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The Doctor told me I can have one beer a day

One Beer A Day

Weight a minute!

Bus Wait Weight

Bubba's breakfast-in-a-bag

Donut Seeds

Reuniting with long-lost family members

Family Reunion

'Back Up' playground equipment - the cat's meow

Can I Play In There Mommy?

Taking a bite out of the high cost of driving

Dental Car

How to score your own goal at the FIFA World Cup


Hikers named Cliff urged to use caution on this trail

Hi, My Name's Cliff - Drop Over Some Time!

How some Americans feel about their new President

Exactly How I Feel

When you don't know what you did wrong

Flower Shop For Men

One of the hazards of haying in Saskatchewan

Badger Bale

Ole shared everything with his wife - even his work

Husband of the Year

Lettuce pray for what we are about to receive

Lettuce Face

Statement from the Birmingham, Alabama Police Chief

Police Dogs in Alabama

Safety always come above everything in Pakistan

Bolder Boulder

Pet step towards a miss-step

Shoe Stop

I hope this kingfisher isn't hungry!

Last Gasp Request

Nature's graffiti

Circle Of Life

Net Profit as one's biggest racket

Tennis Hammock

German football fans prepare for gold crown

Germany In World Cup Final

Economic point-to-point hay transport

Cycle Feeding Your Cows

Someone not well safety train-ed

Fare Dodger

Look at Bubba's 'S' car go!

Snail Trail

New art in Da Hood

Creative Vandalism

Swimming Down Under

Outback Waterhole

Edible handles also available upon request

Take Away Food

Do you have problems with a peeping Tom?

Peeping Tom

What it's really like to be the underdog


Heavy equipment takes its toll on the economy

Tank Top Security

Tips for those who are singing the wrong tune

Like This

Why you should never fart in a wet suit

Wet Suit Danger

Do you know why Spider Time goes so fast?

Spider Time

Einstein's Food For Thought

Make Loaf Not War

Aha - you're on my side of the bed again!

Bed Equalizer

Practicing Catch-And-Release in Alaska

Alaska Marriage License

A sure sign that your bank doesn't want withdrawals

High Withdrawals

How to prevent bike parts theft at home

Bike Fence

Why you should never let PhD Candidates in Marine Biology get near a gene splicer

Venison Of The Sea

Start Re-Training YOUR vehicle TODAY!

How To Conserve Gas

Smile while you drink - putting on a mug face

Denture Cup

Your child's 1st performance with bear-ly any mistakes!

First Performance

Counting down the days left to delivery

9 Month Scale

When not just any ordinary Joe will do

Small Bills

Another victim of the economy

Young Who Suffer

Grocery store fires cashier - calls it a 'Miss-Steak'

Steak Sale

Things are looking up for Holland in the World Cup

Dutch Soccer Fans

Time to face the music

Organ Transplant

Where they keep the bad kids

Juvenile Storage

Life is full of surprises

Booger Queen

Basket cases running out of time

Senior Wheelies

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