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Learning the value of every drop

Water Value

I knew that

Indian Writing

Staycation planning in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Where Do The Amish Go For A Vacation?

How snakes take care of loose ends

Snake Shortener

Helping you make an informed comparison

1938 Cost Of Living

What goes around comes around

Vatican Wall

Acting audition for next Godzilla movie


Do black olives taste better than green ones?

Black Olives Matter

Reading between the lines

First Impressions

Looking for someone who gives a hoot


Sign of a hungry, illiterate employee

Burger Sale

Men vs. Women drivers

Scientific Driving Test

Some license plates are worth stopping for


Japan's last earthquake - caught on film seconds before occurrence

Sumo Skiing - Newest Olympic Event

Looking for a soggy cigarette?

Underwater Smoking

Six, Upside Down and Turned Around

Awesome 'P' Door

Local weather's bin better - now in the dumps

TV Weather Forecast

Why does everything always happen to me?

Baby's Off Day

Moose be a good time to get together

Same Sex Marriage in Canada

Taking over control of New Brunswick's official bilingualism

Yves Trough Demands

And the five finalists in the Miss Afghanistan contest are...

Miss Afghanistan Finalists

Weather forecast from the pulpit

Snow Prayers

Cheaper Mexican version of 'Make America Great Again'


When New Brunswick runs out of snowplows

Stroller Snow Tires

Safe passage for emergency vehicles is a smart move in Germany

German Emergency Road Share

He's been Walken around the block

Christopher Walken

The fastest swimmers make webbed hands out of water

Swim Fingers

Looking out for the younger generation

Soldier Salute

Getting a-head of job site safety regulations

Why Wear A Safety Helmet?

Wrenching mechanic's tale

It's Making This Weird Noise

Beach beauties with background distraction

Bikini Photobomb

Preparing for the canine space cadets

Darth Vader Dog

Bubba's tips on how to pull out a dent

Redneck Dent Repair

Kitchen door to a hidden underground hideaway

Secret Passage

Disabled or not, here comes Bubba!

Redneck Wheelchair Stroller

Warm weather bird gets chilling reception

I Don't Want To Get My Pants Wet

Raising a baby deer, just for fawn

Fawn Of You

Expect the unexpected on logging roads

Trucks with 'Down' Syndrome

Prairie farmers make good use of their Deer

Saskatchewan Harley

How to stretch your phone coverage

Hands Free Cell Phone

Israel's floating tourist industry

Swimming in the Dead Sea

Photographic Studio for camera professionals

Click Click Imaging Specialists

Scenery for those who live on Leaning Tree Road

Winter Tree Hug

Horsing around with driftwood art

Horse Wood Sculpture

Blown away dog

Living In A Bubble

Pools keep out non-swimming zombies

Hampton Inn Zombies

Cast of volunteers for the Special du jour: Frog Thighs (In Season)

Frog Leg Special

Geometry in motion - for those who enjoy circular reasoning

Perfect Circle

Sign of the times?

Changing Priorities Ahead

Reading between the lines

Read Your Book Case

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