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Image Caption Contest for Image Caption #s 1 - 100

Winner #1 of 7:  Caption #29.
Reach For The Top - What Have You Got To Lose
A. Kirk Lowry, Rockwall, Texas: 
Location: $100;  Photographer: $400;  Publicity/promotionals: $800;
Finally getting rid of that wedgie: Priceless!

Winner #2 of 7:  Caption #35. Racing Grandpa
C. Larry L. Doub, Dixon, Iowa: 
Put your Happy Meal where your mouth is, ya little punk...

Winner #3 of 7:  Caption #54. Send Your Son Home For The Holidays
F. Ron Wells: 
Jack and Lucile figured out how to get their 26 year old son
to move out of the basement.

Winner #4 of 7:  Caption #75. World's Highest Outhouse
F. Brian Smedley, Oklahoma: 
No need for toilet paper. The fall alone will wipe you out.

Winner #5 of 7:  Caption #78. Redneck Bird Dogs
Norman J. Olley, Ellenboro, West Virginia: 
Single Red Dogs (SRD) seeking poodles for fun and romance.
We thinks poodles is purty.

Winner #6 of 7:  Caption #99. Taste of Olympic Success
F. Kenneth C. Bowlan: 
Suddenly, skater number 106, realized that wasn't
the smell of victory ahead...

Winner #7 of 7:  For submitting the most Image Captions to
to make this contest possible!

Bob Tassé, Gatineau, Quebec

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