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Are you growing up or slimming down?

Five Stages of a Female's Life

Finding an outlet for your political rivals

Political Promise Hauler

Only 4 tickets left!

Evel Knievel Tickets

Reversing an English phrase

Backwards Even In A Mirror

Operating system that's a real 'pane'

FireFox vs. Windows

Choosing a career with unlimited potential

Organized Crime

Was George Washington a racist?

NAACP Cover Up

Bubba's friend shows off new iPad cooking app

Redneck iPad

It's all in the mind

Picture Perfect

Native Indian's wife offers mythical inspiration

A Woman Named Five Horses

Shore leave priorities

Sidetracked Baby

The family that flies together stays together

Wing Support

The future leads to better software Apple-cations

Microsoft Innovation

When foreign cars go on a date

Coca Cola Twins

Add a little whine to your marriage

Long, Happy Marriage

Why some relationships end up on the rocks

Hawaiian Surfboard Trade

Watered down meeting of fair weather campers

Wet Tents

Looking for 'clean' dog joe-ks?

Dog Laundry - Hung Out To Dry

Personalized cups for nosey drinkers

'Pick Your Nose' Cup

For artists who give a hoot

How To Draw An Owl

Wide angle perspective of an inviting dinner snack

Dinner Preparation: Here's looking at you!

This sinks' 4U!

Goldfish Sink

How to speak Aussie

Aussie Gentleman

Does your wife thrive on cooking, cleaning and dusting?

Hardworking Wife

Hypothermia 101 for the dubm-erererest

All Weather Runner

Try getting through customs with this hairpiece!

Hairstyle Of The Year

On the wrong end of a low-paying job?

Maybe My Job Is Not So Bad After All

Elmer found a new way to do wheelies at the retirement center

Senior Aerobics

When he's not Praying, he's Playing

Playing Mantis

Froget me not!

Frog Waltz

After work, Bubba converts his D8 into a chick magnet

Redneck Bulldozer

Beer - now cheaper than gas? Sign Of The Times

Drink, Don't Drive!

Juggling too much at work? Look outside your box!

'Outside The Box' Juggler

If Leonardo da Vinci had painted Michael Jackson

Leonardo da Vinci's Unfinished Portrait

Cat in the act!

Jarred Cat

For inflamed management

Anger Management Suppository Bullets

I can't believe I was doing it wrong all these years!

How To Weigh Yourself Correctly

Christmas card sceptics

Three Wise Men

What's a D Monster?

D Monster

Burqa buddies on the desert

Muslim Camel

Anti-diuretic hybrid grape based on Pinot Blan, Pinot Noir & Pinot Grigio

New Wine For Seniors

Outdoor living at its finest in Saskatchewan

Remote Outdoors

How to promote your business by sitting down on the job

Johnny On The Pot's Plumber Truck

Earl Grey's new underwater bag

Submarine Tea

Bubba gets a kick out of his Ninja

Redneck Kickstand

Making light of a bad situation

Christmas Bad Attitude

Trapeze stunt for next season's Shark Week

Highwire Shark

Bubba finally finds Victoria's Secret

Brief Case

Not looking in rear view mirror leads to early lunch

Always Use Your Mirrors

Bringin' home the elk, any way Bubba can

Only in Montana

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