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Susan Sues after an eye-opening Down Under operation

Cataract Surgery Lawsuit

Something doesn't add up here...

Don't Count On It

Play split screen TV without splitting

Split Screen Viewing

Bubba's Subaru isn't snowbound any more


New plans for Mac interface up in smoke

Microsoft Messenger - Prototype

Where Bridgestone and Dunlop tires are on a roll

Michelin Motorcycle

Hairstyle inspired by Nikola Tesla

Beard Fashion

How the butler cleans the driveway

Shoveling Snow With Class

Does your computerized car have windows?

If Apple Made A Car

Finding the person you need to be sorry for in the ER

Waiting Is Good

Taking on second wind at the Winter Olympics

Sumo Skiing - Pairs

The thirst is real

Thirst Place

This undertaker is ready to go - are you?

Undertaker Bike

'The Plane Truth' by Google

Gooooooooooogle Air

Finding a crack in the earth's fissure

I finally found Rock Bottom

Exercise to help you prepare for this year's taxes!

IRS Middle Class Pencil Sharpener

Leading down the road to winter survival

Sheep Path

Sign of long-term good weather in Lahaina, Maui

Suntan Consultants

Net Profit as one's biggest racket

Tennis Hammock

How to remove an uncooperative old man at a concert

Taking Too Many Seats

Meanwhile, in New Hampshire...

Wicked Stawm

Canadians disrupt normal weather patterns

Electronic Weather Fence

Why drinking fountain water will never taste the same

Dog Bidet

Searching for reasons to turn to another TV channel

CNN Breaking News

When 2D is preferred to 3D

Split Screen View

For those who dune know where to go in the desert

Desert Skiing

Paris has much to offer to bald people

Hair Cut Toupee

The #1 protein meal for hungry cannibals

Bacon Head

Taking no chances with disillusioned Democrats

New Canadian Wall

NFL looks into under-inflated AFC title game footballs

Brady Balls

Holding up your end of a good relationsheep

Pulling The Wool Over Your Eyes

and stuff that tells you what life is really about

Quotes Matter

Some people won't try bacon for religious reasons...

Bacon Reasons

Playing near the equator has its ups and downs

Tennis Down Under

Snoopy ventures into Winterpeg


Das what you call dem sticky buns

Synonym Rolls

Cross country skiing without snow

Sand Skiing

Coming up to breathe in a fresh snowfall

Up Purriscope

The family that plays together stays together

Family Music

Always polite, always sorry, eh!

Canadian License Plate

Observational learning as a family trait

Learn By Example

Wimbledon speeds up tennis ball retrieval

New Ball Boy

Sage advice from Indian Chief 'Two Eagles'

Where White Man Went Wrong

Cane you make it over here, George?

Cane Swimmers

What you expect Down Under for a government-funded roads

Mea Culpa Road

What if the Federal Income Tax is illegal?

Pay Your Taxes

Feeding the world with compassion and understanding

World Peas

Bubba's solution to clearing snow in Hotlanta

Redneck Snow Plow

When best not to trust GPS instructions

GPS Directions

Why do I live here?

East Coast Winter Graffiti

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