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Feedback for a school music performance

Useful Work

Expressing the feeling within you

Art Show

Life at its finest in Surrey, B.C.

Surrey Mottos

Children of Redneck descent

Islama Bubbas

Genie wishes for land prosperity

Fertile Land

Why you shouldn't count your chickens before they hatch

Polish Chicken Farm

When it pays to be honest

McDonald's Job Application

Study finds correlation in women's periodic cycles

PMS Guide for Male Attraction

Have you missed the turnoff for Canada?

All Time Dubmest Questions Asked by Banff Park Tourists

Cat food substitute, when available

Barbeque Food Supplier

Helping out with the garden

Good Son

The good old days of rock and roll

Aging Rock Music

Strange ways to end one's life

Weird Deaths

Captive pew audience on the rodeo trail

Cowboy and Preacher

Genie-ous attempt to live forever

Ostrich Genie

Clearing the air between Royal dignitaries

Horsing Around Royalty

Thanks for bouncing my check

Bank Deposit

Learning to play a Scot's game of handicapped golf

Tee Time in the United Kingdom

Cat-ching someone's attention

Anonymous Furball

Flight attendants with a GR8 sense of humour

Flight Instructions

Do you have enough film for your pictures?

Life's Little Secrets

Treatment for Afghanistan illness

Good Diagnosis

For dogs with discerning tastes

Store For Adult Dogs

Tradeoffs made for a weekend of fishing

Fishing Chores

Trying to ease the world foot shortage

U.N. Food Survey

Next stop - Poland!

Marching Genie


Bier Making Oudfit - Balancin Schtatement

Knit wits at airline security find new safety violation

Afghan Delays

Carrying home a full load of golf balls

Blonde Golf-Her

Making arrangements for a special memorial service

The Dog's Funeral

Choosing an appropriate name for your baby

Redneck Baby Name

The good and bad news about growing old

Aging News

What seemed important back then


Resolution found for the Arab - Israel conflict

Negotiations in Israel

Bubba & Jethro hunt for flatulent fish

Redneck Fishermen

Notice to all campers

Migratory Bird Tags

Roosters with tiny bells

Prize Rooster

'The Sound of Music' on medication

'Favorite Things' Revised For Retired People

Defeat, Defense, Deduct, and Detail logic

Deductive Reasoning

Follow the cursor clock around the screen

Cursor Clock

Raising money for the Church... horse raising

Preacher's Ass

Controlling the Ebola outbreak

Ebola Diet

Famous performance at the lunatic asylum

Choir On Tour

Success of the world's top surgeons

Efficient Canadian Micro-Surgeons

The Taliban's national bird

Afghan Humour

Have you bin working lately?

Urgent Notice From Security

The benefits of a Catholic school education

Little Johnny's Improved Grades

At least it's on par with his other excuses

Good Excuse?

Hearing the best and worst from both worlds

Good News and Bad News

Natives warn of beating of drums

Restless Natives

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