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When I first developed Arachnophobia

Shoe Thrown Memory

But Mom... I don't wanna go outside - I'll freeze!

Snow Good

Stay calm, beer is here


Closed for good weather customers

Openish Hours

How to move customers to the right entrance

Dude Door

Cold Weather Seat - making the freezing bathroom seat bearable

Winterpeg Warm

Looking for improvements at the neighbourhood pub

Progress Bar

In the dog house again?

Stay In Here

How to protect a long hairstyle

Epic Turban

All the neighbourhood kids want to get on the band-wagon

Wagon Races

Some steaks deserve high risks

Meal Squat

Snake charmers capture attentive audiences


Canadian Native Indians greet Justin Trudeau's airplane visit

B.C. Pipeline Tour

How Bubba measures his fish catch

Redneck Bass Tape Measure

Who wants to hear a symphony?

Beethoven Invitation

Sometimes you just hear what you want to hear

Chinese to English Translation

Where VW's rust in peace

Volkswagen Traffic Jam

It's all in the hands...

Family Hands

Platform heels - latest in flowery footwear

Flower Frame Heels

Are you falling for or rooting for this tattoo?

Tree Tattoo

The Joe-kster's previous life as a Whoopee Cushion

Watch Out for the Joe-kster

Taking over control of New Brunswick's official bilingualism

Yves Trough Demands

What your piggy bank looks like after gassing up

After-Gas Piggy Bank

Floor length wedding train

Wedding Room Dress

Stubborn as a Mule

Back Asswards

You've been mooned!

Moon Harvest

Proof that mechanics lived in prehistoric times

Wrench Dinosaur

Cycling tours that blend in with the scenery

Dutch Bike

Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #16408

Quad (Hyper) Sudoku

It's OK - owl be OK...

What's Up?

Keeping good weather inside your house

Grass Room

Jet flyover message to the country

USA Flight Formation

A Redneck's planned parenthood

Tennessee Family

Tribal wisdom passed on from one generation to the next

Native Wisdom vs. Modern Business Practice

The other Green Bay Packer Cheeseheads

Wisconsin Cheese

He's been Walken around the block

Christopher Walken

How apples show their age

Granny Smith Apple

The Chase: Staying in front of the pack

Horse Back Riding

Things are rolling along on the farm

Wheel Chair

New kippah headdress appears in the Israeli Knesset

Just Jew It

Sign of an artistic hedge in Australia

Ostrich Bush

Following Dad down the cycle path

Twin Load

If Steven Spielberg owned Caterpillar Tractors

Bush Warrior

Don't get caught bearing down the road with this street gang coming your way

Street Gangs In Canada

How Dad always shares when feeding the baby

Dad's Turn

Finding cheap eyelash extensions

Frozen Eyelashes

Season's Greetings in Mandarin and Cantonese

Chinese New Year Greetings

What's in a Chinese New Year?

Chinese Zodiac

Finding transportation for the India Olympic cycling team

Biking Holiday

Good for what ales you

Peter Cotton Ale

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