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Emperor's Clothes for Bridge Builders

Amazing Un-Bridge

Hunting bear or bear hunting?

Tree Stand

So that's why we keep running out of toilet paper!

TP Dog

Building painting with a higher calling

Barn Art

When four minds are better than one

4 Men, 1 Face

Custom van etched to perfection

Van Go

Quickest way to remove bugs from your computer

Computer Bug Removal

Aftermath of a truck tornado

Full Speed Damage

Just remembered that I left my coat at home

Coatless Cat

A little longer in the microwave and the alumnium base would have exploded

Microwaved Bulb... Watts You Won't See

Putting the fun back in traffic citations

Scratch-Off Parking Tickets

Digging in after a winter storm

Winter Doorway

And you thought you've bean everywhere!

Spot the Man's Head Hidden in the Coffee Beans

Doing business in the Ukraine: making a bum deal

Awkward Conversation

Where Canada sits in the world

Canada - World Leader of Northern-ness

Driving 'in' the rain

Texting While Cycling

How to recycle old clothing

Jeans Dog Makes Fashion Statement

Where they sleep in Winterpeg

Canadian Winter Bed

Get those hands off the snooze button!

Conquering My Snooze Addiction

Why Volcano Boarding is an adrenaline rush - except for the rock landing

Real Men Don't Snowboard, they Volcano Board

Looking for an antique phone booth? Gopher it!

Gopher's Phone Booth

8 things the Marines aren't telling the Navy

Marine Secrets

When you gotta go, you gotta go quick

Restroom Fast Break

Shining in the light of His Drywall Dust Glory

Gyprock Prayer

... if only things were this easy ...

Revenue Canada Subscription Cancellation

Where there's a will there's a way

'Hang Ten' Perseverance Pays Off

We're looking for a little less Sax, please!

Saks-e Parking Job

From the Duct Tape Boys - Boys will be Boys

Duct Tape Rules - New Meaning for 'Hangover'

Aussie tabloid outspoken about Prime Minister Julia Gillard

Flying Start in Sydney, Australia

Noone tries to steal Bubba's spare tire

Redneck Fifth Wheel Drive

What does a 320 pound woman look like?

World's Tallest Woman

What happens when the owners are gone...

Home Alone Pets

Something that young people can do better than old-agers - keep their in-hair-itence!

Fountain Of Youth - Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Bubba's indoor water fountain

Toilet Sprinkler System

Looking for more 'weighs' to lose your pickup?

Last Ice Fishing Trip

Made from pure sour grapes

Aussie Whine: Best Served With Humble Pie

Ain't nothing that a good chunk of plywood can't do

Aerodynamic Advantage on the Prairies

Out with the old, in with the new - a continuing Canadian saga

Welcome To Canada

Canine fashion on stride

'Don't Mess With Me' Dog

How to sell ladies high heel shoes in Thailand

High Heel Shoe Motorcycle

Some things once seen, which can not be unseen

Something Seen

A Love Story - brings a tear to your eye

Nordern Minnesota Yeneral Store

Dog Pack Attacks Gator In Florida

Gator Attack

It's easy to complete a Rubik's Cube

The Advantage of being Colour Blind

New body kits for your Smart Car

Smart Car Redesign

Good to the last drop

Cat A Head Of It's Time

Paint your car with nature's paintbrush

Car Dirt Art


It's So Cold That...

Working it out with a putter

Golf Potty Putter

Looking for visible proof

Glass Coffins

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