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Making every clock step a silly one

Ministry of Silly Walks Watch

Stopping at celebrity stop signs

Idling Eric Idle

Crossing the Red Sea is now easier than crossing the Dead Sea

Drowning Danger in the Dead Sea

Colony Camouflage on National Bird Day

Flamingo Island

U-Haul's new move-everything plan

In It For The Long Haul

Who said men can't do many things at once?

Male Multitasker

Some people have way too much hair to play with

Animal Shaped Hair

Breast implants for your tattoo?

Tattoo Implants

Now designated as a squirrel protection area

Squirrel Security

The car was starting to run a little hot the last few miles

Redneck Hood Ornament

Lots 'o Pots - Gardening Heaven to some...

Flower Pot Garden

Batman's new Moustache Goatee

Batman Beard

Don't forget the turnoff!

Senior Center Reminder

Rail-e good one-way transportation

A-track-tive Bike

Silly Billy Goat?

Laundry Goat

Moss be a really good sneaker to last that long

Old Running Shoe

Bubba's directions to his special garage sale

Groj Sale In The Country

The Joe-kster in his early years

Young Superman

CPR for dying laptops

Computer Resuscitation

Getting more for your money - think Large

Pizza Math

The percs of higher education

Scholar vs Dropout

Looking for a lemur?

Nature Photographry

Take your cell phone back to the dark ages

Cell Toll

Busting the myth that the Titanic was a big ocean liner

Titanic Size

I improve with wine

Wine Improves With Age

Baal, Ishtar and Tammuz send their greetings

Pagan Gods

Latest in husky Australian swimwear

Fit Yourself Swimsuit

How to fall back on road rage

For Tailgaters

Why Jim is the only guy in the plant who's smiling

Hummer Motorcycle

How to save beer trapped in a bottle

Beer Rescue

Tried out my new pressure cooker bomb today

Extreme Pressure Cooker

Ive always wanted a vacuum cleaner that could do that

Vacuum Clean Coffee

Boris may be strong but smell isn't everything

Russian BiteLifter

Blurred vision for impaired drive-hers

One Too Many

Looks like you can get Domino's Pizza anywhere

Domino's Delivers Everywhere

Who's that guy on the other side?

Mirror Image

Intelligent eagle learns to use cell phone

Eagle Selfie

Had enough of waiting in car line-ups?

Old Traffic Jam

Saving fuel on the Moistwet Territories

Redneck Chainsaw

Rules for good golf etiquette

Golf Restroom

Career diversity in Italy is quite a-peal-ing

Police Gone Bananas

Cycle drinking on the road

Prepared Cyclist

Load weight limits for blind drivers

Truck Down Ramp

Checking out 'Who' is in the neighbourhood

Stare Down

Bench dedicated to English men who go shopping with their wives

Will To Live

Where literate teachers practice illiteracy

Leteracy Night

Nothing better than a mouth full of bacon

Bacon High-Five

Driving tests in Austria offer little room for error

Perfect Fit

How to online exercise your dog


Avoiding the 'Weekly Overload Recreational Killer' virus

Work Awareness

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