Kids Rids
You're Kid'n me, right?

Why did the school bell think it was engaged?
Why doesn't the Board of Health let bakeries sell orange juice?
Why did the science teacher and her husband get divorced?
Why did the student throw Alka Seltzer into the swimming pool?
Why don't geology teachers like modern music?
Why didn't the school alarm go off in time?
Why did the student beat up his text books?
Why did the school camera club close?
Why do students join the soccer team?
Why did the washcloth leave the boxing match?
Why do magicians do so well in school?
What happened when the lollipops played against the school team?
What kind of candy do kids eat at the school playground?
What kind of invention was the clock?
What kind of boats are designed for students?
What happened to the vegetables misbehaving in the cafeteria?
What happened when the sailor saw his report card?
What job did the skull apply for in science?
What is the leading cause of dry skin?
During nap time, why did the teacher call the police to take Little Johnny to the police station?
Why did the drama club put in detention?
Why did the lettuce study so hard?
What do astronomy students scrub sinks with?
How do you mail the alphabet?
What's a teacher?
What's a synonym?
What did the loser at the solar system competition receive?
What do elves learn in school?
What do insects use to write reports?
What do you call the front page of a geography book?
What would you get if you crossed the music department with the school nurse?
What was Camelot famous for?
When is attendance at school like a gift?
When fish swim in schools, who helps their teacher?
Why did the fish miss the English class?
Why did the football player carry a spare pencil?
Why did the fly head for the alarm clock?
Why did the policeman study the alphabet?
Why did the soloist turn her back on the school band?
Why did the witch go to the Doctor?
Why did the string go to the Doctor?
Why did the shy rock go to the Doctor?
Why did the shampoo go to the Doctor?
Why did the roofer go to the Doctor?
Why did the pony go to the Doctor?
Why did the joke go to the Doctor?
Why did the frog go to the Doctor?
Why did the brain go to the Doctor?
Why did the apartment go to the Doctor?
What do you call a bear with no teeth?
What does a mouse look like after taking a bath?
What great pig spouted philosophy?
Why do skeletons drink milk?
How do Iranians speak on the phone?
How do you make a cream puff?
How do you know there's an elephant in the refrigerator?
What instrument would a fish play in a marching band?
Why was the slime monster so proud of himself?
Which piece of furniture pouts a lot?
What happens when a boy tire meets a girl tire?
What does the littlest duck in the family wear?
Which side of the bed should you sleep on?
Why couldn't the elephant join the swimming team?
Where do children in Finland study?
Where is the ocean the deepest?
What do you get if you cross a centipede and a parrot?
What happens when you throw one banana to two hungry apes?
Where do cats like to go on vacation?
When a knight in armour was killed in battle, what sign did they put on his grave?
What do you get when you cross a karate instructor with a wheelbarrow?
Where does a dwarf go to school?
What's the difference between a lawyer and a herd of buffalo?
Where did the door get its education?
When does a track star put a faucet on his leg?
What's worse than looking into the eye of a great white shark?
Why are pilots bad at basketball?
What happens when a lion goes to school?
What kind of school book does a tree have?
What is raised in Brazil during the rainy season?
What is the longest day in the Bible?
What do you get if you cross a pecan and a lobster?
Who was the first couple to study science?
Who teaches goats at home?
Why did the millionaire give the music school a new piano?
Why do men prefer electric lawn mowers?
What is a panda bear's favourite breakfast?
What type of vehicle is useful for people with tired feet?
What's a frankfurter's favourite car?
When is it correct to say, "I is"?
Who was the biggest thief in history?
What fish is used by a fencer?
Why did the plywood join the debating team?
Why did the tree pick up a book?
Why did the piano teacher chase the elephant with a feather?
Why did the optometrist go to school?
Where is the best place to find books about trees?
How does a Dentist fix a dragon's teeth?
How did the bumble bee get to school?
What did mama tomato say to baby tomato when they were crossing the street?
What happened to the 2 peanuts that crossed the road?
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