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How is your son doing?

Son Braggarts on the Golf Course

Golf clothes at par

Golfer Pants

Hopefully the Doctor can cure his snoring in time

Help For The Snoring Husband

Newfie Vet's 'Proctocol' Remedy

Cross-Eyed Bull

Making political connections

George Bush Quotes

Choosing a successful product name

Cornering the Mountain Bike Market

Waiting for a birthday celebration?

Why I Fired My Secretary

Worrying about where you live?

Canadian Snowbirds Moving To or From Florida?

What goes around comes around

Antique Regifting

Taking a chance with an auditor genie

Cowboy's Gift From Revenue Canada

Cast of volunteers for the Special du jour: Frog Thighs (In Season)

Frog Leg Special

Old Testament nationalities

Russian Paradise

Something not right at the bar?

Pirate's Steering Wheel

Lawyer finds better alternative for death row inmate

Reduced Sentence Execution

Yes - Little Johnny almost gets a perfect mark!

Almost Perfect Math Test

Bringing clarity to political games

Demagogue Defined

Doctor's physical exam with a twist

Bridge Shin Players

Getting a taste for the Doctor's office

Bow Tie Syndrome

Stunning blank painting

Asylum Masterpiece - Exodus From Egypt

Animal world relationships

Deer Friends - Fawn of Each Other

Looking for the perfect night entertainment?

Swinging Nightclubs

Finger Spelling - Feeling Music

Hand Signing Puzzle

When it's illegal to cross the Italian border

Italian Border Checkpoint for Quatros

Johnny On The Pot - for people in glass houses

Would You 'Go' In This Glass Restroom?

Poor underpaid hockey players

Help Support an NHL Player During His Time Of Need

Mangled Moments of History

18th Century History by College Students

Fixing bunny ears antenna

Redneck TV Antenna

Training the new Redneck employee

Bubba's Shipping Instructions: Handle With Care

Big birth announcement

Typical Canadian Baby Boy

Attracting a wide fan base

Gay Football Team

Rare-book dealer's conversation

Book Collector's Search for the Gutenberg Bible

Bringing back the country

Backwards Country Song

Canada's national fly

Until the Snow Flies

Why Little Johnny arrived late to Sunday School

Church Re-Bait

Fire/Rescue Memorandum - Abbreviations used to describe patients

Ambulance Driver Reports

Removing the last remnants of communism in Russia

Who'll Take Stalin's Body?

Convincing yourself that fat is beautiful?

Reasons to Stop Dieting

Want to go swimming in Lake Texoma?

Record State Catfish Catch

Playing head games

Bar Brain

Conversations in the dark

Nearsighted Skunk

Preparing to meet St. Peter

Politician in Heaven

How to lower monthly mortgage payments

Let My People Go - Debt Free

Who took the cork out of my lunch?

W.C. Fields Quotes

Choosing between a Wife or Mistress

Dedicated Manager

Some seeing eye dogs don't see too well

Guide Dog's Non-Appreciation

The bigger the mouse, the bigger the chase

The Mother of all Mouse Chases

It's Canadian, eh - French for the East... Ontario for the rest...

'GENIE' Awards

Beware of red light runners!

Red Light Runner - I Hit Someone, Officer? (PG)

Some people don't think about electrical safety

Electrical Hazards of Walking a Power Pole

Legal tip for high flyers

Skydiving Lawyers

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