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How not to install an electrical receptacle

Electrician's New Plug

Some things are better left where they are found

I Found A Bear Cub!

Agnes jumps into her freezer to cool off on a hot day

Personal Pool

Unique hairstyle idea for web hair

Spider Hair

Economy class trip to the moon

Moon Landing

How to take care of your nose

Nose Siphoner

Finding the perfect gift for her

Opinion Scale

When storing nuts can be pain-full for a squirrel

Hang Time

Going out on a limb for that perfect picture

Ballet Tree

Latest Symbol Sudoku Puzzle: #17558

Symbol Sudoku Puzzles C

Nonna shows Luigi respect for the local police force

Fill The Tank

Dow Jones coins dramatic change in methodology

Paradigm Shift

Latest X-Factor Sudoku Puzzle: #17556

X-Factor Sudoku Puzzles A

Dealing with illusive and transparent relationships

Transparent Plot

A-truck-tive sign language

Up-Set & Hungry Trucks

It's a Canadian thing, eh!

Beaver Stretching

The medical truth about Johann Sebastian Bach


Know your load limits!

Overpass Underpassed

Grooming tips from a horse whisperer

Horse Hair

Nova Scotia's summer source of fresh water

An Iceberg Floated Into Town

Drinking games for the 'pour'

Waterfall Drinkers

JCB Drivers are in 'high' demand - they choose their own form of 'down' payment!

Digging One's Own Grave

Spaghetti code for a Newfie cyclist

Newfie Bike Lock

Road sign guaranteed to fire up sales

What Could Go Wrong?

Even Bubba can ride this bicycle!

Safe Bike

How sucking in your stomach improves the scenery

Ajay With Heron His Chest

When you know you've taken on too much water

Filling The Water Truck

Portable carts prove useful for Advance-Lunge moves

Fencing For Seniors

Counting fish is easy in northern Canada

Frozen Fish Lineup

Straw draw - good to the last drop


Getting in on the action

Flamingo Imposter

Understanding a Doctor's Handwriting

Typeface for Doctors

Aiding the dreams of a young helicopter pilot

Inverted Helicopter

Can you hear the beat of the music?

Dance While You Can

Riding the waves on the beach

Sand Carpet

Enough of the yard work!

Ain't Mowing the Lawn Anymore

Marriage problems that are good for your relationship

Husband Space

Best way to feel safe while you're on holidays

Cheap Home Alarm System

Latest Mega Samurai Puzzle: #17554A-K

Mega Samurai Puzzles A

When your life needs recharging

AA Meeting

Film footage may provide link for missing Malaysian airliner

Selfie Pilot

Passing by a backwards proposition

Car Elas Sale

If this is sock-sessfull, bring me a glass too!

Wine Socks

How to turn drab into rad

Rainbow Road

Life's little benefits!

Hand-Some Baby

Adding more than Sepia toning to a historic photograph

Group Photo

Cycling to Status Quo

Go Nowhere Bike

Jethro's axellent idea to combine his yard tools


Dressing up a Charmin girl

TP Princess

Well, that complicates things...

Fire Starter

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