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'Je ne give a pas' attitude toward higher education

IDONTGOTO University

Where not to complain about book prices

Book Complaints

Keeping all the cookies to yourself

My Cookie Cutter

At his age you don't hold anything back, even if you wanted to!

Did Philip Fart?

Experience wildlife at home

Raise Twins

Ignoring the source of the problem

Noisy Neighbours

Life at home too boar-ing for you?

Pet Pig

NHL considers expansion team in Hamilton, Ontario

Hamilton NHL Team

Change is inevitable for some backyard swimming pools

Flooded Pool

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #17483-86

Sudoku Sampler F

A Canadian actor never flat-footed for a photo op

Big Foot Returns to The Screen

Barnstorming - brainstorm for pullet-zer prize winners

Chicken Photobomb

What goes on in a referee's mind during the game?

Referee Thoughts

The safest time to ride a rattlesnake

Taxidermy Ride

Why life expectancy is short for Thailand kids

Only In Thailand - Time To Clean The Pet Snake

Finding the best kayak alternative

Senior's Paddle Surfboard

Getting a handle on brief clothing


Remaining straight in line is a soldier's cross to bear

Cross Inspector

Bubba only lets professional movers move his toys

Redneck Moving Company

Sales of Tolkien chicken wings are flying off the shelves

Lord of the Wings

Bubba moves mountains to get his bride to the alter in time

Redneck Wedding Limo

Bubba's road rut maintenance crew

Synchronized Swimming Dogs

Trivia + Trivia Sudoku by the joe-kster

Daily Trivia H

Why Little Johnny's friends never seem to come back

Rooftop Hopscotch

Pushed off the boat dock by your 'friends'

Water Aerobics

Air Lift Suspension for a wheel-e GR8 custom car

Full Wheel Deal

Bubba and Jethro took 2nd and 3rd trophies at the fish derby

Catch of the Day

Birds of a feather all take off together

Jar of Birds

Not cut out for rap music?

Rap Is Like Scissors

Which World Cup are you cheering for?

Watching The World Cup

Counting down the due date on the farm

Free At Last

Musical background for clamping your hams

If You're Happy And You Know It

When not to let in an unexpected guest for dinner

Let Me In - I'm Hungry

Batter Up!

Granny Fanny Sues Bank

Nothing that a chainsaw can't fix!

Ukrainian Car Alarm

Ancient arborist secrets of levitation

Tree Levitation

Latest Chinese Sudoku Puzzle: #17479

Chinese Sudoku Puzzles D

Australian cold - good as gold for the heart

Very Cold Beer

Winter is almost over on Quadra Island

Wandering Deer

Best way to forget her birthday

Perfect Birthday Excuse

Going out on a limb for the casual fisherman

Hammock Fishing

Setting a new Camp Squeah Cookie Record in Hope, B.C.

Camp Squeah Cookies

Why reading a book can't match a close-up experience

Lion Tamer

The down side of being an elephant veterinarian

Let 'Er Rip

How to put the spark back in your relationship

Motorcycle Grind

Starting breakfast off with a Griddle Riddle

Redneck Farmer Sausage

If she hasn't yet, she soon will...

Excerpt from a Lion Cookbook

How Chipper Jones got his nickname

Lost Leg

Nature's way of spring cleaning

Empty Birdhouse

Cottage dream in the country

House Wrap

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