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Just when you thought it was Organic and Gluten-Free

Organic Compromise

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 17107-08

2fer Sudoku Puzzles H

Things weren't going well for Little Johnny that day

Messy Temper Tantrum

Road safety in Canmore, Alberta takes on a different perspective

Look Both Ways

Some arborists live and breathe their job

Smelly Tree

Free with extra drink purchase

Sonic Straw

Sour Krauts are good for T-Shirt and burger sales

Grouchy German

How counterfeiting works in da Hood

Detroit Counterfeit Bill

Some days you can bearly make it

Doing OK

Shopping for sorry sale burgers

Are Grill

Oh, the iron-e of it all...

Ferrous Wheel

Moving towards the paperless office

Office Irony

Upside-down Weight Watcher plan

Diet Pills

Firearm training with a Quad Barrel Handgun

Quad Shot

Bubba is pleased to take part in medical emergencies

Redneck Patient Transfer

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #17102-05

Sudoku Sampler F

Preferred angler sunscreen lotion in Africa

Fish Hat

Learning one keystroke at a time in the hammock

College in a Nutshell

Making the best of a bad situation

Flooded Ireland Streets

Motorcycles of the Future

Chrome Bikes

It's an Australia thing

Shrimp on the Barby

How to tell when it's time for your next glass of wine

Wine Flowchart

Baal, Ishtar and Tammuz send their greetings

Pagan Gods

Be sure to buy only the original product

Autographed Copy

Prevention by brushing up on the Bible

Truth Decay

For those who prefer fish products floating in their wine

Salmon Wine

Latest politically correct paleface to join the NFL drumbeat

Renaming Washington Redskins

Ostrich Officer detail in Melbourne, Australia

Aussie Speed Bumps

Hard hat tags along for the ride

Hair Safety

Alternative dining for celiacs

Gluten-Free Diet

The revolution began in the MoistWet Territories

Beach Sign Training

Trivia + Trivia Sudoku by the joe-kster

Daily Trivia A

Dedicated to the son I love

Hummer Memorial

Remembering those who gave everything

Veteran Thanks

Remembering those who made Freedom and Peace possible

Fallen Heroes

Brought to you by a Soldier

Life of Freedom and Peace

Free Speech, where the pen is mighty grateful to the sword

Memorial Day Heroes

A soldier's Memorial Shadow

RIP Remembrance

The seed of Freedom's tree

Patriot Blood

Better pat this guy down - he might be trying to sneak something in

Palestinian Security Check

Translation gone wrong

Anti-War Protest Rally

Unfortunately Boris was assigned to night watch that evening

Standing Guard

Remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom

On The Beach

You are as young as you think you are

Youth Walk

Leave me alone!

Dysfunctional Veteran

For those who didn't and those who did, we remember

Poppy Fields

How to avoid more casualties of war

Best Way To Honor The Fallen

In remembrance of aging combat Veterans

Memorial Shadow

Remembering those who gave their lives for our freedom

Lest We Forget

Tower of London 2014 Memorial Display

Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red

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