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If you can read this, you're guilty

Do Not Read Law

The caring arborist supports a just cause

Tree Nurture

Special treat for the dog


Dirk Bogarde or Dark Bogarde?


The new guy ain't working out too well

Apprentice Auto Body Shop

Race cars at 'top speed'


Pain-full sit-up exercises

Computer Exercise

Training for a kid's sled dog race

Dog Sled

How to find an uncertified wall repair plasterer

Plastered Wall Plasterer

Use your best Chinese accent when translating English to Chinese

Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes!

When the stork becomes outdated

Baby Delivery

Pet Pouch for the Pooch

Doggie Bag

Jilted bride still keeps hope alive

Waiting For The Perfect Man

When it's time to look after the kids

Kid Straps

Working in the frozen north without a bucket truck

Far North Cable Guys

Are you talking to each other?

Solving World Problems

Had a grip on the moon lately?

Holding On To The Moon

Some fishing trips don't turn out as planned

Forgettable Fishing Trips

Bum Deal: stress signs in the bathroom

TP Message

Depressing yet Delicious

Global Warming Snowman Cookies

How Bubba supports his forward-sloping chair

Arm and Leg Chair

Practicing for the New Delhi Monsoon Races

Bathtub Boat

I always try to count the shots while I'm watching TV

Movie Guns

Funding cutbacks lead to trimmed surgical procedures

Table Scraps in the Operating Room

Essential backpack for travelling in the Ukraine

Cheap Mobile

Tracking down the source of a cracked building foundation

Sumo Fault

Will this Eagle face seven years of bad luck if it breaks the mirror?

Winter Mirror

Knot found in new species of canine tree


Oncoming or Outgoing?

Reverse Truck

Reflections of a pigeon bird brain

Who's There?

Staying on top of things

Balanced Writer

Next best thing to being at the beach

Shell Sink

The only grinning falcon on the 'net

Peregrine Falcon

Latest Word Cross Puzzle: #4

Word Cross Puzzles

Preparing for the annual Redneck equestrian rodeo

Sea Horse

Ever heard an annoying noise in your drive shaft?

Zip Tie Prank

Math puzzle to start off the college year


Air Force drops troops of food into Afghanistan

I Eat Soldiers For Breakfast

When a third arm comes in handy


Stealing the limelight at an antique car show

Hardtail Bike

Beware of Identity Theft

Identity Theft

Surround yourself with scenic friends


How to bypass a catalytic converter

Redneck Muffler Repair

Wading into wet weather

Daily Rain Gauge

Bottom biters remove bad gas

Ring Around The Toilet

Ventilated helmet for safe cycling

Helmet Full Of Hair

Surveillance tweets surround scenic alarm setting

Camera Bird House

Open door policy for all Table Tennis players

Ping Pong Door

Just then the door jammed...

Fast Closure

Capturing the nanosecond

Nanosecond Moments

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