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Where all verses point to another bottle of beer

Homer Song

Lighting the way in a home Down South

Texas Lampshades

Road safety sign puts Aussie bird 'Down Under'

Cassowary Warning

Blown Pass Interference Call being reviewed by NFL officials

NFL Referees

Maybe it's a Barn Owl...

Spotted Snow Owl

Hikers tend to stay clear of this tree

Hungry Hiker Tree

Making the best of road congestion

Traffic Hammock

Finding a safe place to park your tools and equipment

Wheelbarrow Parking

Potato chips well worth their artistic salt taste

Pringle Art

Snow camouflage for the dog

Our Dog Snowballs

Protecting nature's path

Forest Guardian

Swedish cop goes above and beyond the call of duty

Winter Parking Ticket

Why cars can't move during the latest snowstorm

Snow Monster

Creative attempts to avoid speeding tickets

Oregon State Troopers

Another slow day for a barn owl

Looks Like Monday

Shaking hands with man linked to her cousin’s death

Her Majesty's Service

Cushions for the lonely

Japanese Sleep Cushions

Putting country in Kids at an early age

'Line' Dancers

For those in Saskatchewan or Winterpeg with nothing to do

Winter Hotrod

Fiddle = Newfie in Canadianese

Largest Fiddle In The World

It only took 6 months of hooch for Bubba to create his wine deck curtains

Bottle Curtains

Who wants to go for a swim in Mali's Niger River?

Niger River Crocodile

Sleep right cat jammies

Cat Nap Cuties

All others will be toads

Frog Parking

Anything to get back that dollar coin refund

Must Return Shopping Cart

Amorphophallus Titanum - blooms 3 days in 40 years

Largest Flower In The World

Latest weather report - 'weather' you like it or not

Sunday Weather Forecast

For the little things you'll forget

Why Men Need Post-It Notes

Meet the newt kid on the block

Rough Skinned Newt

Seattle fans send hot-air greetings to Patriot fans

Patriots Air Pressure

It's easy shopping when no other shoppers are around

Texas Wal-Mart Shopper

VW's new MotoCar for the German Redneck motorcyclists

Beetle Bike

Suspended hammock tents provide good bear practice

Bear Pinata

For days when you just don't have time for your diet

Very Fat Burger

Comes with a 1 horsemobile engine and plenty of fertilizer

Thailand Model Truck - With Air Conditioner

Some jobs come with extra-high perks

Roller Coaster Skiing

One lantern fits all!

New Lighting Standard for Apartment Buildings

Prohibition in an East Indian airport

Carpet Diet

Hungry Bobcat operators prowl the Canadian winterland

Canadian Fast Food

Downtown life in Thompson, Manitoba

Manitoba Home Security System

Digital sign spells end of analog pedestrian

Walk Sign Ending

Canada Geese grow pretty big on the Canadian prairies

Stealth Photographer

Lapping it all in on the farm

Cow Licks

Who's there? 'Who' wants to know...

Am I Visible?

How much security is enough security?

Security for a Stripped Bike

Downside House in a Rightside World

Japanese Yen for Downside Housing

Come to the zoo before the zoo comes to you

Zoo Invitation

How to whittle a pencil

Pencil Shavings

Keeping in touch with your neighbour's dog

Hidey Ho, Neighbour!

Did you meet him while you were in Scotland?

Ed In Burgh

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