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Failures of this class take their next test without a view

Final Exams In North Korea

A-maze-ing sand sculpture

Kelp Us!

How to find the cheapest moving company

Moving Level Pro

Looking out for your sister

Head Twins

Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #16618

Quad (Hyper) Sudoku

Mirror, mirror on the bar - who's the fairest of them all?


Finding a medical specialist in third-world countries

Atrophy Cure

Some license plates are worth stopping for


Awning truck from Buffalo, NY tells it like it is

Awning Truck Advertising

One student's A+ definition of Women

Women Defined

Woven fish baskets make great pet climbers

Cat Fish Basket

Preparing for any kind of weather in the Moistwet Territories

Manitoba Spring Preparation

Where to place late assignments

The Circular File

Be careful when stepping on the floor she just mopped

Wet Floor Suspect

Where everyone has an inside edge to get the best plane seat

Geriatric Flight

When too much gas can be exhausting

Very Hot Air Balloon

Exercise tips from a Whiskey drinker

Yoga Stress Relief

Star Wars unveils latest Galactic Empire soldiers

New Stormtrooper

Latest Arabic Sudoku Puzzle: #16616

Arabic Sudoku Puzzles

When flying trapeze artists fall down on the job

Fly By Meal

Ever heard of a Onecan?

Toucan Play That Game

Therapy sign gone wrong

Massage Therapist

Latest in pallet box movies

Game Of Thrones (Pallet Edition)

In Hana, Maui, drivers must yield to beautiful fruit

Baby Papaya Crossing

Just open your front door for a cool one in Newfie-land

Newfie's Favourite Cold-Beer Cooler

Musical background for clamping your hams

If You're Happy And You Know It

Finding the fine spots of an illusion

Camouflage Dalmation

Lisa's Dad can sleep through almost anything

Sleep-In Dad

Bubba found a 3-for-1 sale on locking adjustable wrenches

Redneck Air Conditioning Controls

Downplaying the opposition's players

Visiting Team Bench

Spring thaw yields winter-loss clothing

Spring Sock Clearance

When the environment leaves one scarred for life

Earth Day Memories

Unmasking the alternative taste of Easter

False Prophet

Iraq News 'Flash' - tightened border security program

Iraqi Passport Photos

Why Bubba's considering fishing up North this year

Alaska Marriage License

And you thought you were having a bad day...

Portable Shower

Cheaper than using Bungee cords!

Redneck Mattress

Serving even obstinate customers

McDonald's New Customer

Knowledge of Roman Numerals comes in handy in Italy

Roman Emergency

Outhouse chemical reaction raises the bar

Smoking In The Boy’s Room

Sitting down with the classics

Reading Chair

Signs of a men-only golf course

Ladies Golf

Bubba hasn't discovered the law of gravity yet

Urinal Challenge

Show us what you've got, computer nerds!

Geeks On Display

Where you're always on the right path

Hiking For Beginners

Looking for the true secret of happiness?

The Meaning Of Life

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 16612-13

2fer Sudoku Puzzles

Window cleaning tips for top floor windows

Window Washing Daredevil

The Swedish Chef's international Kerfee blend


Too busy to strut around?


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