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If the downspout can't handle the heavy rain, then let's help it

Eavestrough Help

Top down push-up exercises

Family Exercise

When eagle tattoos aren't available

Goodbye Tattoo

Vatican blesses new gun powder application

Orthodox Weapon

Keyboard message for a failed social network

Ultimate Breakup

Where not to take flying lessons

Learn To Fly

Breaker, Breaker - Where Are You?

Burnt Offering

When it's a good time to pay attention to traffic

Where Safety Begins

Sew what if it's a contradiction?

Irony Pin

The real reason for heavy traffic congestion in Fort McMurray

No Passing Lanes

Mountain cycling that will rock you

Rock Jump

Bubba uses his other hand for his free-hand drawings

Hand Drawn

Proof of life on the Moon

Moon Theft

Native Australian Mountain Parrots

Rosella Ring

Tea for two, in one pouring


Set your sites high in Victoria, B.C.

High Strung Violinist

How to turn down the noise level

Mute Button

'Post' Note: dig this deal!

Lamp Post For Sale

My home may be small but it's cozy

Cozy Home

Chew-sing fashion shoes for hungry shoppers

Sandwich Shoes

Do you know where all your goats are?

Goat Tree

Easy to draw but impossible to build

Impossible Object

Gone With The Wind - 2012 remake

Extreme Makeover - Tornado Edition

Stair exercise workout for the weight challenged

Stair Choices

Hats off to these adorable creatures

Fedorable Platypuses

Slow Down! You never know who might be in the crosswalk

Mind The Pedestrians

The economy is rough for everyone these days

Job Retraining

Preparing for the annual Redneck equestrian rodeo

Sea Horse

Inline skating catches on in The Netherlands

Dutch Rollerblades

The Simpsons are going Bat-e


Discovery channel progam re celebs alone in the wild

Alone In The Wild

Crunchy Lego parts appeal to Japanese diners

Lego Sushi

Luxury coach bus for a carpenter

Cabinet Bus

Post-operative shoulder surgery without the pain

Shoulder Tattoo

Recipe for a kitchen table workout

Chef Multitasking

These boots are fang-tastic!

Dragon Boots

Canon comes out with spout focus camera

Camera Waterfall

Gonzo and the Venetian boatman


Just when you think you're alone in the bush...

Not Alone

What the 5th dimension is like

Trapped in the 5th Dimension

What it's like to be on top of the world for a change

Ramp Lady

Shopping for the hard of reading

Other Door

Thee wedding ring store

Booze Wedding

How apples show their age

Granny Smith Apple

The progress of Man from Prehistoric to Post Fast Food

Evolution Of Man

You have to know what your priorities are...


What a Newfie does when he wins the lottery

Newfie Lawn Rolls

Cat in the act

What Bird?

Fitness testing for lifeguards gets tougher every year

Pool Side

Just over the hedge

Hedge Face

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