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Communication when both parties are correct in their assumptions

Just Because You Are Right

Are these D or E cups?

Coffee D Cups

Mom - what's a typewriter?

Keyboard Technology - Old Meets New

With a five year old, what you see is what you get

Elephant Phonics

How else are you going to verify Donald Trump tweets?

Why We Need Libraries

Pre-school is so much more demanding these days

Busy Schedule

Which one's the copy-cat?

Copy Cats

Making intersections fun to stop at

Winter Traffic Lights

The best Italian pasta recipes for Redneck chefs

Graffiti Food

Snake floss for one who 'nose' best

Sinus Remedy - How To Clear Out Your Nostrils

Introducing the Real Volkswagen insect

VW Bug

'On a bicycle made for two' - too high

Long-Legged Bike Owner

Always polite, always sorry, eh!

Canadian License Plate

Happiness is a warm keyboard

Winter Keyboard

Stirring up ingredients for your next cold

Egg Flu

Searching for a political whine cellar

Basement Liberals

Where VW's rust in peace

Volkswagen Traffic Jam

When there's no other alternative

Tight FM Bandwidth

Bringing colour into life

Colour My World

For someone U Miss

Scrabble Tombstone

Windows and doors optional - swim right off your own balcony

Acapulco Waterfront Property

This is just one vehicle - what a paint job!


Are you content and happy with what you have?

Rich People

Finding a crack in the earth's fissure

I finally found Rock Bottom

The unbound love of mothers and their children throughout the world

Taking Care Of Her Little Ones

Finding a use for discarded Nike running shoes


Mathematicians don't drink and derive at the same time

Calculus Drinks

Bonding with the missing link

Tie Wrap Security

Where do we go after death - wanna find out?

Is There Life After Death?

Why you might want to own your own business

Work Hard Philosophy

Poetry In Air - the right time... the right place...

Happy Sky

Some welding classes don't last very long

Welder's Last Stand

Turning a flooded neighbourhood into a water ski park

Flooded Ireland Streets

Cheapest way to visit China

Great Wall Of China

Nothing but the freedom of the open road

Born To Be Wild

Workplace Safety equation revised for Joe

Accident Free

Analog to Digital - bridging the gap

Grandma's Cell Phone

Root-bound computer programming - online branch office


Learning the sixth basic ballet position

Painful Ballet

True confessions from the inside of your sole

Sock Anatomy

Waiting For Hand-Outs

Milking Time On The Farm

Medieval knight takes a night off

Chain Mail

Safety in the shade - Not

Lunch Break

Mom would give the boys a bath once a year whether they needed it or not

Wash Day On The Farm

Footwear for the well-heeled scuba diver

High Tide Heels

So close but yet so hard!

Frozen Fish Meal

Letting go at high alititude

Stork Exhaust

Split decision on cutting edge road safety picture

I 'Saw' An Accident

Recipes for baking at the correct angle

Protractor Cook

Before and After street improvement graffiti

Street Genius

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