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Eventually a dog will end up with a sporting cone

All Fun And Games

Alabama dream homes at low, discount sale prices

Redneck Dream Homes

How long do you cook eggs?

Hard Boiled Eggs

Wilbur didn't notice that crack forming just behind him

Leading Edge Climber

When it's safe to go fishing for a Great White Shark

Lost Uncle

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #16806-09

Sudoku Sampler D

This one's sure to get some chrome-e reviews

Hawg'n The Road

When you don't have a dog door

He Wants In

Lending too much of a helping hand

I've Got Your Back

Well, how do you like me now?

Car Dash Pet Camera

Collision course avoided on starboard side

Close Encounters of the Whale Kind

Flatulent racecar driver approaches takeoff speed

Redneck NASCAR Astronaut

Best Redneck Dye It Plan

Eat More Greens

Bubba's new Ultraflight design

Redneck Ultralights

Moose-taken coverage from North America

Albino Moose

Final escape on Shark Week

Highwire Shark

Stress in the mall parking lot

Handicap Parking

Math puzzle to start off the college year


My buddy keeps telling me how souped up his car is

Souped Up Car

Latest Greek Sudoku Puzzle #16804

Greek Sudoku Puzzles B

Battle of predators

Shark Weak in Shark Week

Some road signs need instructions

Speed Bmup

A sure sign that your bank doesn't want withdrawals

High Withdrawals

Redneck luxury on the road

El Cadillac

Creative advertising can sell anything

Zombies Can't Swim

Customers may have to wait for the crumbs to fall

The Domino's Effect

Baby's first car-riage


Bubba has to remember to take off the safety before he sits down

Texas Rocking Chair

If you gotta go, do it in style!

Texas Outhouse Art

Fighting fires in the U.S. and China

Fire Engine Bikes

When your ship finally comes in

Resignation Letter

Louisiana road assistance for flooded vehicles

Help Is On Its Way

Gotta love pie!

Ho Made Pie

Latest Mega Samurai Puzzle: #16802A-K

Mega Samurai Puzzles B

How to measure flatulent velocity

White Out

Shoe repair that will dye for you

Soul Repair

Protecting bicycle theft with your footwear

Sandal Security

Looking for the cheapest iPad?

iPad For Sale

How to limit your consumption of beer

Dog Beer Conversion

Purr-fect exhaust system for your car!

Exhausting or Amewzing?

Tasty treat in preparation for Shark Week

Watermelon Shark

Nothing screams WEEKEND better than underpants on your head

Young Rock Star

Thomas the Tank's split personality

Two Track Train

Hospital introduces new 'Meals On Wheels' Program

Formula One Wheelchair

Going back in time

Backwards Clock

Waterbeds for sail

Water Beds

Prepared for a Halloween feeding frenzy

Baby Shark Costume

When you gotta go, look for a rainbow!

Pot At The End Of Your Rainbow

If you can't find me today...

Swing By The Beach

Productivity incentives that work

Always Give 100% At Work

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