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How to prepare overcooked hot dogs

Wiener Fire

Road safety signs in an Israeli desert

Beware of Camels, Tanks and Dust Clouds

When a cure can be found in the next aisle

Diabetes Medication

England - leading the way in pain-full bicycle tours

Pole Position

The other black golfer, now that Tiger's lost his swing

Black Golfer

Do you Sudoku? These cats do!

Sudoku Cats

Time to get up!

Bad Timing for a Cymbal Wakeup Call

Earl Grey after hours


Math functions to brighten your day

Dancing Mathematician

What not to do while waiting at a bus stop

Pole Safety

Imagine the potential - fit yourself into this Real Estate

Puzzle Ad

Charter members of the 'Get Rich Quick Club'

Billionaire Thoughts

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 16929-30

2fer Sudoku Puzzles B

Google innovations keep office work from being drab and boring

Google Headquarters

Some peoples' daily mission is to annoy you!

Annoying People

Skidmarks in the sand

Beach Drag

Choosing your route to safety

Tsunami Evacuation Area

Choosing the best Kiwi topping

Kiwi Hair Brush

Non-suit Country Builders

Men in Denim

Multi-purpose Olympic stadium turns into swimming pool at no extra cost

Stadium Pool

Conan “hands” over Tonight Show to Leno

Jay Leno Saga

How to detect cat-astrophic hard disk failure

Cat Stroke

Bubba's grill of his dreams - his quiet grill-friend

Redneck BMW Grills

Engine block cleaning solution

Transmission Sink

Life's like a roll of toilet paper

Signs of Old Age

Many camels make for a real show - Camelot

Camel Herders of the 21st Century

How 'good' can you see?

Good Words

Camouflage surroundings provide doglusion setting

Stuffed or Real Dogs?

How Bubba cuts rubber while cutting the lawn

Power Mower

Sittin' around the far with only yer good-wind buddies

Redneck Campfire

Latest Arabic Sudoku Puzzle: #16927

Arabic Sudoku Puzzles A

A country with a bark worse than its bite

North Korean Rhetoric

Wearing out runners isn't a problem when the runners outrun you!

Sport Shoe Car

Bubba's child safety lock - lock it from the outside!

Car Safety Lock

Disneyland opens up a new theme park in the Russian Urals

Walt Chelyabinskney

How to keep your eyes focussed

Owl Rotation

Bearded wonders of the world in hair-raising performance

World Moustache Competition

On a clear day you can see for miles

Cypress Mountain

How many Rottweilers can you pack in your trunk?

Rottweiler Express

At least Bubba didn't let the fox into the chicken coop

Redneck Chicken Farmer

Beware of slippery illiterate road ahead

Use Corshion

Choosing your favourite luxury car

Field of Dreams

Nature's tootbrush, fiber rich and packed with vitamins

Colon Celery

Amsterdam's solution for their bike parking problem

Bike Rack

Trivia + Trivia Sudoku by the joe-kster

Daily Trivia D

Why Bubba never has to clean his BBQ

Campfire Genius

Private ferries get most passengers across safely

Thailand Ferry

When farm kids get bored

Bale Face

No one has friends over to microwave

Friendly BBQ Reminder

New organic, biodegradable method to mow the lawn

Portable Lawn Mower

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