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Resistance is futile - you will be educated!

Summer Is Over, Kids

What you expect Down Under for a government-funded roads

Mea Culpa Road

How to make a Cappuccino face

Eye For Coffee

Sill-e signs at B.C. Ferries

Step Lover

Lazing down the river

Hammock Kayak

Pranks for the College Freshman

Cocoon Stage

How to milk a good picture

Like No Udder

Model trains have prehistoric obstacles in Texas


Egypt, a land that's still in deNile

Egyptian Pyramid Scheme

Harnessing a buggy ride wrought from horseshoes

Iron Horse Carriage

How Australians add water to their Chocolate Liqueur

Chocolate Filling

Bubba installed the BBQ close to Emma-Lou's kitchen


Putting a personal touch on business shopping hours

Close Today

What the IT computer guy promised to give me

Black Eye

Career decision made with lots of dough in mind

Becoming A Cop

One small step on the moon

Giant Step For Mankind

PC users find a perfect fit for Apple computers

Mac Supports Windows

Evolution of smart fish

Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

Making sense of confusing English terminology

Captain Literate

Remains of the Ice Age's Continental Drift

Fossilized Sid

Humour for both dinner and license plates

Kids Meal

When choosing paint colors may be a problem

Husband Colors

Fighting for the choice prize

Me First!

Painting a rosy picture for the Trans Mountain pipeline

Trudeau Masterpiece

Pigging out at the chocolate dessert buffet

Chocolate Bath

Mobility equipment for disabled children is on the rise

Handicap Swing

How to get the best, closest at-home shave possible

Redneck Shave

Eating food with tell-tale expiry dates

Karibu Restaurant

the Queen passes greetings to the Donald

Make America Great Britain Again

Hanging on to a better idea

Light Bulb

An Aussie's favourite soup recipe

Soup Of The Day

Latest in teenager footwear - high heel running shoes

Teen Shoe

Bar and Grill for those with indifferent appetites

Where Do You Want To Eat?

When you don't have a dog door

He Wants In

Finding the smartest way to fly

Flight Change

The Lowest Place with The Highest Taste

Dead Sea Burgers

Wading into wet weather

Daily Rain Gauge

Making sense of who's on first

It Finally Happened

Lion's march en masse to view the traveling human zoo

Who's Watching Whom?

Machine wash instructions for Mom

How It's Done

Why you need to learn covert text messaging skills

Texting In Class

Chewable posts attract illiterate animals

No Feeding

Which came first - the chicken or the egg?

Cracks Me Up

What the world needs more of these days

Happy People

Backyard dining for a wine connoisseur

Wine Glass Chair

Tasty treat for beach swimmers

Watermelon Shark

Wedding invites for every possible guest


My buddy keeps telling me how souped up his car is

Souped Up Car

How to keep people away from the site

Do Not Touch Sign

French cuisine takes on Eiffel Tower image

France-Is Bacon

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