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Latest Japanese Sudoku Puzzle: #16663

Japanese Sudoku Puzzles

On the lookout for unusual traffic signs

Watch Out For Traffic Signs

Some drivers like it hot at the speedway

Racing a 'Hot Rod'

Canada Geese grow pretty big on the Canadian prairies

Stealth Photographer

Knit Wits in Scotland produce many yarns

Scottish Knitware

Something fishy spotted in Pismo Beach


Animal pictures gone wrong

Distressing Artwork

Snake Hair showerhead makes for a clean sweep

Medusa Shower

Some ships don't stop at stop signs

Dock Extension

Little Johnny prefers pet food to veggies

Pet Food Tester

Brushing bicycle hair with a unique bike rack

Bike Comb

Follow the leader in Kabul, or else

Behind Every Man

How to prepare for the next crisis

New Manager's Crisis Envelopes

T-Shirt for chemistry students

Chemical Solutions

Stress-full inside view of a newly-painted car

Car Paint

Dressing up a Charmin girl

TP Princess

Latest Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle: #16661

Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles

Faster than a speeding protester


Another Braille-iant idea!

Braillik's Cube

Waiting for sunrise in paradise


Please excuse the Joe-kster for retrieving this thorible canine pun

LabraThor Retriever

Dude, I'm positive you can make that jump

Car Jump

Emoticons' effect on the way we communicate

Before Emoticons

Tracking down big fish, wherever they are

Redneck FishFinder

Hair trends in the Caribbean


Diet train-ing recommendations for turtles and tortoises

Train Snack

Tax dollars put to good use: 6 Safety Watchers to 1 Worker

City Work Crew's Slow Day

Wild Australian frilled lizards fights for letter carrier territory

Aussie Mailbox

When a selfie stick interferes with a phone's intended purpose

Selfie Stuck

Tips on safety for storing a senior walker

Walker Safety

Latest Chinese Sudoku Puzzle: #16659

Chinese Sudoku Puzzles

One man's junk is another's Picasso

Junkyard Art

How Little Johnny helps Mommy get breakfast ready

Egg Tester

Wearing a pipe wrench around your finger

Mechanic's Ring

Taking a load off his mind may put a load into his mind

Joburg Police

The art of Bird Dropping


Looking for the best energy drink

Triathlete with a Drinking Problem

Tapping the benefits of red wine and hops

Finally Got The Sink Fixed

How to almost beat long border crossing delays

Borderline Stupidity

Wonder if this will meet the 'Holmes on Homes' construction approval?

Scaffolding for the Dirt Cheap Contractor

Tandem Truck with Down Syndrome

Bridge Uplift

Curiosity trapped the cat

Leopard Hooked On Pot

Guard dog security for midgets

Ankle Warning

Did your ex-wife have a more successful trial?

Better Lawyer

For what ales you on the road

Brewery Motorcycle

Dining on a smoke-free balcony

Life Extension

Latest Mega Samurai Puzzle: #16657A-K

Mega Samurai Puzzles

Road sign guaranteed to fire up sales

What Could Go Wrong?

Learning the mane points about horse braids

Braided Horse Tail

How Gandalf the Grey turned grey

Software Wizard

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