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Looking forward to the dog days of summer?

Lazy Dogs

How barn owls circulate around North America

Owl Get Around To It

When breakfast catches up with the news

Morning Paper

Zadok often has frank discussions with his two friends

Conversations Down The Path Of Life

Tolkien Trees come alive in the park

Ent Tree Art

A popular song well-known by Saskatchewan Roughrider fans

Melon Collie

Don't run downwind from the pack

Marathon Runner Tip

Try on a dress that mirrors your figure

Creative Clothing

Back in the good old days...

Route Our Parents Took To School

Looking for used snow removal equipment?

Snow Is Coming

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #16502-05

Sudoku Sampler

Looking for a yellow hot rod or a yellow workhorse?

Hot Rod Yellow

This farmer should have bought 'no fault' insurance

Italian Corn Maze

Stretching your imagination in Africa

Stretch Elephants

Britney Spears launches Physio Program for blondes

Finger Physio

She said I wouldn't have to wait long

Ready Soon

Climbing towards the high end of the scale

Keyboard Stairs

Hi, my name's Cliff - drop over some time!

Himilayan Cure for Constipation

No job is too small for Lawnmower Man!

2004 Tattoo Of The Year

There's a new girl in town!

Hey, Good Lookin'

Why Canadians don't stop too long for coffee at Timmy's

Waiting For Spring in Canada

Holes that remind you of just how tiny we are

Holes of the World

Where refugees are welcome

European Men - History Timeline

Snow mobiles in the 1920s

Model T Winter

Some schools hire ex-grads for improvements

Shcool Crossing

In Finland, Watts You See is Watts You Get

Reindeer Lumination

Stick family graffiti in Saskatchewan snowfall

Canadian Vandalism

From the inventors of Spam-a-Lot

Spamdex Pork Shorts

Soaring like an eagle with skid marks

Jet Propelled Eagle

Cool phone calls from Alaska

Alaska Phone Booth

Budweiser does its part to save marriage relationships

Wife Of The Year

Hiding in plain view on the desert

Stealth Cell Phone Tower

Birth announcement pinned to the playpen of a one year old

Baby's Eviction Notice

Are we too old to drive this car?

Joystick Car

Joe's fans said, 'Go, Joe, Go!' (so he did...)

Joe in Mexico

How to cut out the box spring mattress middleman

Sunken Bed

It's OK to give away the mobile home, but NOT the pickup!

Texas Divorce

Dual purpose hard hat also keeps out the rain!

Hard Hat Protection

Handling workbench tools - choose wisely

Vice Grip Handles

How cats prepare for the World Cup

Catapult Soccer

Burn survivor on the Aussie Outback

Australian Wildfire Survivor

Has your Doctor diagnosed your timing belt?

Car Surgeon

Cup & Cookies... Gizmo Gadgets

Gizmo Gadgets

A Sudoku puzzle with a LOT of playing field AND 1905 solutions!

World's Largest Sudoku Puzzle

First sign of KAOS in telephone technology

The Original Smart Phone

Tell Me Your Fortune - Show Me My Dynasty

Temple Car

Inspiring concoction for a gourmet fruit chef

Watermellon Cake

How Betty Sue gets the ATV to Bubba

Redneck ATV Trailer

Teddy bears for rodents

Rat Toys

How not to use packing tape for your next move

Moving Tip - Use of Packing Tape

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