Junior on solids.
No sweetheart, Mommy said to kiss the DEAR kitty!
Hmmm... must be one of those interactive toys. Press here and it squawks...
Jacqui Graham

Ouch! Did you get the flea yet? asked the kitten.
Susie Gay

Teething the kitty.
John Meares

Have a break - have a kit-kat.
Marisa Poll

This doesn't taste like chicken.
Tiara Shanafelt

Tongue got your cat?
Cory Prior

Little brother Rick and his first piece of tail.
Terry Mossip

A chewie for tail waggers.
Linda Newman

Gives a new meaning to catnip.
Brian Smedley

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Cat Got Your Tail?
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