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Preparing for a visit from the Copy Paste twins

Alt-Ctrl-Del Pillows

How bartenders get tipsy on the job

Bartender Spill

Emergency exit to an emergency tumble

Rooftop Steps

Saying goodbye to a cell phone relationship

Last Selfie

How to enjoy holiday traffic

Lane Closure

How to hide unwanted veggies in Little Johnny's lunch

Broccoli Muffins

Going on a holiday without the computer

Vacation Time For Kids

Now Bubba knows what his truck equals

Mathematician's Truck

You are as young as you think you are

Youth Walk

'Bubba Box' wins Tike Transport award

Redneck Baby Stroller

Parenting secrets - teach your kids to get along

Get Along Shirt

Why cut corners when you can go around them?

It's Not My Job

We tried so hard to make things better for our kids that we made them worse

These Things I Wish For My Grandchildren

Once you're finished horsing around, it’s my turn!'

Reach For The High-Hanging Fruit

Radiating your personality or just plum loco?

Plumber's Party

Bubba only needs one chair in his house

Redneck Chair Potty

Penny-farthing bicycle for three

Family Pram Bike

When music conductors direct the flow of traffic

Musicians Parking Lot

Nursing student puts artificial limbs to good use in class

Texting For Dummies

Joining together to take a clear cut stand

Tree Huggers

Perestroika allows Boris more playtime along the Volga

Water Skiing in Russia

Bubba's favourite place to park his brewskie

Beer Belt Buckle

From Planned Parenthood to Surprise Parenthood

Bonus Baby

For those faced with a lot of time on their hands

Hand Face

Learning more about other cultures on the patio

Cultural Exchange

Piano lessons for pets


A touch of Barbie for the wife's car

Blonde Car Mirror

Who doesn't win in clear cut logging

I Miss Being A Tree

Why kids shouldn't horse around in a playground

Hiding Horse

Latest X-Factor Sudoku Puzzle: #17518

X-Factor Sudoku Puzzles G

Moon Trailer from beginning to end

Moon Harvest

Abdul looked forward to picking up his first date

Camel Herders of the 21st Century

Taking an upside down nap in your parking spot

Downer Parking

A special hybrid species of the genus Fragaria

Strawberry Heart

Building blocks for a young Chess Grandmaster


Bubba's fail-safe message system

Redneck Palm Pilot

Premium bulk wine sales - just in case

Costco Wine

Longshoremen in India know how to tow the line

Ship Tow

How many wires can you fit into an electrical box?

Box Fill Overload

Newfie invents method to ventilate, warm-ate and levitate your pants

Newfie Light Fixture

Inbreeding among cats causes surge in food defects

Inbread Cat

Car bumpers for the not so rich and famous

Redneck Car Upgrade

Latest Japanese Sudoku Puzzle: #17516

Japanese Sudoku Puzzles B

Beer Bash - making a splash of your next celebration

Cheers Beer

How to easily change business hour signs

Open? Nope

Useful corner gas stations air supply

How Babies Are Made In Canada

Coming unscrambled at the breakfast table

Ghost Food

Drivers slowly approach the 'me first' intersection

Traffic Jam Intersection

Got a beef about your job?

Re-Cycled Beef

Lose 800 calories in 30 minutes!

How To Burn Calories

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