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People who consume caffeine shortly after learning something show memory gains

Morning Coffee Break

Which sea do you see down by the seashore?

Sea Sand Art

Fresh paint job for once-clean clothes

Paint Pants

Sign that it’s the Hungry Season Down Under

Car-Eating Cow

Watch a friend struggle with his computer mouse

Mouse Trick

Dog backpack carriers for the man on the go

Doggie Bag

Remember, it could always be worse

Having A Bad Day?

Some things age the same as wine

At My Age I Need Glasses

Are you achin' for bacon?

Grief Bacon

Panorama du jour - overlooking the beach from a precarious perch

City Overview

Quebec voters give Liberals a majority

New Canadian Alphabet

Where perceived results count most

Bussines Gaurd

Where shed baby teeth go after the pillow

Tooth Ferry

It's so convenient when food jumps right into your plate

Be GarFul

Sometimes it pays to check your surroundings first

Last Baby Cobra Picture

What equipment do firemen use to put out train fires?

Redneck Firemen

How to find uncrowded seating on a train ride in India

Side Rail

Diet plans with no calory limits - until you start eating...

Milkshake Diet

Turning a water-damaged condo into a winter sport

Ice Climbing Building

Clark Griswold plans for an even bigger family Christmas this year

Spotted Clark Griswold

Some relationships are hard to reconcile

Bringing It Home

BBQ secrets for grilling Down Under

Aussie Barbie

Save shortcuts to your favorite printed web pages

Finger Pointing Bookmark

Cold weather cocktails au natural in Canada

Canadian Whiskey

Sign destruction is frowned upon by everyone but artists in Cordoba

Sign Crime

Cleaning up relationships

Fairy Soap

Some people wait too long before eating their eggs

Fresh Chicken

Re-calling Swiss Ricola cough drops

E. coli

Forestry department weather forecasts back east

Winter Wildfires

Getting a rest on the subway home isn't as easy as it used to be

Subway Hang Ups

Where free Wi-Fi includes relationship skills

Wi-Fi Free Restaurant

Grow a thick NASCAR-approved hedgerow

Hedge Race Car

How to graft your own Japanese Bonsai fruit tree

Bonsai Fruit Tree

In tune with nature

Lizard Guitar

Slight of hand becomes figure of speech

Hand Speech

A cold bookstore promotes the enjoyment of reading

Cold Books

Mobility walkers for all ages

From Start To Finish

Taking a byte out of a computer cake

Software Cake

Truck stop hammocks are becoming increasingly popular in Texas

Truck Rest Stop

Now everyone has the best seat in the house to watch TV

High Rise TV

Reaching out for more snow

Icy Grip Of Winter

Cold package delivery in the Moistwest Territories

Canadian Mail

Things used by Kids that are bathroom-compliant

This Little Stool

Frozen water is no challenge for Bubba and his antifreeze friends

Redneck Winter Spa

Where snow preservation makes more sense than snow removal

Snow Storage

Race cars at 'top speed'


A computer geek's Christmas version of 'Hosanna in excelsis'


A company flush with good ideas

Associate Demonstration

Strange aquatic life spotted Down Under

Boomerang Starfish

How baby caught his cold

Wet Nose Fixer

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