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Imaginary fruitless sale in grocery produce section

Seeless Watermelon

An alternative to turkey on Thanksgiving Day

Going Cold Turkey

Medicine to cure any remembrance of sickness

Redneck Flu Shot

Utility bill bailout plan cleans out investors

British Gas Meter

Walking the Holy dog brings joy to this priest

Halo to the Holy Dog

Crocodile safety while swimming Down Under

Death Foretold

Wilbur practicing on his marching bass drum

It's All About Bass

The real thing!

Coke Ingredients

How Sleeping Beauty became an instant celebrity

Thumb Queen

Just when you get your fish close to the boat...

Snake Bait

Vegetarian violence

Innocent Plants

How Aussies bypass insurmountable throughways

Impassable Road

Fashion etiquette in The Netherlands

Amsterdam Dress

How to lose pets in your neighbourhood

Mow Your Lawn

Rising in the Yeast, Setting on the Waist

Breaded Sunrise

Who changes the TP in your house?


Control Diabetes - make it free for everyone!

Diabetes Sale

Prophecy according to the Law of Infinite Probability

Laundry Law

R2-D2 as a pirate

Pirate Star Wars

What birds are doing to prevent themselves from getting the Bird Flu

Bird Flu Prevention

If you can't play nice...

Lacrosse Etiquette

Day and Night tours of Britain's capital city


Will he make it past the plucking station?

Run, Turkey, Run

When quality goes down in an auto body shop

Car Plunge

What makes a great lawyer?

Good Lawyer

Tips for building a lasting and loving relationship

A Good Woman

Would you tell him or just watch?

ATV Tie Down Straps

Why I hate public toilets

Vegan Floater

One brick short of a full load

Short A Few Bricks

When you need a ride, ah'm no' in service

Welcome To Scotland

Anakin Skywalker has more than a Dark Side

Darth Vader Models

Catholics in St. Louis have 2 Popes to celebrate

Cardinals Select New Pope

Cup holder clip helps clear the tables

Cup on the Edge

Preparations are coming along well for the Paralympic Summer Games

Wheelchair Access

Safety Last for this Russian worker

Russian High Chair Construction

How to make a Canadian Wedding Arch

When A Canadian Guy Plans The Wedding

Fence art for hidden obstacles

Stealth Graffiti

Deer season started a little too early for Bubba this year

Watch Out For Deer!

Unexpected Air Show aerobics

Flying With Angels

Reading between the lines comes easy for canines

Dog Training for Dummies

Tweetment vs Oinkment

Bird Flu vs Swine Flu

How crop circles are really made

Crop Circles Secret

Skyscraper design to complement rainy days

Wet Chicago Building

Dole pineapple re-tools its core operations

Pineapple Slicer

Having a ball with recycled paper

Throwaway Sport Paper

Jethro only smokes one cigar a day

Serious Pipe Smoker

Judging each other from a safe distance

The Stare Down

Best way to advertise last minute cruise deals

Perfect Ad Placement

Always use Condiments

Practice Safe Eating

MacDonald's opens new feeding trough in Hay River

Only in Canada: MacMoose

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