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Elderly patient care one step at a time

Flatulence Problem

Taking time to walk with your spouse

Exercise Helps Pregnancy

Veterinary advice on duck bills

Duck Doctor

Medical tales from old

Doctor Stories

Your source of daily medicine

Doctor, Doctor Joe-ks

Family consulting recommended by the physician

By Popular Demand - Get A Vasectomy!

Symptom for painfull joints

Blonde in Doctor's Office

Refund for better than expected medical results

Better With Viagra

Who are the best workers to operate on?

Best Surgical Patients

Dog training for dog retrievers

Doggey Do

Life is a little colder for some dog breeds

Frozen Dog

Days when nothing goes right

One Of Those Days

Finding the best cleansing solution

Washing The Dog

Looking for not-so-sweet revenge?

And Now For The Truly Bizarre

Setting conditions for the next dog date

Liver And Cheese Dogs

What dogs don't stick in your ear

25 Reasons Why DogsAre Better Than Kids

Finding a place for prayer and medication

Church Bulletin Bloopers

Keeping warm on a sleeper train

Train-ed Couple

The problem with unscheduled train stops

All Aboard

Watching an interesting tennis match

Stringing Along

Waiting for opportune escape timing

Secret Diary of a Cat

Enjoying too much of a good meal

Killer Dinner

Step by step instructions for giving pet medicine

How To Pill A Cat

Spreading flatulent remarks at the dinner table


by Ernest Lawrence Thayer

Casey at the Bat

If The Beatles Were Computer Geeks

Yesterday - Computer Version

Finding who is worse in this Church

Unwanted Choir Singer

Waiting a long time for the double bass to play

Symphony Bass

Taking a new approach in Church

Songs For The Pastor

Perfect pitch helps to find the range of a tuba

Musician Joe-ks (In Score Order)

Tracking down the source of music

Going For Gold

Cannibal options for dinner

From Canada, Eh?

Explaining differences in TP brands

No Name Toilet Paper

Responding positively to female driver tactics

Men Should Know Better!

How many times will you forgive the Joe-kster for bad humour?

Forgiveness Spreadsheet

Always thinking of the customer first

Airline Safety

Do we have time for one more?

How Sweet It Is!

Guess who must have come home early?

Interruptus Unexpectus (PG)

Tips on what to expect in relationship showers

How To Shower - For Women and Men

Turning up the heat in Prince George

Canadian Champions

When the memory fails

Forgetful Old Ladies

What can go Wong will go Wong

Windows 2000 Bug List

Rearranged words

Clever Anagrams

Barcode for a Lifetime of Laughter! Bar Code

The best part of waking up

A Cup of GI Joe

Boy Scout safety tips when you're lost

Things To Bring

Score cards from a hot chili contest

Texas Chili Taster

Bubba's farm friends help clean him out

Redneck Toilet Paper (R)

Easy choice on Death Row

Redneck Row

Let Professionals show you how to 'Do It' properly!

'Do It' Professional Trades Guide

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