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PVC piping to the rescue

Redneck Boot Dryer

Spiderman's friends spread web of goodwill

Window Washers at a Children's Hospital

She said I wouldn't have to wait long

Ready Soon

Souvenirs wrapped a little differently

Elephant Dung Decorative Paper

A hot summer on the Serengeti Plains

Morning After Giraffe

Inspiring Christmas music for Quaker congregations

Silent Night - Quaker Arrangement

Amazing Christmas light display in Lancaster County

Amish Christmas Lights

In previous times he was referred to as Radio Head

Tube Travel

Bubba has two out-houses

Redneck Tree Fort

Bubba's back-up plan for Spaghetti and Meatballs

Redneck Spaghetti

Where building bird houses is on the rise

Bird Condo

This one's snow good for cat lovers

Snow Cat

Latest Astrology Sudoku Puzzle: #17231

Astrology Sudoku Puzzles C

It's cold out - keep your weiners covered

Cold Dogs

Starting off a bleary New Year

Morning After Owl

Cold Greetings to the world from Canadian winter survivors

Canadian Winter Smile

Stephen King's novel twist to New Year's Day

Shining New Year

Some Moms push too much to have first babies of the year

New Year's Baby

Computer geeks bring in the New Year

New Years Resolutions for Nerds

Can't 'bear' the thought of another year?

Polar Bear New Years

Reviewing finances going into the New Year

New Years Broke

Diving into the New Year

Polar Bear Swim

Counting down the days until the next Hooters (Owl) Calendar arrives

Calendar Shredder

Holiday parties gone to waist

A Month After Christmas

Fear that there is no heaven

Afterlife Life

Keeping a secret on New Year's Eve

Mistletoe Secrets

Howlo - anyone out there?

Monkey Howling Decoded

LP recording of our time on earth

As The World Turns

Winning Third Reich photograph for most beautiful Aryan baby

Unlikely Poster Child

Walk not along an imaginary path

Walkway Not

Nautical Christmas greetings to seafarers around the world

Seas And Greetings

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 17228-29

2fer Sudoku Puzzles C

You gnu this would be a pun-e post

Happy Gnu Year

Doorknob for the world's most heartwarming family

Welcome Doorknob

How not to charge your iPhone

iPhone Charger

The artistic shape of winter in the forest

Father Time Snowman

Are you looked up to by dogs or cats?

Boss Resume

When coffee was 15 cents a pound

A Century Ago (1915 to 2015)

Balancing piano music played in the Key Signature of C+

Living At C Level

Bubba had a tough time finding those squirrel calories

Wild Game Nutrition Guide

New Year's greetings from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Greatest Good Fortune

For all Redneck party animals

Redneck New Year's Resolutions

He's old, cranky and demented


The Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve

Trillion Dollar Man

Cold Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer Sales - Long line specialists

Long Liquor Store

How to adjust to changing time-lines

Pole Clock

Poster boy for lawyers with no conscience

Legal Assistance For All

All of Bubba's friends looked forward to New Years

New Year's Stag Party

Choosing a pain-full out-of-bounds bathroom break

Restricted Restroom Area

Not another New Years' Resolution!

New Years Cat

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