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Changing from cups to glasses during a dining day

How To Tell Time

Self taught young pro with tools

Pedal Car Mechanic

Can you spot the only safety-conscious guy?

Harley Bus

New Google 'Search' Plane

Gooooooooooogle Air

Flexible kitchen staff @ Camp Squeah, Hope, B.C.

Mistake Variations

Enjoying the irony of motorcycle club anarchy

Tons Of Anarchy

Electricity and water don't mix

Fountain Overshoot

How to take down road sign speed limits

Sign Slippage

The secret of a successful relationship

Winning An Argument With A Woman

Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #17298

Quad (Hyper) Sudoku E

Canadian athletes train in all types of field and weather conditions

Canadian Swimming

Stars can't shine without darkness

Shining Stars

Everybody look what's going down

Stop That Sound

Trying to cut out the middleman on the farm

Three's A Crowd

Beware of large moose dogs in the Moistwet Territories

Canadian Moose Dog

It's National Dragster week every week in Escondido

Rad Green Dragster

Growing up where you're not supposed to

Out On A Limb

Recycled TP - so much better when personalized

TP Kid

How to Tell Them Apart

Alligators vs. Crocodiles

Sometimes the bull wins

Digital Camera For Sale - Only Used Once

Curiosity trapped the cat

Leopard Hooked On Pot

We build it and we climb it!

Tower Power

A popular song well-known by Saskatchewan Roughrider fans

Melon Collie

Latest X-Factor Sudoku Puzzle: #17296

X-Factor Sudoku Puzzles G

Heating, Venting and Cooling in a Redneck home

Desktop Computer Cooler

Trying to stop pets from smoking dropped cigarette butts

Smoking Cat

Heart-shaped backyard bird feeder

Love Feeding Birds

Bubba's green-with-energy lights

Redneck Headlights

Where rats are a welcome addition to temple practice

Only In India

Hot dogs of the immense variety

World Record Hotdog

Dog Dessert for Hungry Pugs


How to take care of baby floatplanes

Newborn Canadian

Need a place to put your bubble-gum boogers?

Free Paper

Preparing for an early morning business flight

Wake Up Call

Bubba uses only approved Arkansas horseshoes

Redneck Horseshoes

When you know it's time to stop talking

Tongue TwistHer

Stylish nose jewelry for someone who nose best

Be Anything You Want

Latest Olympic Sudoku Puzzle: #17294

Olympic Sudoku Puzzles C

Looking for somebody to share coffee with?

Spill Proof Cup

Such an accomplished individual

Obama Accomplishments

Latest in Ghetto footwear


Banjo Eye or Cymbal Eye - illusion du jour

Music Illusion

Why drinking fountain water will never taste the same

Dog Bidet

Uganda go wrong with scenery like this!

African Sunset

Soda can BBQ for Bubba's small appetite

Redneck Mini Grill

Learning where the school bus stop is

Bus Seating

Reaching out for a tourist sandwich

Inquisitive Polar Bear

Jethro's specialty is in-flight modifications

Plain Plane Mechanic

Israel's punishment for escaping slavery

Jewish Weapons of Mass Indigestion

1950's segregation at the Memphis Zoo

Segregation Is A Two-Way Street

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