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Faster than a speeding Corvette

Bicycle Cop

Busy Supermums find time to do many things at once

Multitasking Mom

Dentist dentures - trading bite for byte

Mouthful Of Information

The Hudson River is now an official runway

New American Airways Plane

Better than JAWS - a runaway box office hit


Bartender terminology - booze jargon drinkers need to know

If Alcohol Talked

Tracking down big fish, wherever they are

Redneck FishFinder

Bubba's Bro Bra turns people's eyes, even his own

Redneck Bra

Singing in the purr-fect music key

Meowth Organ

Hi, my name's Cliff - drop over some time!

Himilayan Cure for Constipation

Picket Carrying member of the World's 1st Dog Union

'Not On My Shift' Dog

Backing up your best friend

Water Buddies

Bubba's premium K9 day care - a new leash on life!

Redneck Dog Kennel

Wolf pack inspiration

How A Leader Leads

Bridging The Gap or Gap In The Bridge?

Overpass Passover

Don't go bacon my heart!

You're Home Early

Where tree rings really do tell a faller's age

Woodcutter Birthday Cake

Are you as open as a child?

Babble Language

Tips for Dad on his next trip to the Far East

Vacation Sub-Plans

New musical sputters out in North Korea

Failure To Launch

Sleeping in some bird-brain's idea

Bird's Nest Bed

Today's buffalo is protected from its enemies

Buffalo Art

How to ensure safety for motel guests

Motel Hunters

Morning dawns in the Canadian Prairies

Flatskatchewan Winter Sunrise

How to make a cat-tractive game

Fetch and Retrieve

Stone Age Man discovered in back yard!

Camouflage Face

When you know it's time for a computer upgrade

Overworked Mouse

Percs of being a fire department volunteer in Germany

Sweet Helmet

Take the army practice aptitude test

Camouflage Practice

Cruising down the river with the two you love

Hot Tub Boat

Meet the best of moving sermons

Church on Wheels

The first photo bomb of the Oscars goes to...

Oscar Photobomb

Winter security system in the Moistwest Territories

Snow Monster Yard

When filling up is your cup of tea

Teapot Gas Station

No longer knee deep in snow

Snow Sleep

Papa makes his best kid impression at the beach

Young or Old Swimmer?

When a stuffed owl becomes the next best thing

Snowy Owl Substitute

Unbreakable glass proves tempting to vandals

Security Glass

His problems started on his wedding day

Wedding Cake For The Submissive Husband

Friends forever stick together

Every Cat Should Own A Dog

Logging in the good old days

Paul Bunyan Load

Story of inspiration as lamb saved from drowning

Special Photo Story

Some thought she was as cold as the weather outside

Canadian Tough

Play split screen TV without splitting

Split Screen Viewing

Wet hairpieces for male egos

Water Wigs

Pleasant dreams in the canine world

Wake Me At Noon

Stop light texting

Text Message Timing

Steel on Wheel sculpture - it's steel there

Off The Wall Biker

Exercise tips from a Whiskey drinker

Yoga Stress Relief

Enjoying a Canadian staycation in the Moistwet Territories

Snorkeling in Winnipeg

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