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Finding artistic use for chicken wire

Chicken Wire Art

Recycled sheep humour

Re-Ewes Me

Wobbly pizza delivery

Leaning Tower Of Pizzas

Productivity incentives that work

Always Give 100% At Work

Hospital introduces new 'Meals On Wheels' Program

Formula One Wheelchair

Puppet's curious swinging spirit takes a rest

Pinocchio Playground

How long do you cook eggs?

Hard Boiled Eggs

Redneck luxury on the road

El Cadillac

Fighting fires in the U.S. and China

Fire Engine Bikes

Jockeying for position in the Moistwest Territories

Canadian Polo

Music intervals for a U.S. holiday

Happy 4th of July

WHO could possibly WALK in these?

Shoe Show - Latest Fashion from Italy and Japan

Latest animal hospital film: Cone With The Wind

All Fun And Games

G'day from the waters Down Under

Welcome To Australia

When you have a loose tooth and need to see a Dentist

Shark Dentist

'This is the Captain speaking. There's nothing to worry about - we're just testing our air conditioning.'

W'Airing Out The Jet Engine

Ratatouille has really let himself go after getting famous


When tweeting is easier than speaking

Next Generation

Flashback to 'Back To The Future'


Keeping the kid's attention during a long ride

Redneck Car Movie Screen

Receiving too many silent calls?

Dead Phone

Tea can be a great remedy

Tea Remedy

Reasons why you should have a camera phone

Hurricane Protection

Hot Rod guaranteed for life... and the hereafter!

Coffin Dragster

Wooly Jumper or A Sweater with Big Pockets?


Where food was first made in Newfoundland

Garden of Eat'En

Swimwear design for a stylish Redneck

Beach Bum

Getting the lowdown on the upper deck

Convertible Bus

Last resort if they can't make you look good

Ugly Haircut

Hunting bear or bear hunting?

Bear With Me

Pet solution as to who will pay for it

Dog Park

What do you mean you brought the wrong bag?

Parachute Dropouts

What you can't see from the top of every situation can create a Titanic situation

Tip of the Iceberg

Leadership 'tips'

Take My Advice

Some smoke their hay in Arizona

Hay For Sale

Probably not a pursuit vehicle

Hendersonville Police

Road leading to the city outskirts

Skirt Road

Some peoples' daily mission is to annoy you!

Annoying People

When product testing with animals is a tight fit

Animal Tested

Grocery specials for cavemen

Dinosaur Roast

Bull fight at the zoo

No way Ole!

Why the Brits don't have an Independence Day

Britain Non-Independence Day

Slippery boots with a forked tongue

Snake Leather

How cat ladies see their cats

Cat Lady Cats

Down-playing the time of day

Best Clock Ever

Happy Independence Day to our American friends!

July 4th Balloon

Taking the first step is always hardest

Water Dancer

Tired of being harassed by your stupid parents?

Teenage Independence

When protection turns to down-fall

Dog Distress

Looking for organic, genderless gingerbread treats?

Vegan Food

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