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Watching out for your buddy when he's watching up for you

Friends Don't Let Good Friends Drive Drunk

How to blow things out of proportion

Inflatable Toupee

Daisy, Daisy on a scooter that's built for two

Scooter Duo

Where Bridgestone and Dunlop tires are on a roll

Michelin Motorcycle

The other Green Bay Packer Cheeseheads

Wisconsin Cheese

Car bicycle racks for the busy tourist

Biking Holiday

Things are rolling along on the farm

Wheel Chair

How many claim tax credits in the U.K.

The Importance of Tax Return Accuracy

In the dog house again?

Stay In Here

If Steven Spielberg owned Caterpillar Tractors

Bush Warrior

Nature's way of showing off birds of prey

Barn Owl Beauty

When a wide screen TV needs wide screen coverage

Redneck Cabinet Extension

T-Shirt for good-food moments

Bacon Thoughts

Morning after pill for dogs

Why You Shouldn't Let Your Dog Drink Beer

Built Ford Tough in Fairbanks

When You're Stupid You Gotta Be Tough

Beer Server G3 (Guzzle 3X) Technology

Useful Apple Computer

Who can stay in the longest?

Hot New Game - This Fire's 4U!

Things I will not do before I get old!

Reverse Bucket List

Turning over a new leaf in the Pacific Islands

Hala Fruit

Location, Location, Location

Mountain Lookout

Lining up for dog obedience training

Lunch Lineup

End of shift at the circus carousel

Circus Escape

Waiting for spring breakup in the Ukraine to harvest the fish

Spider Web Ice Fishing

Mechanic with an expanding grip on wedding vows

With This Ring

Taking time away from job stress

Humour in the Workplace

Yard security in the Aussie Outback

Long Snake

Combing through a neighbourhood shrub

Street Hair

Why grocery stores are never robbed in Israel

Israel Security

Goldfish in a musical setting

Guitar Fish Bowl

Fall colours in the Lower Rainland, B.C.

Winter Tree

Why you shouldn’t take too long a coffee break at work

Cup Nap

Measuring up for the Indian Army

Best Chest Forward

Placing the goal in front of the peddle

Dog Obedience Training

When running out of money is the present style

Exercise I've Done This Year

Dual purpose hard hat also keeps out the rain!

Hard Hat Protection

Helping out with kitchen chores

A Caring Husband

Handling workbench tools - choose wisely

Vice Grip Handles

Looking for used snow removal equipment?

Snow Is Coming

Where refugees are welcome

European Men - History Timeline

Coupon good for one Litre of gas - use it before it expires

Gas Coupon

Soaring like an eagle with skid marks

Jet Propelled Eagle

Tongue dropping weather for a giraffe

Novocaine Feeling

Obtaining warrior status in the driver's seat

Ninja Stickshift

Do you have an 'I think I can' attitude?

Too Little Too Late

Skateboard doubles as meal on wheels

Bread Board

The joy of eating puddle mud pies

When I Was Three

Planting a Happy Face garden

Spring Flowers

Snowstorm provides alternative motorcycle support

Manitoba Kickstand

Why pay for an expensive garden landscaper to fix it?

Pool Garden

Parking in the right spot at the right time

Lucky Cars

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