Redneck Row
Easy choice on Death Row

A German, an American and a Redneck are on death row. The Warden gave them a choice of three ways to die:
1) to be shot,
2) to be hung,
3) to be injected with the A.I.D.S. virus.

So the German said, “Shoot me right in the head.” (Boom He was dead)
Then the American said, “Just hang me.” (Snap he was dead)
Then the Redneck said, “Give me some of that AIDS stuff.”
They gave him his shot and he fell down laughing, the guards looked at each other and wondered what was wrong with this guy.

Then the Redneck said give me another one of those shots, so the guards did, now he was laughing so hard he almost was peeing his pants.

So finally the Warden said, “What the heck is wrong with you?”
The Redneck replied, “You guys are so stupid - I’m wearing a condom.”

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