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Trivia + Trivia Sudoku by the joe-kster

Daily Trivia B

DeShawn likes to cruise the slum in heavy rain

Ghetto Boat

Simple diet plan for those with a will to succeed

How To Burn Fat

How to quickly prepare gourmet food

Redneck Sushi

Preparing a 30' X 30' TV dinner out of snow

Front Yard TV Dinner

Why you shouldn't go into the weeds looking for your golf ball

They Found Your Balls

Search for the missing halitosis stoops to new levels

Elephant Breath

Rethinking your not-so-eggsellent options

Poultry Breakfast

Hey, boss - I think I've found Jimmy Hoffa!

Paving Fixture

Reaching for the top of the intersection

Crosswalk Climber

Office promotions for companies on a tight budget

Free Paper Strips

Big game hunting on the road

Boar-ing Nature Tours

Whipping over in front of an 18 wheeler and slamming on your brakes

Slamming On Your Brakes

What goes around comes around

Circle Of Fear

Lifestyle upgrades after winning the lottery

Nouveau Riche

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #17379-82

Sudoku Sampler C

Finding an alternative to knowing the answers

Cheat of the Year

When he wants a bath he gets a bath

Bath Laugh

Marital bliss squeezed through the hands of a lawyer

Divorce Defined

Teat Tweets: Transparent cow wins illusive 4-H dairy prize

Milk Cow Levels

Joining in with the kids

Swing Dad

On Doctor's Orders

Shower Bar

A pain-full new trend

Body Bodice - Double OUCH!!!

Government Health Warning - beware of 'Hemorrhoid Helper' workouts

Chewing Gum Hazard

Floor length wedding train

Wedding Room Dress

Our lifetime, passed from bottle to bottle

4 Stages Of Life

Speeding tickets came naturally for Leroy

Racial Profiling Starts Early

It's an Australia thing

Shrimp on the Barby

Nutrition on candy cane sprinkle wheels

Doughnut Monster Truck

Little Johnny prefers pet food to veggies

Pet Food Tester

Some things don't go well with Coke

Coke Dispenser

The agony of de-feet

Stretch Line - Down To The Wire

Other safety practices pail in comparison to this!

Paint Ladder

Gathering around one's common enemy

Snake Circle

How to become a politician & fleece your consituents

Politician Training

Art elevated to a higher level

Pressing Art

Standing up for what you believe in

You Have Enemies?

Leaving town during a cold Winterpeg winter can lead to pipe dreams

Frozen Pipes in the Garage

Now union members have a reason to stand around all day


Tram-atic experience!

'Beat The Tram' - Double Loser

Dog breeds for children

My Dog is Bigger Than Me

Used car hoist soon for sale

Redneck Auto Mechanic

Inline skating is for kids like you!

Roller Derby Princess

How you can tell who built the fence

Neighbour's Fence

Why do politicians gerrymander electoral districts?

How To Steal An Election

How they clean streets in South America

Columbia Street Party

Has your Doctor diagnosed your timing belt?

Car Surgeon

Inspiration to become bolder than a boulder


Sinking feeling on an emergency response call

Fire Truck Sinkhole

Setting up a tangled relationship at home

Girl Sitting or Boy Hugging?

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