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Umbrella to the rescue

Puddle Bath

How to stand alone as a Grandmaster

Chess On The Wall

Tilapia - food for thought on the Sea of Galilee

St. Peter's Fish

Road rage in the animal world

Get In Line!

Bubba bakes cookies on the road

Texas Bakery

Small cars in big places

Think Big

This driver wasn’t 'cut out' for this job

Cutting Edge Delivery

They do things differently in Texas

Only In Texas

Just going along for the ride

Horse Follower

When playing soccer may be hazardous to your health

Arrow-Dynamic Soccer Players

Hiring a copywriter not sufficiently fluent in English

Fireman Mouth

Richard Branson's new Virgin Limo

Plane Limo

Breathless anticipation for unveiling of the Trump Statue

Statue Unveiled

How many light beers make a full house?

Light Beer House

How mares attract stallions

Horse Model

Not-for-disabled restroom, for not-so-fast relief

Uplifting Throne

Has your dog been vaccinated lately?

Lab Found

Some warnings come too late

Sick Tombstone

Waiting for your next power outage

Open Air Wiring

Bible prophecy fulfilled!

Dead Sea Fish

Has your Holy Bible turned into a Hole-y Bible?

Moldy Bible

Hair Raising experience on race day

NASCAR Fan - Diehard Category

Religious sand sculpture from Maryland

Jesus On The Beach

Ah, nuts! It was there the last time I looked...


Going on a fun cruise ship isn't what it used to be

Gay Cruise

Why no-one asks to use Bubba's restroom

Feed Me

Many feet make light work

Easy Mopping

Strolling along can be exhausting work

Exhausted Baby

Amsterdam's solution for their bike parking problem

Bike Rack

Open forever?

Confused Store

Compact Compaq

Lipstick Laptop

Dog days of summer up north

Alaskan Summer

In New Zealand, they make every drop count

No Drip

Something to keep your mind active

Lateral Thinking

Instructions for hitting close range targets

On Short Notice

When my son kicked the sun

Moon Football

Survivor from the NASCAR 23-Feb-2013 crash

Lucky Spectator

When you know it's time to go on a diet

Diet Swing

A Killer Whale's masquerade party


How caribou use decoys for safety during hunting season

Antler Field

When you know it's time for a holiday

Vacation At Last

Early musical influences from the real 'Rolling Stones'


Dissecting Lego school science projects

Lego Anatomy

Making early plans for a NASCAR debut

His First Hot Rod

Touring Brazil monuments by air

Copycat Pilot

Clearing out the toys to make way for a good friend

Room For Two

Bear with Kevin - he can be a little slow at times

Canadian Fast Food - Summer

Perfect ending to a perfect day

Sunset Eclipse

Successful news about his colorectal surgery

Proctologist Call

When it's time to cut back on the caffeine

Wired For Coffee

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