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Learning to live with your spouse

Marital Bliss

Praise and worship in a bird cage

Parrot Prayers

Jimbo thought he was taking home a beauty

Herd Mentality

Is night or light, in a Wong sense

Chinese Light Work

Skillful business graduates are hard to find

Yale Grad

Trial jury deliberation for a convicted robbery suspect

Not Guilty?

Can a whale swallow a human?

Whale Tale

Introducing Manium and Womanium

Additions to the Periodic Table of Elements

Playing golf on Cone-y Island

Golfer's Nightmare

Rounding up to the nearest figure

Golf Stats

Finding a way to get rid of the cat

Cat Food, Please

Taking a wong wok with your dog

Chinese Dog

Where can the cat have gone?

Missing Cat

Stirring the feline pot

Pass The CatSoup, Please

Ave Maria sung in a different tune

State Mental Choir

The Hills Are Alive, With The Sound Of Aging

The Sound of Aging

Selecting only the most subserviant of employees

Employee Training

Inspiration for country music fans and fodder for those who aren't

Top Country Songs

Do you know your life expectancy?

Life Expectancy Test

Suntan protection on Mexico beaches

Mexican Sunscreen

Two dollars for the price of one

The New U.S. Dollar Coin

Picking lemons most of your life?

Lemon Picker

Tabby tote feline transportation for tough love

Cat Carrier - Ultimate Pet Accessory

Reaching KFC Heaven

Rooster Retirement

Property management tips

Apartment For Rent

How to get the attention of speeding motorists

School Crossing - Slow Down!

Pain-full way to go shopping

Do-It-Yourself Vasectomy

Chasing animals in Africa

Quick Thinking

That's the puppy for me!

Puppies For Sale

The scent of freshness

Lab Work and Cat Scan

Lost in plain site

Cat Stuck in a Bonsai Tree

Who would want to leave the middle of Canada, eh?

Why I Love Saskatchewan

When you can't just sit around...

Lawn Chair Man

When the Easter Bunny slips up

Easter Bunny's Rude Awakening

What are the odds?

'Lucky' Four Leaf Clover

Doctor pinpoints cause for patient’s flatulence

Hamster X-ray

Questionable employee list

Honourable Organization

The water looks quite inviting today...

Tricky Shark

Women with strong lures

Fishing Equipment

Path to an alligator lunch

Alligator Path

Are you rewarded for good behaviour with more work?

Prison vs. Work

Remembering the price of freedom

Sentenced to Hard Labour

Behind the scenes in the postal department

New Canadian Stamp

Doctor and nurse care from afar

German By Birth

Making yourself presentable for the Gynecologist

For Women Only

Organ donations for organ donors

Operating Room Scraps

Taking a risk on a bad sale

Ugly Suit Salesman

Romance just around the corner

Hold On Tight

Where all verses point to another bottle of beer

Homer Song

Warning: Don't Eat Anything Before Looking At This!

Let's Go Camping (PG)

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