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Looking for change in the country

Redneck Counterfeiter

Redneck geek language tips

Redneck Computer Lingo

Marriage valuation for a Redneck

The Price Of A Wife

Almost restoring faith in humanity

College Crime

Trying to escape the firing squad

Blonde Execution

Gunnysack protection

Blonde Escapee

Hundreds of inspiring quotes from the Joe-kster

Inspirational Quotes


Birthday Card Greetings

Will Bubba pass the final test?

Bubba's Last Semester

Why it's tough to carry a tune underwater

Tuna Fish

Blind K-Mart purchase

Smells Fishey

Chest pain from air bubbles

Honey, I Blew Up My Lung

Prawns dancing the night away

Disco Prawn

Easy way to catch LOTS of fish

CIL Fisherman

Why blondes don't need fishing licenses

Blonde Fisherwomen

Cow Pasture Pool at its best

Cow Golf

Try not to test too much of your competitor's products

Coke Test

Rectum? Darned near killed him!

Cell Phone Extraction

Special overseas package

Big Portion Postcard Delivery

Do pythons make good pets?

Be Careful Where You Sleep (PG)

An Amish fellow can tell when his equipment's not working properly

Amish Mechanical Problems

The hazards of motorcycle clothing

All Turned Around Motorcyclist

The danger of riding a motorcycle in the kitchen

After Burner

A senior citizen that doesn't need exercise

Aging Without Exercise

What the Baldness Pill isn't...

Bald Pill

Popular television shows in the Middle East

Top TV Shows In Iraq

Predictable Moscow weather

Red Christmas

Inspiration while in Palestine

Palestinian Theme Song

Interpreting what's for lunch

Immigrant Hot Dogs

Special concierge service

French Room Service

Winning country takes all

Arms Race Dogfight

When efficiency counts at your favourite restaurant

Beware of Waiters With Spare Spoons

Beware of advice from the barber

Trip To Rome

Got time for a haircut?

The Busy Barber

Day at the beauty salon

Blonde Her-Cut

Genie inspiration for a life of ease

Working For The Government

Making sure that project delivery is top priority

Project Management

Do you see a face, or an Eskimo?

Face Or Eskimo?

“When all else fails” salesmanship

Fishing Trip

Too old for getting a divorce?

Old Divorce

Celebrating her fortieth birthday

High Maintenance

In the beginning was

How The Internet Began (Part 1)

Ever noticed something special on the golf course?

Lucky Frog

Waiting to meet the girl of his dreams

Frog's Fortune

Getting a leg up on the teacher

Bird Watcher Exam

Yellow Pages comes to the rescue for almost all your broken glass needs!

Shark Attack Through The Yellow Pages

Wishing for the ride of a lifetime

A Free Ride: $10 is $10!

Looking forward to dining with a handsome prince

The Princess and The Frog

Making every penny count

Business School Graduate

Whisky food flavouring

Christmas Fruitcake Recipe

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