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Coin currency not kept current

Recall of the New Arkansas Quarter

Lifeguard tips on attracting the opposite sex

How Not To Attract Beach Babes

Can't wait to get to the end of the line?

Biker's Last Request

Lawyer tries to trip up a police officer on the stand

Come-Back Line Of The Year

Doing anything to avoid people staring at his nose

Michael Jackson's Creative Doctor

Candlelight dinners will have me eating out of your hand

Single Black Female Ad

Finding the perfect song for the occasion

Hymns For All Occasions

SARS spreads to Canada

Worried About Canadian SARS

Ottawa's gay dash for the open door wedding policy

Mad Vow Disease in Ontario

for a real Moving Experience!

Outhouse Mover

Work where you live, live where you work

'It's A Good Thing', Martha!

Lying awake - I can't stop thinking about you!

Sweet Dreams

Being young is beautiful, but being old is comfortable

Ageless Joe-ks

Return of the grandson

Jewish Satisfaction

The benefits of a Catholic school education

Little Johnny's New Mountain Bike

When the propane runs out

Gas Grill (R)

ICU nursing terminology


Finally finding a wife-worthy example

Final Product

Surviving a crocodile infested river swim

Crocodile Escape

Dog Training by the dog

Your Dog's Pet Peeves

Canadian lyrics for Dean Martin's Italian love song

That's No More, Eh?

Missing parts from a moving musical performance

Piano Mover

Astronaut instructions for a smooth flight

Canada in Space

Lending a helping hand to the U.S.

Canada Helps War on Terrorism

A Canadian Province-by-Province perspective

Top 10 Reasons To Live In Canada

A signalman's job at the railway

CNR Spot Inspection

How to interpret picket fence hockey

Blonde Express-ions

Poster promoting the B.C. Lions football team, 1976

B.C. Lions Graffiti

Bubba and Jethro experience French culture

Redneck Occupation

Tips on attracting girls at the beach

Redneck Beach Bomb

Alternative to buying fishing gear

Different Angle

Know any illegal aliens?

Illegal Aliens in the U.S.

Some people aren't welcome around this T-Shirt

Wanna Buy A Vowel (R)

Flying is stastically good for 3 out of 4 passengers

Parachute Priorities

When a Redneck gets his own back

Hillbilly Gas Chamber

Her vocabulary was as bad as, like, whatever.

Apocryphal Metaphors from Student Essays

Arrangements for a very quick divorce

Polish Divorce

Leading By Example

Executive Management Sharp Shooter

An Albertan longing to become a Newfoundlander

Newfie Brain

Psychiatrist book on self-esteem

Man Of The House

B.C. Politicians - Lie and Die

Politically Incorrect

Song lyrics gone bad


Find out where the toothbrush was invented

Southern Stories

Be sure to joing before it's too late

Redneck Marine

New food clientele in Vancouver's West End

Gay Muffin

Darn cat!

Cat Been Playing With Your Mouse Again?

Bubba can take care of both cleanup details afterwards

Hunters Know Their Priorities

Sailboat safety in the United States

Sailing Accident

When medical tests go awry

B.C. Health Care

Medicine for dogs

Hooked On Crack

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