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In 1865 this amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolished slavery in the U.S.
Yemen's Socotra Island has a tree that produces red sap called this mythic creature's blood.
see also corresponding 'Socotra Island Yemen' Sudoku puzzle
She was awarded her 1986 Female Pop Vocal Grammy Award by her cousin Dionne.
Merriam-Webster's New Words of 2007 included this one for a soap opera south of the border.
From the Arabic for to make known, this is a tax nations impose to restrict trade on imports and exports.
see also corresponding 'Arabic Known Tax' Sudoku puzzle
This ancient medical oath begins, I swear by Apollo physician...
Havarti cheese from Denmark is often flavoured with these seeds also found in rye bread.
Soviet rejection of this 1947 plan marked end of efforts to achieve total European economic unity.
Each human wrist has eight of these bones, also the name of a tunnel in the wrist.
see also corresponding 'Wrist Bones' Sudoku puzzle
This is suffered by one who goes from his/her simple society to a very complex one.
Before you consciously process a problem, this almond-shaped brain region activates and begins to amp up the sympathetic nervous system's fight-or-flight response.
see also corresponding 'Brain Response' Sudoku puzzle
New Zealand has two national anthems, God Defend New Zealand and this one.
This Austro-Bohemian late-Romantic composer titled his Symphony No. 8, the 'Symphony of a Thousand'.
see also corresponding 'Symphony Thousand' Sudoku puzzle
This Louisiana chef was the first to make blackened fish that wasn't a mistake.
Friedrich Serturner was the first to extract this from opium for use as a pain reliever.
see also corresponding 'Serturner Opium Extract' Sudoku puzzle
For 2012, the front of these awards shows Nike stepping out of the Parthenon, and the reverse side depicts the Thames River.
This is the common term for a cerebrovascular accident.
see also corresponding 'Cerebrovascular Accident' Sudoku puzzle
In 1936 Haile Selassie asked this world body for sanctions against Italy, which had invaded Ethiopia in 1935.
This Kivila word means 'the truth we all know but agree not to speak of'.
see also corresponding 'Kivila Speech' Sudoku puzzle
Ownership of the islands of Tierra del Fuego is shared by these two nations.
This pointillism pioneer was only 31 when he died of a sudden illness in Paris.
This resort island off the coast of South Carolina was named for a British sea captain.
In 1859 a sensational trial followed when a jealous husband killed Philip Barton Key, son of this man.
Vegetarians have to be careful to get enough zinc. These items, big at Halloween time, help make sure they do.
This English word was first recorded in 1819, in a history of Brazil by the poet Robert Southey, and refers to a fictional undead being created through the reanimation of a human corpse.
see also corresponding 'Undead Corpse' Sudoku puzzle
This U.S. state nickname is The Tar Heel State.
Originating in Asia around 200 B.C., this saddle attachment increased the military value of horses.
see also corresponding 'Saddle Attachment' Sudoku puzzle
This Rockies ridge splits the waters of the western U.S. into westward and eastward flowing.
This U.S. city's baseball team won the 2018 World Series.
see also corresponding '2018 World Series' Sudoku puzzle
This cape is at the southern tip of Baja California.
The name of this culture that thrived around 1000 A.D. comes from Tollan, Place of the Rushes.
see also corresponding 'Tollan Rushes' Sudoku puzzle
Robert Redford was flying high as a barnstorming pilot in this 1975 film.
This English Premier League football team whose name means a stockpile of weapons has a cannon in its logo.
see also corresponding 'FC Weapons Stockpile' Sudoku puzzle
For this printing technique you can use nylon hosiery or other net fabrics in the frame.
The first success for the theater of the Absurd, a 1952 Samuel Beckett play is about this title figure.
see also corresponding 'Absurd Theater' Sudoku puzzle
These are the two island Boroughs of New York City.
This African nation has an honour called the Order of the Queen of Sheba.
see also corresponding 'Queen Of Sheba Order' Sudoku puzzle
Around 1862 this American locksmith introduced a dial-operated combination lock for bank vaults.
The discovery of the Comstock Lode in 1859 attracted miners and prospectors to this U.S. state.
see also corresponding 'Comstock Lode' Sudoku puzzle
In the ion-exchange type of this device, hard water is filtered through a material called zeolite.
This is the capital of Bulgaria.
see also corresponding 'Bulgaria Capital' Sudoku puzzle
Effective January 1, 1948, Italy's new constitution outlawed this political party.
Declaring the world owes me what I need, he dressed only in silk, bathed in incense and wrote the opera Ring Cycle.
see also corresponding 'Ring Cycle Composer' Sudoku puzzle
No one was killed in the battle for this fort, the first battle of the U.S. Civil War.
Around 1920 plates of this silicon mineral were first used to control radio frequencies.
see also corresponding 'Roadio Frequency Mineral' Sudoku puzzle
This 1944 Barbara Stanwyck film originally ended with Fred MacMurray's death in the gas chamber.
Temperatures on this planet can range from -280 degrees to 800 degrees in a single day.
see also corresponding 'Planet Temp Range' Sudoku puzzle
With its dark center disk, the yellow daisy is more commonly called this.
Born in 1672 and named for a saint, in 1703 he founded a city whose name represents both of them.
Charles Darwin spent 17 days ashore in these islands in 1835.
Most of Shakespeare's Othello is set on this island.
see also corresponding 'Othello Island' Sudoku puzzle
These two astological signs are made of of two separate but identical creatures.
About 8% of all snakes are this poisonous type, which includes rattlesnakes and adders.
see also corresponding 'Poisonous Snakes Type' Sudoku puzzle
Called the first female M.D. in modern times, she helped found the London School of Medicine for Women in 1875.
This winter pear shares its name with a region in the Loire valley.
see also corresponding 'Loire Valleyalley Pear' Sudoku puzzle
The Light Brigade found these to the right of them, to the left of them, and in front of them.
The Bloody-Shouldered Arabian was one of many of these animals depicted by 18th Century artist John Wootton.
see also corresponding 'Wootton Painting' Sudoku puzzle
He won the 1950 Nobel Peace Prize for his work as a U.N. mediator resolving Arab-Israeli conflicts.
In the 19th century musical instrument maker Antonio Torres created the modern design of this.
see also corresponding 'Antonio Torres Instrument' Sudoku puzzle
The first Englishman to sail around the world, he later served as mayor of Plymouth.
A book's backstrip covers the part that has this anatomical name.
see also corresponding 'Book Backstrip' Sudoku puzzle
Her Oscar nomination in 1987 was the first Best Actress nomination for a science fiction film.
In 1992 a team led by Dr. Thomas Starzl transplanted a liver from one of these primates into a man.
see also corresponding 'Starzl Transplant' Sudoku puzzle
In 1907 the circus formed by this pair was acquired by the Ringling Brothers.
After entering Holland, this river divides into 3 branches: the Lek, the Waal and the Ijssel.
see also corresponding 'Holland River' Sudoku puzzle
Born in 1394, this Portuguese prince founded a school of navigation.
Trader Vic's Bartender's Guide says don't use bottled lime juice unless you're making this drink.
see also corresponding 'Bottled Lime Juice Drink' Sudoku puzzle
These two tropic lines, north and south of the equator, are 47 degrees apart.
When the Turks turned Hagia Sophia into a mosque, they added four of these towers to its exterior.
see also corresponding 'Hagia Sophia Towers' Sudoku puzzle
Hit Men is Frederick Dannon's 1990 book about fast money and powerbrokers inside this business.
Perez Prado popularized this modified rumba form featured in Dirty Dancing.
see also corresponding 'Dirty Dancing Rumba' Sudoku puzzle
Between 2006 and 2013 this U.S. state went from 39th to 6th in per capita income and its unemployment rate dropped to the nation's lowest.
The Fannie Farmer Cookbook says only fish of this colour should be used to make fish stock.
see also corresponding 'Fannie Farmer Cookbook' Sudoku puzzle
In layman's terms, Pollinosis refers to this.
Rehovot in this country has an institute named for Russian-born scientist Chaim Weizmann, who synthesized acetone.
see also corresponding 'Synthesized Rehovot' Sudoku puzzle
A culinary specialty, they're the blue type of crustacean, caught just after they molt.
In 2000 a group of physicists finally found evidence of the Tau type of this subatomic particle.
see also corresponding 'Tau Particle' Sudoku puzzle
This former home of the Grand Ole Opry was renovated and reopened in 1994.
Of the genus Ranunculus, this grassland wild plant has large yellow flowers.
see also corresponding 'Genus Ranunculus' Sudoku puzzle
Chiang Kai-shek and Francisco Franco used this title as supreme commander of their countries' armies.
Part III of this 1742 Handel oratorio begins with the aria I Know That My Redeemer Liveth.
see also corresponding 'My Redeemer Liveth Oratorio' Sudoku puzzle
In 1972 Frederick Forsyth wrote this British novel on former SS officers.
Gotlandska, spoken on the island of Gotland, is a dialect of this language.
see also corresponding 'Gotlandska Dialect' Sudoku puzzle
The stepfather of Patsy and Jacky, this U.S. President was also known as the Stepfather of His Country.
Its Gaelic name, Baile Atha Cliath, means town of the ford of the hurdles.
see also corresponding 'Baile Atha Cliath' Sudoku puzzle
The flowers of this climbing plant open in the A.M. and often close by afternoon.
This Elizabeth II Scottish Castle was built in the mid-1850s on a site purchased by Prince Albert.
see also corresponding 'Elizabeth II Scottish Castle' Sudoku puzzle
John Ales was Eddie Murphy's dutiful assistant in two movie remakes of this 1963 Jerry Lewis film.
From the Greek kalamos, meaning pen, comes this ink-squirting squid name.
see also corresponding 'Kalamos Squid' Sudoku puzzle
John Smeaton is known for the all-masonry one of these he built on Eddystone Reef near Plymouth, England.
The Olympia variety of this seafood is a favourite for eating on the half shell.
see also corresponding 'Olympia Seafood' Sudoku puzzle
This 1992 event began in July with a flaming arrow igniting its symbolic flame.
For pilots C&V is this, the height of the lowest cloud layer, and visibility.
see also corresponding 'Cloud Layer Height' Sudoku puzzle
In Rounders, the ancestor of baseball, a runner was put out not by tagging but by doing this with the ball.
The opera Carmen is set in this city around 1820.
see also corresponding 'Carmen Setting' Sudoku puzzle
Microorganisms called euglena have a flexible pellicle, or membrane, in place of a rigid one of these.
Cobalt, iron, and this silver-white next metal up on the periodic table share similar chemical properties.
see also corresponding 'Periodic Properties' Sudoku puzzle
Books in 1951 included The Caine Mutiny, From Here to Eternity, and this Jerome David Salinger classic.
This island's four historic provinces are Connaught, Leinster, Munster and Ulster.
see also corresponding 'Connaught Leinster Islands' Sudoku puzzle
AMU stands for this chemical unit based on the isotope carbon-12.
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