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Last call for passengers of this plane

Red Alert Flight

When only the best bench seat will do

Mother-In-Law Seat

When good luck backfires

Rabbit's Foot

Fix your marriage - take your wife on a LONG vacation

It's Safe To Come Out Now, Honey

Shopping hours are never long enough for Wilbur's wife

Shopping Wait-er

May The Floors Be With You

Luke FloorWalker

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 17252-53

2fer Sudoku Puzzles D

Getting a little firewood in for next winter

Logging Basics

Where Darth Vader learned about The Force

Ancient Greek Stormtrooper

It's not always what you drive, but where you park

Close Call Parking

Frosty calls collect when weather permits

Phone Snowman

Why I'll Never Complain About My Kids Again

Ring Leader

The wedding service was blessed with holy macaroni

Cook Ring

AH - the element of surprise

New Element Discovered

Something smells good at the zoo

Looking For Something?

Easy-Schmeezy Guide to learning a new language

Guide To Hebrew

Finding good friends on your walk of life

Umbrella Stand

Music theory for stick people

Stop, You're Under A Rest!

You Know You're In Management When...

Professional Test

Designated intoxicated parking stall

Reserved for Drunk Drivers

Life in the slow lane

Rush Hour Non-Traffic

Warning indicators for too-fast drivers

Pick Your Fate

Outside view of a Luxury Train in India

Meals On Wheels

Latest Arabic Sudoku Puzzle: #17250

Arabic Sudoku Puzzles B

New Muslim shrine proposed for downtown Paris

Eiffel Tower Modifications

Are you a workaholic or the secretary?

How To Tell If The Boss Is At Work

Biblical prayer for the Canadian Prime Minister

Conservative Prayer

Cheapest way to visit China

Great Wall Of China

Parachute delivery of your pizza

Pizza Air's Inaugural Delivery

Cleaning out the Gene pool in Chinatown

Kid Disposal

What happens when the boss works from home

Boss Webcam

WARNING: This is un-bear-able! Platinum Edition SUV preferred by Grizzly bears

Totaled Toyota

Headed For Warmer Climes

But they rotate every time I drive...

Tire Rotation

Vegetarian footprints

Foot Radish

Exercise to help you prepare for this year's taxes!

IRS Middle Class Pencil Sharpener

Coming to an upscale store near you

Mexican Recliners

How to relieve athlete's itch in the animal world

Why Elk Have Long Antlers

Moose have been a Moistwest Territories transportation network company

Canadian Uber

If you want to be pretty, you'll have to suffer

Biting Shoes

The start of a canine X and O game

Dog Cross

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #17245-48

Sudoku Sampler F

How bossy people lead by example

Leadership Skills

Don't settle for imitation Soccer or fake World Cup football

Real FootBall

Some drivers like it hot at the speedway

Racing a 'Hot Rod'

Running out of time - holding on to the last minute

Cut-Off Deadline

How to lead stray snowbound livestock back home

Winter Greens

When you know you've tried CPR resuscitation too long

Worst Aid

And you thought you were having a bad day...

Portable Shower

No one wants a small glass of wine

Size Matters

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