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Car Ice Capades during cold north-eastern U.S. winters

Antler Car

Restricting flexible hours of business

Kiosk Hours

Sign of hope for Kevin Bacon

Keep The Bacon

Latest Music Sudoku Puzzle: #17162

Music Sudoku Puzzles A

How to ease passing lane constipation

The Passing Lane

Practice waist and waste management this Holiday Season!

Tis the Season to be Wasteful

Driving tests in Austria offer little room for error

Perfect Fit

Carter couldn't understand why his milk sales were so low

Weekend Delivery

Some pizzas are short on ingredients

Pepperoni Pizza Deal

Saying goodbye to another day in Davis Bay, B.C.

Cloud March

How to best quench your thirst on a dry, hot day in the Outback

Just One More Glass

Tired of hearing, 'We never do anything together'?

Spend Quality Time With Your Loved One

Have some fun, my sharp-witted friends

Test For Older Kids

Putting a face to recycled milk cartons

Milk Jug Art

Genealogy search - stepping back in time

Ancestry Rewind

Everything from soup to nuts for a Mechanic

Spare Parts Table

Understanding Jewish dietary customs

Chinese Christmas Food

Wheelchair regulations

Hospital Outpatient Assistance - Like It Or Not

Snow removal in Canada takes forever

Perpetual Motion

Bubba uses Pabst Smeer Beer to get rid of garden slugs

Slug Beer

LeRoy uses a secret code to access his bank account

Six Hunnit

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 17159-60

2fer Sudoku Puzzles A

Cycle drinking on the road

Prepared Cyclist

Graffiti 101

Double Negative Education

May the Force be with you, dog walkers

Star Wars Dog Walk

The early birds catch the worm

Bird Buddies

Definitely one-way truck rental


Non-negotiable selfie stick usage

Redneck Wireless Selfie

Hitting the wall fastest or taking the wall with you

Horsepower vs Torque

Santa Clause 101: defending the North Pole

Elf Defense

Caps and hats for birding enthusiasts


Tree stands of yesteryear

Military Watch Tower

Can you hear the beat of the music?

Dance While You Can

Spring thaw reveals Boris's Lada

Camouflage Car

Benchmark custom design benches for musicians

Musical Chairs

The State of Vermont official logo

Pure Maple Syrup

Latest Arabic Sudoku Puzzle: #17156

Arabic Sudoku Puzzles A

Career diversity in Italy is quite a-peal-ing

Police Gone Bananas

Bubba liked to clean up on the job site

Backhoe Hot Tub

What happens when you grow catnip in your backyard

Catnip Garden

A wedding dress completely made out of divorce papers

Paper Wedding Dress

Stairs leading to the wrong conclusion

Misinclined Stairs

Going out on a limb with a friend

Owl Twins

Typhoon rips through cemetery; hundreds dead

Newspaper Bloopers

Rules for good golf etiquette

Golf Restroom

Let Little Johnny choose the best dog food

Finger Lickin' Good!

Swedish cop goes above and beyond the call of duty

Winter Parking Ticket

Trivia + Trivia Sudoku by the joe-kster

Daily Trivia D

Giving a hoot in the Holiday Season

Eastern Screech Owl

Some people thought that Teresa had the biggest melons at the fair

Bird Melons

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