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Some pianists play watered-down music

Piano Fountain

Nature's way of recharging a Housemartin's battery

In-flight Refuelling

Smoking is allowed in a Harley Davidson house

Harley House

Standing out among scooter safeguards

Hair Helmet

Better than JAWS - a runaway box office hit


Let Little Johnny choose the best dog food

Finger Lickin' Good!

These were my video games when I was a kid

First Video Games

The art of peeling potatoes didn't appeal to Henry

A Caring Husband

Clearing out the toys to make way for a good friend

Room For Two

Going Green is now an integral part of life

Hair Plants

March 4th!

Most Progressive Day of the Year

Wisse prefers a White Spot milkshake

Milkshake Desweetener

How do you spell 'COW' in The Netherlands?

Cattle Breeding

Never stop reaching for the impossible!

Bone Appetite

Home-on-the-range cooking at its best

My Toaster Is Broken

Latest Greek Sudoku Puzzle #16486

Greek Sudoku Puzzles

A-peal-ing apple makes GR8 de-core-ation

Apple Art

Take the army practice aptitude test

Camouflage Practice

Jockeying for position in the new Kentucky Derby format

Jockey Racing

Cutting the cord - looking forward to wireless charging

Museum Charge

Bubba's getting bolder with boulders

Moving Experience

Daniel Radcliffe as a child

Hairy Potter

Advertising 101 from a Ballet marketer

Classic Ballet Ad

Where mechanics go to work out

Tire'd Of Going To The Same Restroom

Inside job required for facial makeup

Lip Gloss

Find hot deals on used Corvette race cars

Hot Corvette

Pied piper finds the perfect standalone dance partner

Dance With Me

Dracula's favourite Halloween snack

Finger Lickin' Good

Leave it to others to find the tastiest piece of cake

Cake Finders

Wool you be my best friend?

Sheepish Grin

Road sign for aging pedestrians

Dear Crossing

Changing your mind? It all depends on how you look at it...

Are You OK?

How Bubba got his beer belly

Redneck Six Pack

Viewing the twists and turns of Nelson Mandela's life

Mandela Perspective

Plunging forecast for snow shovelers

'Top Down' Snow Removal

They grow 'em big in the Queen Charlottes!

Totem Pole - Live Update

Bubba's fail-safe message system

Redneck Palm Pilot

Cooling off a traffic light fire hazard

Burnout Indication

Turning brown into green

Ben Dover Plumbing

Scottish tartan kilts are work compatible

Men In Kilts

How to keep crickets away from roof rain gutters

Frog Spout Security

Lifestyle upgrades after winning the lottery

Nouveau Riche

Latest X-Factor Sudoku Puzzle: #16482

X-Factor Sudoku Puzzles

How a Texas Bartender mixes drinks

Shot Glasses

Riding to school in style

Chopper Bicycle

Car parking special on the roof today

Car Climber

Edible cushion for hungry mornings at home

Pancake Cushion

Measuring up for the Indian Army

Best Chest Forward

Japan's last earthquake - caught on film seconds before occurrence

Sumo Skiing - Newest Olympic Event

Turning into a country where one keeps their mouth shut

Country Irony

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