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Santa dressed in Regimental Fashion

Scottish Santa

Thoughtful daughter looking for meaningful gift

Santa's Present for Mom

Delivery of Christmas presents comes to a halt

Santa's On Strike This Year

A legal view of Christmas

Santa's Lawsuit - Violation of Children's Rights

Santa's real full time job

Santa Has College Roots?

Fixing a poor body image

Santa Goes On Atkins Diet

Another reason to celebrate Christmas

Roses Are Redish

Biting delay holds up Santa's delivery

Ask Nicely

Yule learn something from around the world

Odd Christmas Traditions

Finding a place to stay in the Holy Land

No Room in the Sheraton Bethlehem Manger

Choosing the right stamp of approval

New Christmas Stamps

Announcing official visit by Gen. Santa Claus

Military Christmas Orders

Determining the most important role

Lead Role in the Christmas Play

Best wishes for a jargon-filled holiday season

Lawyer's Season's Greetings

Yule like these joe-ks!

Kids Christmas Joe-ks

How students celebrate Christmas

Jewish Christmas Celebration

Cold men with slush for brains

Hanging Around With A Cold Snowman

Animals who gnu best

Gnu Weather Forecasting

Putting spark into the holiday season

Electrician's Christmas Hymn

Paramedic incident report

Eggsellent Christmas Joe-k

Effective management of 'Present' disease

Doctor's Report on Present Deliverer's Syndrome

Feeling good about not contributing to the energy crisis

Differences Between Christmas and Chanukah

Cigars Are Not For Snowmen

Cigar Snowman

Merging Christmas for Christians and Muslims

Christmukah - Major Holiday Merger

Looking for a big turkey?

Christmas Turkeys

Strange Christmas customs

Christmas is Weird

Braving the elements in search for a perfect Christmas tree

Blonde Christmas Tree

What makes a best-ever Christmas?

Best Christmas Gift

Wise men not firing on all cylinders

Redneck Nativity Scene

Transformation of famous people

Triple Blade Razor for Terrorist Conversion

I Want To Be Six Again

Official Resignation As An Adult

Being politically correct in the Catholic Church

Blessings for Mankind and Womankind

Courtroom relationship spills over at home

Nag, Nag, Nag

Some holidays are person-made

Jewish Holiday

Be aware of predatory relationships

Danger Alert For Men

Hear we go again...

Honey, What's For Supper?

If we knew what it was we were doing, it wouldn't be called research.

Einstein Quotes

When sports runs in the family

Open A Golf Course

Better service 2,000 years ago?

Train Ride To Town

Taking favourites from the congregation

Church Hymns by Word Association

Legal tip for high flyers

Skydiving Lawyers

History made on the pond

First Toronto Newfie

Not all Dubms are Blondes

Blonde Breaks Leg In Toronto

Leading the pack on a tricycle

Michael Jackson On The Run OJ Style

A change in sermon for the wife

Horseback Riding Preacher

Find out how smart you really are

How Good Is Your IQ?

But you have to look carefully

Where To Find The Trees In Newfoundland

Surviving in Canada's far frozen north

Solitaire Survival

End of the road: decline in daily productivity

Road Painter

Terms of Engagement for Privates

Redneck Sergeants

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