And Now For The Truly Bizarre
Looking for not-so-sweet revenge?

If you’re looking for (not so) sweet revenge, perhaps you’d like to visit at . They offer a limited number of products, so you’re not exactly overwhelmed by the selection. You can actually buy dog doody online, and have it shipped to the unfortunate destination of your choice. If you just want a little revenge, consider the Econo-poop. If it’s big revenge you’re looking for, you might have to go with the Poo Poo Grande, which at $25 (before shipping) is a pretty good price on revenge. You can find out statistics on the model that produces the product you select. For instance, the Poo Poo Grande is a product (or byproduct) of Buster, a dog that you can see in (ahem) action, if you’d like. For a mere $298, you can get an actual bronzed poo. As the site’s owner points out, it would be difficult to find anyone willing to bronze such an item, so maybe $298 isn’t such a bad price after all.

... as for the Joe-kster - I think I’ll “p-ASS” on this one!

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