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Good Words thanks to Diane Baugh

Good wine needs no vine. - French Proverb

Good taste is the enemy of comedy. - Mel Brooks

Is there another word for synonym? - George Carlin

All good things must come to an end. - H H Riley

Every day above earth is a good day. - Ernest Hemingway

One good egg in a barrel of rotten apples. - Archie Bunker

People will travel anywhere for good food. - Rene Redzepi

Inflation: everyone's illusion of wealth - Unknown

It's the good loser who finally loses out. - Kin Hubbard

Hopefully there's one good scandal left in me yet. - Diana Rigg

A good archer is known not by his arrows but by his aim. - Thomas Fuller

We often repent the good we have done as well as the ill. - William Hazlitt

I love Marlon Brando. Never seen him bad, just less good. - Lee Marvin

One of my favorite aspects of basketball is good passing. - James Carville

Free love is a black and white contradiction in two words. - G K Chesterton

Anybody can direct, but there are only eleven good writers. - Mel Brooks

There's no word yet for old friends who've just met. - Jim Henson

We can regret less and be grateful for what is good in life. - Barry Schwartz

Be a good person but don't waste time trying to prove it. - Unknown

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination. - Nelson Mandela

Some of my best friends are illusions. Been sustaining me for years. - Sheila Ballantyne

Vegetarian: an old Indian word for "doesn't hunt well." - Paul Harvey

Purposeful storytelling isn't show business, it's good business. - Peter Guber

Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don't vote. - William E. Simon

Law school is the opposite of sex. Even when it's good it's lousy. - Unknown

Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a good carpenter to build one. - Sam Rayburn

Good sense about trivialities is better than nonsense about things that matter. - Max Beerbohm

Common sense is just as good a critic of the lottery as any statistical breakdown. - Hunter Baker

If you can't say anything good about something, don't say anything at all. - Phoebe Moll

If evil be spoken of you and it be true, correct yourself. If it be a lie, laugh at it. - Epictetus

Be your character what it will, it will be known, and nobody will take it upon your word. - Lord Chesterfield

So often in life, things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great good fortune. - Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Children are natural mimics who act like their parents despite every effort to teach them good manners. - Unknown

There are two sides to every issue: one side is right and the other is wrong, but the middle is always evil. - Ayn Rand

The secret of a good sermon is to have a good beginning and a good ending; and to have the two as close together as possible. - George Burns

I think our police are excellent, probably because I have not done anything that has occasioned being beaten up by these good men. - Clement Freud

Having kids - the responsibility of rearing good, kind, ethical, responsible human beings - is the biggest job anyone can embark on. - Maria Shriver

Since you get more joy out of giving joy to others, you should put a good deal of thought into the happiness that you are able to give. - Eleanor Roosevelt

The Dodo never had a chance. He seems to have been invented for the sole purpose of becoming extinct, and that was all he was good for. - Will Cuppy

And why should it not be terrifying? A little terror, in my view, is good for the soul, when it is terror in the face of a noble object. - Robertson Davies

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