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Little Johnny looked forward to eating his vegetables

Eat Your Vegetables

How to cook tough beef

Beef Teeth

An incredible story of luck and inspiration!

Feel-Good Story of the Year

The best way to keep a public toilet clean

Korean Public Toilet

Sharing friendship with man's best friend


Fine dining in da Ghetto

Dat Donuts

Keep your car smelling fresh and clean

Texas Air Freshener

From the Imelda Marcos shoe collection

Well Heeled Shoe

Where to place late assignments

The Circular File

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #17417-20

Sudoku Sampler D

Bollywood groupies start young in India

What Do You Think?

Best Man's last prank on the Groom

Help Me Before It's Too Late!

If trees could talk

Tree Sorrow

Let Little Johnny choose the best dog food

Finger Lickin' Good!

eyeGoogle, do you?

Google Glasses

You're never too old to take up ballroom, latin, and swing dancing

Ballroom Dancing for Seniors

President's Day Sale - everything must go!

Protest Signs Are Getting Better

Rediscover the lost art of cooking with lard

Lard Family

See you later, gator!

Gator Baiter

Premature denture preparation in the park

Tooth Loss

Coffee served in suspended animation

The Floater

Exercise the day after St. Patrick's Day

Irish Yoga - Day 2

Turning around music in the 1700’s

Bach Flip

Bubba told his wife to stop drinking from afar

Quit Your Wining

Latest Hebrew Sudoku Puzzle: #17415

Hebrew Sudoku Puzzles B

Need to lose a little weight before your wedding?

Wedding Pound Cake

Who was the first to demand equality in the Bible?

Equal Rights Church

Roads were quite icy that day in the Moistwest Territories

Winter Driving in Canada

Wouldn't you love free things?

Free Stuff

What they use as bait is a trade secret

Cornfield Fishing

Buy some extra liability insurance when you hire these guys

Hedge Hunter

Rattail haircuts evolve into gecko crawl-cuts

Lizard Hairstyle

Get kilt, aye told you

Bagpipe Runners

Making your last Facebook post an internet splash

Shark Selfie

Secret Entrance to Tolkien's Front Door

Hallway Detour

Potato Chip Factory Burns To A Crisp

Crisp Chips

Where do we go after death - wanna find out?

Is There Life After Death?

St. Patrick's Day - Celebrating the Green

Green Beards

Making the impossible possible


Best of Skibbereen, Cork, Ireland

Irish Sky Garden Crater

Do you wish you were Irish?

Irish Drink

Do you carrot all?

Emotion Stew

How St. Paddy supports the Irish faithful

Irish Rugby Fans

Trivia + Trivia Sudoku by the joe-kster

Daily Trivia D

Why you might want to own your own business

Work Hard Philosophy

Suntan lotion inspiration from a bar-tender

Irish Sunblock

To lose weight I went on a dye it

Eat More Greens Diet

Beware of Irish candy on St. Patrick's Day

Leprechaun Treats

Diplomatic request for VIP seats at a World Cup Play-off Match

Irish Diplomacy

If you can't take it with you, talk to a postman

Irish Virgin

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