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Yanked off the dance floor while laying an egg

Pulled Chicken

Why you should be careful when choosing an engagement ring

Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

Why Karl Marx disliked Earl Grey tea

Proper Tea

Finding the illusive trophy deer

What Buck?

Safety in numbers

Protective Wings

(also known as the Irony Punctuation)

Percontation Point

Tree stands of yesteryear

Military Watch Tower

Recipe for gluten-free, sugarless compost

Vegan Brownies

Chock one up to a mechanical brake break

Tire Brake

Catch 22: Hire an accountant or a mathematician?

British Accountant

When drag racing turns bad

Poor Sportsmanship

Posing for a caveman photograph

First Selfie

Dining recipes from Bubba's gourmet cooking class

Redneck Hot Dogs

Watching the Edinburgh stock market around closing Tyne

Public Transportation In Scotland

Driving down the center line of life

Line Driver

How to create an expensive luxury cat

Cat Conversion

England - leading the way in pain-full bicycle tours

Pole Position

Gibraltar's Red Light District

Never Run a Red Light

How tequila mockingbird

Spanish Bartender

We now paws for a move by the check mate

Cat Chess

Paddleboarder thankfull for whale U-Turn

Close Encounters of the Whale Kind

What happens in Vancouver when it snows

Vancouver Snow Plow

Ask the Indians what happens when you don't control immigration

The Original Homeland Security

On the off chance you have an interest in this...

Gregorian Monk

When shopping becomes a mobile balancing act

Costco Wheels

Daring to go beyond conventional strategy

Think Outside The Box

Turning your mini iPad into a swinging app

Musical Rocking Chair

King of second hand smoke

Need A Cigarette?

Undercover policeman gets arrested by one of his own

Police Arrest

Do you need glasses?

Senior Eye Exam

Charming chubby-size clothes

Chubby Free

New executive 'baby stroller without baby' transportation

Stroller Scooter

USAF guide to spotting insurgent aircraft

Aircraft Identification

Putting a face on transportation in Denmark


New Wookiee character in Star Wars sequel

Bring me Solo and the Wookie

Need an eye exam?

Japanese Eye Test

Spring comes early for diehard Canadian drivers

Winter Convertible Car

Faster than a speeding Corvette

Bicycle Cop

Busy Supermums find time to do many things at once

Multitasking Mom

Dentist dentures - trading bite for byte

Mouthful Of Information

The Hudson River is now an official runway

New American Airways Plane

Better than JAWS - a runaway box office hit


Bartender terminology - booze jargon drinkers need to know

If Alcohol Talked

Tracking down big fish, wherever they are

Redneck FishFinder

Bubba's Bro Bra turns people's eyes, even his own

Redneck Bra

Singing in the purr-fect music key

Meowth Organ

Hi, my name's Cliff - drop over some time!

Himilayan Cure for Constipation

Picket Carrying member of the World's 1st Dog Union

'Not On My Shift' Dog

Backing up your best friend

Water Buddies

Bubba's premium K9 day care - a new leash on life!

Redneck Dog Kennel

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