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Answering message for customer whiners

Complaint Department

More than just the cardinal rules...

Secret of Success

Looking for change on the golf course

Golfer Who Can't Change

Taking care of the glass-eyed patient

Excessive Wind Joe-ks

International tourism website questions

Everything You've Ever Wanted To Know About Canada, eh

Consolation for the son born without a torso, arms or legs

A Head Of His Time

Adding up the legal costs for meat loss

Sausage Consultation

How to thoughtfully break the bad news

Cat On The Roof

Whose son did the best?

Sports Repairman

Replacement arrives as Canucks head for Stanley Cup

Canucks Sign Iraqi Center

Experiment handled improperly

New Swiss Bra

Called up from the bullpen

Baseball Pitch in Heaven

Psychological motives

Killer Test

Tail gunner takes action only when required

Court Martial at 5:00

Give someone else some well-deserved recognition!

Automatic Flatter-her

2010 Whistler Olympic Bookings

Whistler Condo Available

Expertise in opening safe lock combinations

Safe Payment

Putting the brakes on a superhuman feat

Jewish Fire Department

The secret to a wonderful relationship

Anyone Caught Your Eye Lately?

I like him a lot better than I like most people

Dogs Are Better Than Kids

Dog breeds for blondes

Blonde's Dogs

Lights Out, New York!

Satellite View of North America's August 2003 Power Outage

Just following along...

Foot Circle Exercise

Bubba can keep up with the best of 'em

Redneck Sanitary Belt

Burglar warning sign

Jesus Is Watching You!

Top homicides of the year

2003 FBI Serious Crimes

Confused about your birth date?

Turning 11 Real Soon

Math for everyone

Longhand Calculation of Your Age

Trim the fat off that steak, JimBob

40 Things Never Said By Rednecks

Nominees who have assisted the gene pool the most

2003 Darwin Awards

Driving without a haircut

When Can I Drive, Dad?

Making the best of a bad dive

Scuba Diving Accident

Foregone smoke break

Carpet Lump Repairman

Trying to reduce a long prison sentence

Wrong Sentence Ending

How to fill in a golf score card

Scratch Golfer

What happens after a missed putt

Somersault Dog

When you have a REALLY bad day, take it out on someone you don't know!

Anger Management for Rude People

Tracing the family tree at the beach

That's Your Father

Motors and bait camouflage well in Bubba's backyard

Redneck Neighbour

University students unveil timely invention

Newfoundland Digital Clock

Too much salt in your diet?

Watered Down Arab

Final requests for the Rabbi

Jewish Visitation

Saying B'ye to non-Newfie hunters

Newfie Parkin' Only

Canadian Tax Dollars At Work

Gun Registration

Par for the course at their age

Golf Grumblers

Teepee wisdom

Sons of the Squaws

How to improve an Olympic team

Ex-Russian Hockey Coach

Do you ever feel like doing this to someone?

What Are Friends For?

What happened to Pearly Mae

Texas Farmer

Coin currency not kept current

Recall of the New Arkansas Quarter

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