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Creating tourists during a slow European winter holiday

Snowman Invasion

Icicle cycling days

It's Too Cold To Ride Outside

Would you like whine with your wine?

Uncorked Wine

Are you lion or telling the truth?

Cute Lion

How to reduce the number of handicap parking spaces

Double Handicap

Collecting 'Go To Jail' cards?

Abbo Monopoly

Choosing the best place for Christmas decorations

Door Wreath

Police come up with new Underwater Radar technique

Underwater Radar Trap

The Joe-kster sliding down Escher's escalator of life


How to safely remove top-heavy loads

Safe Removals

Don't trust a duck - they're not all they're quacked up to be!

Duck Heist - Ducks Gone Bad

Now you see it, soon you won't

Ice Hand

Help cure those who suffer from Invisiblemanitus

Invisible Homeless Man

Disabled games at the Ezemvelo KZN Wildlife Game Reserve

African Meal on Wheels

When your music palate lies on the right side of the brain

Hair Notes

Just the right moment, where timing is everything

Ant Attack

Catching radar before radar catches you

Spotted Spotters

Drug problem to make the world a better place

Different Drugs

Pre-hurricane special: Louisiana home with a slanted view

Demo House For Sale

Bubba's cruise ship comes with a deluxe bathroom

Redneck Holiday

Why once upon a time is no more...

Best Fairy Tale

Where Guns R Us - shop 'til you drop

Labor Ready Mall

Building block buildings

Tetris Construction

Spider-man meets his web-match

Spider Girl

Recession Special' for the unwary shopper

Kwik-Mart Math

General Motors employees would be 'Golf'-ing


'Hawgs and Kisses' bike for the ladies

Winterized Motorcycle

Owl Beauty Parlour - the secret behind waterproof facials

Hooters Face Mask

Stepping up in the world...

Steep Steps

Plantoxide - the latest in Wong Air environmental technology

Fresh Air Mask

VW's new nautical steering wheel

Road Pirate

Polar Bear Christmas Song: Penguins roasting on an open fire

Polar Bear Party

Fishing just got easier for Bubba!

Floating Gazebo

Baby's 1st Fly

What's That?

Life's a beach - especially when you can't see it!

Looka But Don't Touch

The real reason why it takes men hours to clean the house

USB Vacuum Cleaner

China's hole-iest bridge

Ventilated Bridge

Safety can be an out-of-the-way experience

Mexican Fire Extinguisher

ChocoLatte - what can be done with coffee, cream, milk & imagination

Latte Art

Being at the right place at the wrong time

Titanic's Non-Romantic Scene

Better not monkey around with electricity!

Monkeying Around

And they should know...

Fake News

Fir-get those old rubber tires - it's time to spruce'n up your drive!

Winter Tires

Latest in cemetery 'Layaway Specials' - good to the last byte!

Geek Gravestone

Warning - graphic images of a Polar Bear attack!

Polar Bear Attack

Preparing for the Queen's Christmas Day speech


Pond hockey with a weak goal line crease

Ice Hockey Meltdown

Hiding downstream from Serengeti predators

Upended Water Buffalo

Something doesn't add up here...

Don't Count On It

Owl hiding in plain site

Feather Cleaning

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