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For the kids to ride like pros

Chopper Bike

Latest Japanese Sudoku Puzzle: #16967

Japanese Sudoku Puzzles B

Bubba keeps important emergency food in his piggy bank

Redneck Piggy Bank

Where to find serious suDokuholics in Israel

Dead Sea Sudoku

How to make inspiring campfire s'mores

Smores Level Expert

My therapist name is music

Female Therapist

Signs of the food times

Lord Of The Fries

Never stop reaching for the impossible!

Bone Appetite

Thinking Down Under

Australia is OK

Why do buildings collapse during an earthquake?

Earthquake Ready Building

Mysterious fixture stands out on local highway

Alien Light Sighting

How many safety violations can you find?

Cinder Block Repair

Baby's 1st Fly

What's That?

Watch free movies at the neighbour's place

Kids Drive-In

Personalized mug for non-football fans

Watching The World Cup

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #16962-65

Sudoku Sampler B

There's always someone who stands out in a crowd

Jewish Assembly

Every house can produce a musical genius

Child Prodigy

Tomatoes provide a high source of photographic calories

Tomato Treat

Imagination - only a bubble away

Drain Slide Bubbles

A helping hand between good friends

Water Break

This cow's high jump ended in udder failure

Next, The Moon

Coconut oil - the secret ingredient

Gourmet Kale

Mouth to mouth resuscitation for a hungry frog

Frog Food

How to find an unemployed computer programmer

Programmer Logic

Art drawn one character at a time

ASCII Art - Illusions

Can you find the thief in this picture?

Spot the Thief

Why drinking fountain water will never taste the same

Dog Bidet

What 'passes' for art in California

Bad Dog Sculpture

Latest Chinese Sudoku Puzzle: #16960

Chinese Sudoku Puzzles B

Staying on top of a bird attraction

Head Nest

Putting your best face forward

Restored Beauty

Timmy's is a Canadian cowpoke tradition

Canadian Drive-Thru

How to relieve athlete's itch in the animal world

Why Elk Have Long Antlers

Tasty pet T-Shirts

So Many Cats!

Parenting secrets - teach your kids to get along

Get Along Shirt

T-Shirt with a time-critical message

Bomb Squad Notice

Making a quick exit from a playground swing

Fresh Out Of The Saddle

Car dealerships in Bible times

Jesus Drove A Honda

Just following the Doc's liberal drinking guidelines...

'One Drink A Day' Schedule

Things women wish men knew

Everything Men Know About Women

Looking through a calculation

Transparent Touch Calculator

How to turn a Fiat Uno into a Fiat Oh-No

Caught by a Speed Camera

I'm putting your best foot forward, Mom!

Baby Illusion

Latest Mega Samurai Puzzle: #16958A-K

Mega Samurai Puzzles A

Inner tube tire repair at a Redneck mine

Tiring Tire

Rising flood waters threaten looter's livelihood

Must Return Shopping Cart

Little Johnny loved stare contests with the dog

I Can Still Kiss You

Who rules over you?

Ruling On Criticism

Finding a parking spot between two expensive options

Parking Loophole

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