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Never forget a birthday, anniversary or special occasion

Family Birthday Reminder

Free of charge!

Dead Batteries

Sign of an artistic hedge in Australia

Ostrich Bush

Construction dessert for Tetris fans

Tetris Cake

Something's 'up' at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

T-Rex Shadow

How James Bond conceals his firearms cache

Ordnance Table

Oenophilia poetry - a love poem of wine

Wine Bibber

Non-negotiable selfie stick usage

Redneck Wireless Selfie

Helping to prevent racism in South Carolina

Tylenol Ban

Give it a good goose and see what happens


Patching up relationships in the Louisiana Bayou

Louisiana Potholes

Here's to you... and you... and you...


Norwegian fairy tale comes to life

Billy Goat Gruff

What to do with twice your savings

Girlfriend Math

When to restrict your caffeine intake

Coffee Days

Don't run downwind from the pack

Marathon Runner Tip

Marine algae for Asian palates

Seaweed Burger

And the 'Shadiest Mechanic Award' goes to...

Blinker Fluid

New Brunswick opens new facilities to reduce wait times

Doc In A Box

Sampling grapes from a blessed wine press

One At A Time

Chill for best results

Life And Beer Are Very Similar

Don't step on the line!

Redneck Speed Bump

Hand forged custom made tools for serious wood workers

Studley Tool Chest

Does he crimp your style at the shopping mall, ladies?

Shopping With Your Husband

Prince Edward Island - A Tale of Two Seasons

PEI Weather

Problems like this can only multiply

Math Lab Bust

Jumping on a slippery bandwagon

Political Floor

Best tire traction for winter roads

Redneck Winter Tires

Secret to catching bigger fish

Fish Fingers

Florida wholesale shoppers take advantage of bulk sale towels

Costco Beach Towel

Good English teachers are hard to come by in Montgomery, Alabama


Aussie ladies appreciate well-hung Art

Down Under Statue

Celebrated in the U.S. on February 17th

Random Acts Of Kindness (RAK) Day

Finding the unexpected in a Detroit suburb

Detroit Discovery

Choose your spit spots carefully in Yunnan Province, China

Spit Priorities

Best buddies enjoy the best scenery together

Enjoy The View

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Locks Of Love

Increasing productivity at work

So You Want A Day Off

What a tree-mendous idea!

Save A Tree

What's in a name?

Dr. Hedgehog

Platform heels - latest in flowery footwear

Flower Frame Heels

The down side to excavator safety

I'll Be Right There

Taking the train before taking the train

Frankfurt Subway Entrance

Sometimes it doesn't pay to be full of hot air

Winter Deflation

In Hana, Maui, drivers must yield to beautiful fruit

Baby Papaya Crossing

How to make pet-friendly Tofu

Cat Tofu

Getting a taste of McDonald's new Kids Meal

Dad Sandwich

No more tangled headphones

The Untangler

A heartwarming Outback welcome from Aussie residents

Glendambo Welcome

Man's best friend holds his own in Italy

Leaning Tower Of Pisa Dog

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