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Surprise treat for cooking class students


Where Darth Vader learned about The Force

Ancient Greek Stormtrooper

Looking for some light rock music?

LED Zeppelin

The fine art of spoiling photographs

Baseball Photobomb

Sign of a non-extinct sport

Dinosaur Bowling

How Rednecks celebrate Mexican holidays

Sinko de Mayo

Fine art insurance for the clumsy tourist

Vase Security

This will make her cry

Engagement Rings

How to sneak a bottle into the concert

Bottle Sneakret

Star Wars Day

May The 4th Be With You

Looking for a free range organic hairstyle?

Gluten Free Haircuts

May The Fourth Be With You!

Star Wars Day

Living with a disability - stepping up to the challenge

Handicap Ramp

The best Aussie plants for hedges

Australian Tree Hedge

Blending in with the romp

This Dog Otter Know Better

Always wash your produce


Scientists in 4015 discover intact 2,000 year old dinosaur skeleton

Jurassic Squirrel

Where the real high demand for aging cummerbunds is

The Older You Get The Higher They Go

A farmer's Field of Dreams

Flower Farm

How to bypass festival rules

Peanut Sale

Florida wholesale shoppers take advantage of bulk sale towels

Costco Beach Towel

and What's on Second

Why In Left Field

Road potholes - real and imagined

Canadian Speed Bumps

Secret to catching bigger fish

Fish Fingers

Latest Greek Sudoku Puzzle #16626

Greek Sudoku Puzzles

No hay roca? Demasiado malo...

Argentina Weather Stone

If anyone knows where this restaurant is, LET US KNOW!!!

Vealy Big Meal

Pointed argument between neighbors

Finger's House

Showing off the 22 pound Chinook salmon that didn't get away

Salmon-chanted Evening

How Australians add water to their Chocolate Liqueur

Chocolate Filling

Preparing for invasive onboard seat removal

They won't drag him off a United flight

This sums up Manitoba's weather this week

Manitoba Cold

Easing the stress of a hurt relationship

Falling In Love

Some days it just takes a little longer to park her car

How To Tell If The Boss Is At Work

The real reason why dinosaurs went extinct

Dinosaur Veterinarian

Standing guard over driftwood for sale

Driftwood Lion

How to espresso your need for a cup of coffee

Coffee Yawn

How to become a perfect neigh-bore

Horse Photobomb

How to create hospital funding in Australia

Hospital Help

There, I toe'd you so!

The Story of 20 Toes

English word grammar at its best

One Thousand Words

Owl and Koala Bear merge to form a fuzzy animal that gives a hoot


Hamming it up on the Star Wars film set

Ham Solo

Chippewa Indian Gaa-binagwiiyaas eyes have seen so much

Oldest Native American

From Planned Parenthood to Surprise Parenthood

Bonus Baby

How to create a recycled tire yard security system

Tire Alligators

Failures of this class take their next test without a view

Final Exams In North Korea

A-maze-ing sand sculpture

Kelp Us!

How to find the cheapest moving company

Moving Level Pro

Looking out for your sister

Head Twins

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