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Why not use up the spare electrical boxes?

Electrical Box Extension

Deformable wheel looking for spokes-person

Airless See-Through Tires

Where does your cat nap?

Free Cat

Motorcycle safety for swarming intersections

Bee Helmet

Choosing your favourite luxury car

Field of Dreams

Deckside pool with out-standing view

Pool Apartments

Gold spokes for a golden kid

Rich Kid On The Block

Relatives of the Copy and Paste twins?

Control Brothers

Scientists baffled by low crime rate

What Was Missing in Japan?

Japanese 101: Learning Japanese the easy way

Ancient Japanese Proverb

When Arabs and Jews reconcile their differences

Middle East Peace

Who uses the most toilet paper in your house?

Why We're Always Out of TP

Perfect solution for airport security

Israeli TSA

John Lennon preferred to ride his guitar

Guitar Boat

Latest in cell phone technology

Finger Phone

Nature's way of recharging a Housemartin's battery

In-flight Refuelling

Polite way of saying, 'Clean up after your dog'

Unless Your Dog Can Do This

Tips on what to leave for the bear

Bear Expectations

Taking overnight donations at the Old West Cafe in Grapevine, Texas

Money Drop

No-hands motorcyclist

Foot Race

Going out on a limb in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Statue Selfie

At least this guy's brakes work!

'Break In Motion' Brake

Maggie plays her part in Tangiers, Morocco

Cat On A Hot Tin Roof

Bubba's iron doubles as a hot plate

Redneck Coffee Pot

Some neighbourhoods enforce their own speed limit

Speed Limit Warning

A very special Mi-24 helicopter is flying in Afghanistan

Camouflage Helicopter

Perfect flowchart for your next Business Meeting

Why Neanderthals Became Extinct

Looking for handouts?

Elephant Hand

Starting life with a pessimistic attitude

Unhappy Baby

Premium emergency assistance for English golfers

Ambulance Caddy

Burger 'King' just found a new competitor

Bacon Sandwich

Where hotmail first got its moniker

Microwave Mailbox

Should you get protective film on a new car's hood?

Paint Protection

Bridging the gap - highway edition

Mid Road Parking Spot

Catch limits for seniors

Fishing Limit

We came from the earth and shall return to the earth

Come And Go

How to make your cell phone battery last longer

iPhone Battery Life

Joking on National No Smiling Day?

British League of Pessimists

Did you know that Canadians are sorry about everything?

Canadian Diary

Safety in the woods - how to recognize a dangerous wolf from an imposter

Wolf Mode

How to slow down fast drivers in construction zones

Dragon Buoy

Footprints In The Sand - updated version

Wi-Fi Password

Aarav wanted to test out the merchandise before Mom bought it

When You Gotta Go

Some people thought that Teresa had the biggest melons at the fair

Bird Melons

The other black golfer, now that Tiger's lost his swing

Black Golfer

All is not as it seems on the internet

Gated Community

A real up-right piano

Piano Shelves

Always check what's behind the fine print

Page Lurker

The swimwear police of the 1920s

Swimsuit Police

Taking your pet shopping is just a hop around the corner

Aussie Shopping Cart

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