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Where does that extra hole come from?

How Can This Be True, Math Nerds?

Why bumper stickers don't stick to Outbacks

Redneck Bumper

Beware of large moose dogs in the Moistwet Territories

Canadian Moose Dog

School invents new game of tire horseshoes

Tired Flagpole

Every drop in the bucket counts

Creative Charity

Jethro and Bubba enjoy recess break in the school playground

Redneck See Saw

Learning the value of every drop

Water Value

Do they have a strange religion and speak a different language?

Strangers To Our Land

Trivia + Trivia Sudoku by the joe-kster

Daily Trivia E

How to beat a speeding ticket in Australia

Speeding Excuse

Never turn your back to a bus stop!

Karate Sign Kick

Keep dry no matter what the cat-astrophe

Dry Cats

New sport in Amsterdam

Bike Vaulting

Here's looking at you!

Arch Enemies

Every day she faced seven as her lucky number

Lucky Calf

Why wine and cheese pair well

Trash Snack

Is your home a reflection of you?

Reflect Home

Wade on over to Bubba's grill

Waterfront Dining

How to leave notes for your successor at work

Post-it Succession Planning

Weight loss for obese Rednecks

Heat Expands

Sure sign that a bad day is coming

Weather Warning

How to line dance in Dallas

Texas Roller Blades

Latest Greek Sudoku Puzzle #16938

Greek Sudoku Puzzles A

Listening to oldies in their original vinyl format

Portable Music Player

Choosing the best strawberry next door

Berry Funny

When second hand smoke talks back to you

Smoke Face

Ways to get rid of ants naturally

Ants Know When Something Is Fake

Jethro's entered his bike in the Deere-Tona 500

Redneck Trike

Romance on an artistic Texas ranch

Love It

Leapfrog technology - Ukraine's newest web browsers


Retread tire options for pets

Slept On The Tire

Where there's always enough candy

Candy Hairess

Han So Low and Dach Vader star in Dog Wars sequel

Wiener Wars

Finger sprint to the finish line - Beijing or Bust!

Finger Olympics

Is the new guy as experienced as he says?

Sand Strap Experience

Wouldn't want to hurt anyone's feeling, eh!

Canadian Protest

Latest Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle: #16936

Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles C

When you know it's time to stop talking

Tongue TwistHer

Bubba uses his other hand for his free-hand drawings

Hand Drawn

Standing up to a lot of bull

A Real Cowboy Has No Fear

When you need to shoot hoops on the farm

Texas Basketball

Is marriage a beautiful box full of all the things you long for?

Marriage Box

Making famous first impressions

Is This Really Happening?!

When one snowball is not cute enough

Snowball Dogs

Only downside to this rental car is its clingon grip

Downer Rental Car

Poor man's attempt to escape the rush hour crowd

Escape From Rush Hour Traffic

Dog days of summer up north

Alaskan Summer

Horse drawn cars - progress in the making

The 'New' Economy

How some cruise lines reposition their ships

Cruise Ship Trailer

'Thank You for the food I am about to eat'

Praying & Preying Mantis

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