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This cow's high jump ended in udder failure

Next, The Moon

Bagpipes on a mission

Playing Through

Pole Vault and High Jump entertainment in Australia

Aussie Boat Ride

Bubba's easy way to extend television coverage

Redneck Cabinet Extension

'Roll' with the flow: Bugatti vs Baguette


It's amazing what $5 US per gallon of gas can buy

Benefits of High Gas Prices

Operating system that's a real pain

FireFox vs. Windows

Dining room collar model - Patent Pending

Senior's TV Tray

Looking for a short-term Army job? Testing for duds is 4U...

Worst Job in the Army

When the middle of the road could spell the end of the road

How Do You Spell L-U-C-K-Y?

Spring comes early for diehard Canadian drivers

Winter Convertible Car

Medical student lands Louisiana State Record 359 lb Grouper

Grouper Record

How to blow things out of proportion

Inflatable Toupee

Bubba starts his own underwater travel business

Redneck Waterbike

Why you should keep your legs closed while skydiving

Painfull Skydive

Looks like it wasn't cloudy enough on February 2nd...

Groundhog Forecast

Some forecast years are off for Punxsutawney Phil

I Lied

Cutting a path through winter scenery

Snow Wall

HP Printer Cartridge jam? Must be a mouse-stake

Paper Jam or Mouse Jam?

Nature's way of showing off birds of prey

Barn Owl Beauty

Care to take up surfing instead of swimming?

Surf-In Lunch Snack

When storing nuts can be pain-full for a squirrel

Hang Time

Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump shake hair together

A New Era

Internet Games before the Geek Age

How We Played Online Before The Internet

Covering the nest with everything she's got

Frozen America

Well hello to you too, sir

Groundhog Greetings

Phoenix Faces 13 More Years of Summer!

Groundhog Crisis

Analyzing past predictions on Groundhog Day

Groundhog Accuracy

Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow in Punxsutawney?

Happy Groundhog Day

Sliding market for Oscar Mayer products in Montana

Wienermobile Crash

Escape from the sausage factory


Survivor from the NASCAR 23-Feb-2013 crash

Lucky Spectator

After a hard day of skateboarding

Skateboard Rest

Daisy, Daisy on a scooter that's built for two

Scooter Duo

When you know it's time for a computer upgrade

Overworked Mouse

Credentials that will satisfy any organization's appetite

Resume Bar

Like owls? Meet the grill of your dreams!

Grilled Owl

Putting on a good face for an empty plate

Canned Art

Special calendar for handling rush jobs throughout the year

2017 Rush Job Calendar

No longer knee deep in snow

Snow Sleep

Standing in or around the chair?

Illusion Chair

Can you find the exit wall door?


Car dash camera picture of what really happened in Russia yesterday

Russian Meteor

When I first developed Arachnophobia

Shoe Thrown Memory

But Mom... I don't wanna go outside - I'll freeze!

Snow Good

Stay calm, beer is here


Closed for good weather customers

Openish Hours

How to move customers to the right entrance

Dude Door

Cold Weather Seat - making the freezing bathroom seat bearable

Winterpeg Warm

Looking for improvements at the neighbourhood pub

Progress Bar

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