Image Caption Contest #2
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for Image #s 101 to 203  (as per our Image Captions page)
Contest #2 Winners

Image Caption Contest #2 (for Image Captions #s 101 - 203) (Closed)
 (announced May 6, 2008)
Wow - it was extremely difficult choosing winners for Image Caption Contest #2...
Thanks to all 266 people who submitted 1,427 image captions on a superb effort!
The results of our 4 judges (Idske Mulder, Richard Thiessen, Rod Ewert & Karen Moore) are as follows:

Instead of 7 winners, there are 15 winners, with the first 5 winners receiving $50 each, and
the remaining 10 winners tied and each receiving $10 each:
Winner # / Prize Caption # Name Image Caption
1st  -  $50 193 David van Dyk, Belmont, Michigan, U.S. You won't believe the deal I found, a trampoline just over 6 bucks.
2nd  -  $50 107 Joseph Howard, Bonaire, Georgia, U.S. Open wide. You know the drill!
3rd  -  $50 155 Mrs Brown, Queensland, Australia What a novel relationship they have!
4th  -  $50 105 Terry Mossip, Thompson, Manitoba, Canada It's easy Mom - just run around till you get pooped out.
5th  -  $50 122 Marlene Goodman, Wheeling, Illinois, U.S. How many light beers does it take to screw up a drinker?
======== ==== ======== ========
Tie for 6th  -  $10 136 Cheryl Painter, Burlington, New Jersey, U.S. Fork your eyes only...
Tie for 6th  -  $10 158 Floyd Barker, Lancaster, California, U.S. Now here's discipline, I said 'squad halt' half an hour ago.
Tie for 6th  -  $10 190 Patrick D. Jozefowic, Fennimore, Wisonsin, U.S. Lost at C
Tie for 6th  -  $10 135 Rochelle Nelson Once again, Ford comes out on top.
Tie for 6th  -  $10 191 Terry Petko, Mesa, Arizona, U.S. Jimmy was having a 'grate' time until someone cut the cheese.
Tie for 6th  -  $10 178 Ric Mossip Better stainless, than brainless!
Tie for 6th  -  $10 163 April Dunaway Olympic speed skaters train even in their sleep.
Tie for 6th  -  $10 138 Scott Kovalik, Vancouver, Washington, U.S. When housewives return to work.
Tie for 6th  -  $10 170 Mike Trimble Blessed are they who travel in circles, for they shall be called 'wheels'.
Tie for 6th  -  $10 145 Remo Six, Charleston, West Virginia, U.S. It's too dark, I can't see crap down here!

Honourable Mention  (close but no cigar)    '<(
Caption # Name Image Caption
117 Misty Walker Missing: Two boys - last seen like this. Police and Grandparents fear the worst. Parents refusing to comment.
188 Kevin Card, Sidney, B.C., Canada On second thought maybe I will get that exam from the doctor instead!
134 Jack Porcenaluk OK - one of us needs to back up.
125 Rick Brennecke Sometimes this job stinks.
152 Maureen Kennerk At least she's not wearing MASK SCARE-A
118 Paul Bottel, Hemet, California, U.S. I don't know where they are? They were both on their bikes last time I looked. It was right before we went under that low bridge about a mile back or so.
132 Bill McCall Sir Cumference buys again!
103 Joseph Howard, Bonaire, Georgia, U.S. Take me to your liter!
174 Kirk Lowry, Rockwall, Texas, U.S. Mexico: putting the 'Y' in safety!
149 Kirk Lowry, Rockwall, Texas, U.S. Found Nemo?
Honourary Mention to Idske Mulder for submitting 57 of the
Image Captions used for Caption Contest #2!

List of 266 people submitting captions for Caption Contest #2
(winners in red highlite)
Adam Heiby, Alan Howting, Alexander Rivera, Andrea Sif Jónsdóttir, Andrew Edel, Andrew Rempel, Andrew Wright, Andy Munday, April Dunaway, Barbara Fitzgerald, Barry K, Beau Lessard, Beth Watts, Bethany Hinkley, Bill Gardiner, Bill McCall, Bill Mielniczuk, Blake Burnett, Bob La Rosa, Bob Nelson, Bobby Jenkins, Brad Tutton, Brendan Groeneveld, Brent Offenberger, Brett Gordon, Brett Tucker, Brian Smedley, Candace Tori, Carol Thornton, Carolyn Baye, Cassidy DeGennaro, Cassidy Kohl, Charlene Donovan, Charles Brooks, Charlotte Sellwood, Cherei McCarter, Cheryl Hassell, Cheryl Painter, Chet Brooks, Chris Johnson, Chris Martin, Chris Stout, Chuck Dewey, Claire Lee, Claire Shriver, Clark Gibson, Clint Cook, Corey Millette, Crispin Fisher, Daisy Newcomb, Danika Skirly, Darlene Benson, Darlene Johnston, Darlene Stafford, Darrel Riffle, Darwin McKee, Dave C., Dave Fairbanks, Dave Hurst, Dave Quinn, Dave Ward, Dave Westwood, David Bailey, David Boggs, David Dardzinski, David Duncan, David S. Camp, David Van Dyk, Dawn Grounds, Dawna Raburn, Debanshu Mukherjee, Della Norton, D.G. Henshaw, Dick Robinson, D.K. Browne, Don Roberts, Don Sartori, Doug Brown, Doug Cahill, Doug L. Brown, Douglas Rahn, Ed Pellicciotti, Elizabeth Watts, Emily Spivey, Emily Wilson, Eric J. Paquin, Floyd Barker, Frederick Cordova, Gary Carroll, Gerry Wolfdridge, Glenda Mellinger, Glenn Hanna, Glynis Geen, Graham Benson, Grant Peters, Greg Hobson, Greg Kerr, Hannah Haugen, Harald Sandstrom, Heath Young, Helen McTroy, Ian Howard, Ian Lehrke, Idske Mulder, Irvin Kauffman, Ivan Cobb, Jack Byrd, Jack Porcenaluk, Jack Ragan, Jacque Sparks, James Santos, Jamie Flanagan, Jasmine Weiss, Jay Brooks, Jay Canfield, Jay Crook, Jen Metasavage, Jennifer Kelley, Jennifer Sutton, Jeremy Sellers, Jerry Costello, Jessica Hadley, Joe Buckner, Johan Maree, John Behr, John Milner, John Ozley, John Schrag, John Weisenhorn, Johnny & Joe Gorilla, Jon Snider, Jon Varley, Jordan Perdue, Joseph Howard, Josh Robb, June O'Rourke, Justin Zachor, Jutta Liesenfeld, Kaelyn Draco, Karen Moore, Kathy Williams, Kay Mitchell, Keith Tyson, Kelly Archibald, Kelly Buckel, Kelly Molinaro, Kelly Rae, Kevin Card, Kim Scholer, Kimberly Hall, Kirk Lowry, Kristina Hudson, Kyle Wilckens, Laura Farrell, Laura Steffee, Leonore Garcia, Les, Letha Fenwick, Linda Crispin, Linda Newman, Lisa Redding, Liz Butler, Lori Rogers, Lorraine Jeziorski, Lynne Wetherell, Marilyn Chester, Mark Jenschke, Mark Jensen, Mark Prairie, Mark Worth, Marlene Goodman, Marshall Wright, Martin Bridgland, Martin Grosse, Marvin Purser, Mary Cylch-Gwydd, Matt Abramoski, Matt Couture, Matt Dewart, Matt Paden, Matt Sullivan, Matt St. Marie, Matthew Dollinger, Maureen Kennerk, Megan Kok, MG Chimaera, Michael Hack, Michele Robson, Mike Rothwell, Mike Trimble, Misty Walker, Monte Emerson, Mrs Brown, Nadine Taha, Neil Tosczak, Nick Aslett, Nick Roehrig, Pamela Jordan, Pat Dooley, Pat Kelly, Patrick D. Jozefowicz, Patrick Koch, Paul Bottel, Peter Buitenhek, Peter Wright, Phil Forde, Phil McGinley, Phillip Bassett, Phoebe Moll, Ponderosa Ziebert, Randy Anderson, Remo Six, Rhiannyn Grahame, Ric Mossip, Rich Grogan, Rich Hayes, Rich Olszewski, Rick Brennecke, Rick Miksell, Rick Sardinha, Rickie Messer, Ricky Crespo, Robert Doney, Robert Johnston, Robert Mexico, Rochelle Nelson, Roger Sandri, Ron Hudson, Ron McCoy, Ron Morton, Rose Timmins, Roseann Collymore, Rysa Austin, S. Zafiroff, Sam Woodfield, Samantha Moore, Sarah Burdette, Savanah Sheffield, Scott Kovalik, Shawna Peterson, Sheila Roddy, Shelley Lloyd, Shelly Mullins, Sherri Gisler, Steve Ingram, Steven Hayes, Stew Leslie, Sue Gosselin, Sybil Williams, Terry Mossip, Terry Petko, Tex Tyler, Thomas Spencer, Todd McNeely, Tom DeLaMater, Tom Napoli, Tom Warner, Tommy Gault, Tony Holt, Travis Kern, Verne McNew, Vincent Edwards, Wayne Federline, Will Nelken, William Weise

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