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How resource-full are you?

Never Enough

When you park like a jerk, karma will get you

Double Parkers

Pun-e station on the Honk Kong Mass Transit Railway

Saying Pun

Trying to find a way out of the room?

Exit Door

Which face do you wear in the morning?

Front To Side View

Choosing a healthy diet plan for Mom

Mommy's Diet

Weight Watchers: lose weight by watching

New Wal-Mart Mirror

Scooting around with the neighbourhood dog

Scooter Friends

Oversized moocher sponges from false parent

Bird CPR

Latest Chess Sudoku Puzzle: #16916

Chess Sudoku Puzzles A

Something puzzling you?

Pencil Puzzle

Preparing for a visit from the Copy Paste twins

Alt-Ctrl-Del Pillows

Camping in style for Aussie Jeep drivers

Laid Back In The Outback

How well do you know your bus driver?

Shuttle Bus Driver

Leap of Faith into the future for Amish Airlines

Amish Airlines - Maiden Voyage

Who runs your house?

Rules For The Cat

Looking for the night before or the morning after?

Before 12 Beers

Edible Plumber Pipe Fittings

Plumbing Butter

On the road to higher education

Going To Collage

Looking for a nice home for last 3 kittens

Free Nuclear Kittens

JAXA, we have liftoff!

Japanese Diving Platform

Canines on the prowl

How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

Latest Hebrew Sudoku Puzzle: #16914

Hebrew Sudoku Puzzles A

Forget positive thinking, try positive action


Buster Keaton's stunts were ahead of his time

First Segway

I want it, and I want it now!

If Looks Could Kill

Early flying lesson away from the cave

Baby Bat

Turning flower into flour

Baked Tulips

Is goose considered as Vegan food?

Goose Walkers

Alarming car invitation on a hot African day

Africa Car Security

1928 Repair advertisement, sent on a penny postcard

Model T Ford Repair Costs in 1928

Dock extender for seniors

iPhone Dock

White House renovation: the basics of noise filtering

For A Short Speech

Down South health care

Texas Ambulance

How to keep your hot dog from wilting on a hot summer day

Hot Dog Cooker

Looking for a soggy cigarette?

Underwater Smoking

Latest Braille Sudoku Puzzle: #16912

Blind (Braille) Sudoku Puzzles A

Big Florida gator hunts - inside and outside tours

Discount Florida Hotel

U.S. Air Force unveils almost-invisible fighter plane

Stealth Fighter

Almost like floating on air

How To Float

Outdoor dining in the Philippines

Waterfall Restaurant

Making light of a better idea

Designer Lamp

Bubba thinks of everything for his new bride

Redneck Honeymoon Suite

Herro - here is Chinese script for Robert E. Lee

Lobert Ree

Watch out for strange Aussie crosswalks

Drone Crossing

How to hide Arabs at border crossings


How to get notis'd with custom signage

Closed Stor

God threw a coin down (and Monty brought it back up again)

Guatemala Sinkhole

Why wildlife should be aware of train crossings

Power Out? Look For A Deer Crossing

Confucius say, 'Fast shutter lead to dog house'

Fast Camera Shutter

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