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Living in Canada has its benefits, including the weather

Canadian Suntan

Bridging the gap to paradise

Walkway To Heaven

Smokin' comedians in their prime times

Groucho Marx and Jimmy Savile

Footwear for Minions fans

Despicable Shoes

Are you prepared for summer?

Prayer Conditioning

Common practice for Rednecks adding liquor to homebrew

Lazy People Make Excellent Engineers

Texas Pasta Wagon

Spaghetti Western

Small mushrooms won't keep out owl of the rain

Under The Weather

Some men never grow up

Backpack Barney

I Yam A Fan Of Yours

My Sweet Potato

Home security system in Winterpeg, Manitoba

Who Needs a Guard Dog?

Why Woody Allen wants to live backwards

My Next Life

What's really inside your computer mouse

Mouse Insider

When close up is too close up

Close Ups

Now Bubba photo shares pictures with his e-mail buddies

Redneck Camera Phone

Kitchen cabinet design in a posh Redneck house

Redneck Cupboard

Nowadays, being homeless is more competitive than ever

Homeless Signs

Taking a side walk with many side walks

Floor Store

Who's pulling the strings?

Mary Go Round

Sandcastle competition in The Bronx

City Beach Castle

Puppy CPR saves floored man

Rescue Pup

It's free if you can eat it all

Your Meal Is Ready

Now you can do wine tasting at every bicycle stop

Bicycle Water Bottle Holder

How to wear an Apple fascinator


Like father, like son

Family Ties

Signs your dog is in heat

Sniff Time

TV trays for fast food eaters - fast input and fast output

Redneck TV Tray

Why have an air conditioner installed when you can do it yourself?

Airco Connection

You're welcome, whichever way you're going

Come And Go Door Mat

He was just a shadow of his former self

Shadow Box Art

So delicious, it's scary!

Graveyard Sundae

B.C. Ferries has just the answer for your parking problems

Moorage For Your Large Boat

A baby boomer's time machine

Forgotten Photos

So that's why they call them long neck giraffes!

LONG Neck Giraffe

Home on the Range with Farm Security

Trained Chickens

Putting a dinosaur's height in perspective

How Do You Measure Up?

Decorative flowerpots spring to life

Flower Pot Children

Home protection systems rolling out across Africa

Home Security - South African Style

The guard dog isn't as bad as its owner

Gentle Dog

Virtual reality on the road

Game Car

Who says cubicles suck?

Office Cubicle Inspiration

Prince Harry and The Great Kate Wait

Royals Leave Hospital

Optimism on the road to economic recovery

Erkel Economy

View property in Brazil looks at the other side

Border Between Rich and Poor

Nothing but the best for Bubba's baby girl

Redneck Birth Announcement

The city that never sleeps

New York Time Lapse

GM unveils stripped-down model for Russian market

See Through Van

Brick work hanging in the balance

Mason Scaffold

Doh is for Dohnut, and that's why I'm here

Homer Escalator, Doh!

The envy of every dog in Elm Creek, Manitoba

World's Largest Fire Hydrant

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