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Active Link URLs...

Q:  "I'm a subscriber to your email subscription service and really enjoy
your joe-ks, but I find it a lot of work to 'cut and paste' all of the website links
in your subscriber email. What can I do? (I use aol)
A:  When we first sent out our email to our email subscribers, we sent out complete text (for text joe-ks) and all the images & video clips. We received a lot of feedback
that our readers did NOT want large files sent to them - that it took up too much space
on their email accounts. So we revised our email subscription format to send out only
links (or URL addresses) for each of the website pages. That has worked out quite well,
and each email is usually < 10k in size. Note that ALL of the URL addresses in
our subscriber email should show up IN YOUR EMAIL as 'active links' - links that all
you have to do is to click on them and you will be automatically taken to the page you want...
If the subscriber email you receive DOES NOT contain 'active links', let us know about it
and we'll try to help you out - NB: here is our 'Active Link URL' section where other users
can tell you how they found a work-around for this...

Active Link Feedback from Subscribers

"I'm the one that wasn't getting links with aol. What I am doing and although it is a pain in the butt it is working, so far,
is to copy and paste your newsletter and then mail it to myself at the RoadRunner address. Forwarding it didn't work.
Then I minimize aol (but keep it up and running), go open RR, open the mail - now interestingly enough the links are
now links but clicking on them does no good. Here's the tricky part. I now copy the mail, open aol again and pull down
a write mail blank. If I then paste the copied mail onto the blank it will appear with the links showing as links and usable.
WHY? I have no idea!

Am I correct in assuming that you have many aol subscribers? Especially now that it is a free service I would think that
many are using it. I have used it for many years and find that it is easy to use to assemble the mailing lists I do.
I do about 15 or so lists (all on the amateur side) but still they go out to Iceland, Canada, Israel, and South America
as well as to the United States. I wonder what the other aol people do. Perhaps they have been cutting and pasting
all along and not knowing that wasn't what they were supposed to be doing. Keep me informed if you find out anything please.
... from Toni Schultz, Florida


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