Raisin Pay - Give A Well-Deserved Raise To Your Employees!

Janet Weckstrom receiving her Rais-in Pay as recognition of her outstanding, unsung & dedicated work @ BC Hydro - on her way to her new career at the GMS Generating Station in Hudson Hope, B.C.!           Raisins Raise The Bar

[Vancouver, B.C. 4-Feb-2002  JP Press] - As a manager, have you ever tired of trying to give “added value” recognition to those employees who have gone the extra mile for you at work - only to find, in the company’s view, that there’s never any extra money for such “extras”? And that employee is also tired of receiving payroll recognition in the form of the past few years’ contracts of 0%-0%-0% salary “vincreases”? Have the tight-fisted bean counters said “No” to all of your incentive plans because it wasn’t budgeted in their approved fiscal plan? Has your own boss turned down any form of employee re-moralization since it just wouldn’t add to their bottom line variable pay contract?

Look no more than to the wave of the future! Joe Defries, alias the Joe-kster @ joe-ks.com, has come up with a way of recognizing employees that will cost pennies to your cheap boss, while reaping healthy lifestyle bonus points for all of your employees! Take a trip to a nearby grocery store and buy a 6-pack of Sun-Maid Raisins... yes - this will set you back a grand total of $3.50 Canadian (that’s only $0.75 U.S. to your tight-fisted accountants - especially those who don’t know the exchange rate!)... Call another one of your department’s boring meetings, but this time present something of real value that they’ll truly appreciate - give each of your employees their own Rais-in Pay!

Post Note: You’ll have to ensure that you don’t go overboard, though... let your employees know that there’s a limit of one Rais-in Pay per day. Think of the Net Present Value and Benefit Cost that those bean counters will “eat up” and realize to their bottom line!