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Creative advertising can sell anything

Zombies Can't Swim

Customers may have to wait for the crumbs to fall

The Domino's Effect

Baby's first car-riage


Bubba has to remember to take off the safety before he sits down

Texas Rocking Chair

If you gotta go, do it in style!

Texas Outhouse Art

Fighting fires in the U.S. and China

Fire Engine Bikes

When your ship finally comes in

Resignation Letter

Louisiana road assistance for flooded vehicles

Help Is On Its Way

Gotta love pie!

Ho Made Pie

Latest Mega Samurai Puzzle: #16802A-K

Mega Samurai Puzzles B

How to measure flatulent velocity

White Out

Shoe repair that will dye for you

Soul Repair

Protecting bicycle theft with your footwear

Sandal Security

Looking for the cheapest iPad?

iPad For Sale

How to limit your consumption of beer

Dog Beer Conversion

Purr-fect exhaust system for your car!

Exhausting or Amewzing?

Tasty treat in preparation for Shark Week

Watermelon Shark

Nothing screams WEEKEND better than underpants on your head

Young Rock Star

Thomas the Tank's split personality

Two Track Train

Hospital introduces new 'Meals On Wheels' Program

Formula One Wheelchair

Going back in time

Backwards Clock

Waterbeds for sail

Water Beds

Prepared for a Halloween feeding frenzy

Baby Shark Costume

When you gotta go, look for a rainbow!

Pot At The End Of Your Rainbow

If you can't find me today...

Swing By The Beach

Productivity incentives that work

Always Give 100% At Work

Some playground equipment didn't pass safety inspection

Playground Mistakes

Jumping on a slippery bandwagon

Political Floor

Putting a face to custom alloy wheels

Gumby Wheel

Can You See The Horse In These Frog Pictures?

Frog To Horse Illusion

Does your wife thrive on cooking, cleaning and dusting?

Hardworking Wife

He seems happy

Just Divorced

The purrfect spa treatment

Cat Massage

Farm tractors for hobby farmers

Show Stopper

Finding the best place to store your DVDs

Storage Puzzle

Bubba conserves electricity with his new wood stove

Redneck Wood Stove

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 16797-98

2fer Sudoku Puzzles F

Charlotte watched the water go through her Ville

South Carolina Scenery

Is Manual Disimpaction too risky?

Dog Proctologist

Deciphering your Doctor's lockout prescription

Doctors' Strike

Vintage motorcycles with class

1930 Art Deco Henderson Streamliner

... especially when you're the meal ...

Life Sucks

Trains have Cow Catchers but Bubba has a Bulldog Pushe

Bronze Bulldog

How many bugs will you eat this year?

Science World

When the guard dog is also the top dog

Dog Terrace

Don't look down!

Side Walk

Finding artistic use for chicken wire

Chicken Wire Art

The early bird gets the worm

Baby Bird Chorus

Wobbly pizza delivery

Leaning Tower Of Pizzas

How many hummingbirds can you find in this picture?

Hummingbird Feeder

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