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The good and bad news about growing old

Aging News

What seemed important back then


Resolution found for the Arab - Israel conflict

Negotiations in Israel

Bubba & Jethro hunt for flatulent fish

Redneck Fishermen

Notice to all campers

Migratory Bird Tags

Roosters with tiny bells

Prize Rooster

'The Sound of Music' on medication

'Favorite Things' Revised For Retired People

Defeat, Defense, Deduct, and Detail logic

Deductive Reasoning

Follow the cursor clock around the screen

Cursor Clock

Raising money for the Church... horse raising

Preacher's Ass

Controlling the Ebola outbreak

Ebola Diet

Famous performance at the lunatic asylum

Choir On Tour

Success of the world's top surgeons

Efficient Canadian Micro-Surgeons

The Taliban's national bird

Afghan Humour

Have you bin working lately?

Urgent Notice From Security

The benefits of a Catholic school education

Little Johnny's Improved Grades

At least it's on par with his other excuses

Good Excuse?

Hearing the best and worst from both worlds

Good News and Bad News

Natives warn of beating of drums

Restless Natives

Why men never need to ask for directions

Hiking Directions

Whatever it takes to keep the toupee on

Hiding Bald

Medical Music for patient care

Hospital Hit Parade Songs

What happens when the office coffee machine breaks down

Coffee-Less Workplace

The advantages in using vintage light bulbs


Grammar lessons from home

Little Johnny's Beautiful Examples

Falling down on the wrong side of school

Unlucky Fall

An Amish energy efficient vehicle is self-supportive

Exhaust Spreader

On average, statisticians are good hunters

Hunting Statistics

School teacher to the rescue at the race track

Up-Lifting Experience

Teeing off on unfamiliar Irish soil

Tiger In Ireland

Carrying the golf clubs around the course can be a real strain

I Can Relate To That

Interesting sports observations

Corporate Balls

The culmination of a close relationship

Male and Female Differences

How to tell if someone doesn't like cats

Looking For Your Cat?

Does he carrot for you?

Kids Song Lyrics

When you plan to ignore the safety rules...

Safety First

The Evolution of Dubm

Darwin Awards 2000

Cactii for a wise guy

Cactus Clown

Where the real trophy is mounted

Moose Hunt

Origin of the patch over the pirate's eye

Pirate Patch

Learning to live with your spouse

Marital Bliss

Praise and worship in a bird cage

Parrot Prayers

Jimbo thought he was taking home a beauty

Herd Mentality

Is night or light, in a Wong sense

Chinese Light Work

Skillful business graduates are hard to find

Yale Grad

Trial jury deliberation for a convicted robbery suspect

Not Guilty?

Can a whale swallow a human?

Whale Tale

Introducing Manium and Womanium

Additions to the Periodic Table of Elements

Playing golf on Cone-y Island

Golfer's Nightmare

Rounding up to the nearest figure

Golf Stats

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