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Think she is mad?

Cheating Husband

Meat Loaf's suntan recipe

Meat Loaf

How to turn water into de-vine

Hair Growth - a Sign of the Times

Polite way of saying, 'Clean up after your dog'

Unless Your Dog Can Do This

Best Picture Award provides fodder for Worst Performance Of The Year

And The Oscar Goes To...

Longshoremen in India know how to tow the line

Ship Tow

Latest Astrology Sudoku Puzzle: #16480

Astrology Sudoku Puzzles

Fall colours in the Lower Rainland, B.C.

Winter Tree

Affirmation for Positive Thinking

Dream The Impossible

Raoul goes back to the good old horse and buggy days

Super Beatle

Remains of the Ice Age's Continental Drift

Fossilized Sid

Bubba's new recipe for frankfurter grits

Redneck Seafood Dinner

Stapler opener doubles as impressive keychain assistant

Keychain Opener

Wearing out your welcome clothes

Trouser Iron

How to build your own stalagmite

Cold Faucet

Living in Canada has its benefits, including the weather

Canadian Suntan

Hand forged custom made tools for serious wood workers

Studley Tool Chest

Japanese restaurant sells 'Food For Thought' to Footie Fans

Brazil Burger

Cheap city living - only a parking spot away

Urban Camper

Some days it's hard to get on the scale

Weight Wait

Latest Olympic Sudoku Puzzle: #16478

Olympic Sudoku Puzzles

Furniture showroom with eye-catching chairs

Sit Shack

How a mantid blends in with its North Carolina background

Praying WoMantis

Caregiving ideas from remote corners of the world

Someone Cares

What birds are doing to prevent themselves from getting the Bird Flu

Bird Flu Prevention

End times may be sooner than you expect...

The End Is Near

Smokin' comedians in their prime times

Groucho Marx and Jimmy Savile

Omega-3 fish oil supplements for superficial heart disease

Fish Injuries

Bubba lowers the bar

Diet Swing

Pixel art on the ski hill

Human Pixels

Some things decline in value

Free Nobel Peace Prize

The first photo bomb of the Oscars goes to...

Oscar Photobomb

Winners and Losers at this year's Academy Awards

Sad Truth About The Oscars

Raising the bar in thoroughbred horseracing

Get Off Your High Horse

How Rupinder won the trucker's fix-a-flat contest

India Road Assistance

Turning a Halfstein into a Wholestein - beer with us!

Holstein or Holestein?

Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #16476

Quad (Hyper) Sudoku

Canon comes out with spout focus camera

Camera Waterfall

Winner of the 'Politically Incorrect Photo Shoot' award

I Shoot People!

Snow removal on the East Coast

Ready To Leave

Going ape at the zoo

Captive Audience

Getting an extra ride on the ferry crossing

Woman Riding Man

Origin of the first Hot Buns Bakery

How Big Are Your Buns?

Where exercise is close at hand

Yoga Business Card

Bridging The Gap or Gap In The Bridge?

Overpass Passover

Footwear for Minions fans

Despicable Shoes

Optometrist-required translation

Do You Drive A Cataract?

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be full of hot air

Winter Deflation

Some graffiti artists also take up bungee jumping

Risky Graffiti

Driving lessons in Australia

Aussie Porsche

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