Ben Dover and Eileen Forward
What should Bubba do?

Bubba wasn’t the brightest guy in the world, and his coworkers were continually ribbing him at the factory. One in particular, Jethro, would greet him each morning and start this exchange:
“Say, Bubba, you seen Ben?”
“Ben, who?”
“Ben’ down and kiss my ass!”

Tired or falling for the same joe-k day after day, Bubba confided in his more worldly brother, who said, “Listen. Next time you see this guy, ask him if he’s seen Eileen. He’ll ask, ‘Eileen who?’ and you say “I lean over and you kiss my butt!’”

Memorizing his lines, Bubba went to work early to wait for Jethro. As soon as the bully arrived, Bubba ran over.

“Hey, Jethro, you seen Eileen?”

“No,” Jethro answered, “she ran off with Ben.”

Bubba frowned. “Ben who?”

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