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What happened at the butt end of the cycling tour

Cow Cycle

Morning dawns in the Canadian Prairies

Flatskatchewan Winter Sunrise

Things were touch and snow for the Moistwest Territory paramedics

First Aid Responders

Highlites and Lowlifes of the Chinese New Year

Beijing Redneck

Order tracking in the future

Pizza Order in 2020

Couples find romance together in the Lower Rainland

Umbrella For Two

When things finally went well at the office

It's Been A Good Day

How to promote a yoga school,one flexible step at at time

Yoga Pencil

Standing Ovation on a Violin String

High-Wire Act Violin

What Justin Bieber does back in Canada


Star Trek Captain Jean-Luc Picard's Damage Report

Waking Up in 2017

Adding more personality to beauty pageants

Powerplant Swimsuit Models

The ins and outs of spaghetti slurping

Spaghetti Digest

Games for the masses

Team Foosball

Looking outside your Winnipeg backyard to see a moose

Only In Canada - Nosey Moose

Global Warming takes a step backward in the Pacific Northwest

Two Feet of Snow in Seattle

When you know you can't go any further in life

End Of The Line

Choosing between me and the universe

Which Is Bigger?

That should be enough

Little Shaver

Star Trek props revealed

Stealth Flying Saucer

Putting your best face forward

Restored Beauty

Behind every statue's whitening solution


Sharknado Bassinets are popular with Rednecks

Jaws Baby Feeder

Canine relationship ship off to a rocky start

Worst Hunting Dog

Reaching for the impossible

Key Frame

Piano lessons for engineers

Living At C Level

Australians invent Mainline performance

Aussie Ford Coupe

Cleanliness in the Mooternity ward

Cow Shower

What happens at Grandma's place stays here

House Rules

Doing punitence @

Just Lettuce Know

Have you exercised today?

Daily Exercise for Seniors

Late breaking news from Down Under


When you gotta go, dune go there!

Desert Outhouse

On January 26th, Aussies do strange things Down Under

Happy Down Under Day

Down Under greetings to the rest of the world

Happy Australia Day!

On the cutting edge of food preparation

Pizza Cutter

Winter alternative facts from New Brunswick

Snowflake Alert

Rare photo of a man vacuuming

Men's Vacuum Cleaner

Setting a good example at 'Home'

Homework - Latest Pole

Pierre Elliott Trudeau on abstinence

Should Have Pulled Out

Inventions that lend a helping hand

Supportive Bra

This ball cap's fur you!

Hat Cat

Bird control measures for airplanes

Anti-Bird Protection

I could be wrong, but judging by his hat, this guy ain’t gonna make it

Southern Emergency

In a perfect world

Twitterless Trump

Beware of cycling obstacles along Rogers Pass

Meal On Wheels

Teamwork in action

Couple's Return Policy

Portable carts prove useful for Advance-Lunge moves

Fencing For Seniors

What's bugging you?

Wet Insect

How they started a wheel-e good marriage

Wheelchair Wedding

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