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People were dying to get into the cemetery

Zombie Snowmen

Little Johnny reports on the neighbours

The Popsicle

Preparations are coming along well for the Paralympic Summer Games

Wheelchair Access

Where to catch the waves in Paia, Maui

Surf's Up

Why children should never be left alone...

Lightdays for Children

The unbound love of mothers and their children throughout the world

Taking Care Of Her Little Ones

Purr-fect friends

Cat Love

Watching out for your buddy when he's watching up for you

Friends Don't Let Good Friends Drive Drunk

Some diet plans lose the wrong things

Vodka Diet

Coded message reveals new technology

News from the Iraq Front

Some things don't change throughout the years

Dennis The Menace Grows Up

Moving high-heeled footware

Roller Blade Heels

How to design your gate signs on Maui

Warning Gate

How to recognize a real Engineer

Engineer Identification Test

Frozen water is no challenge for Bubba and his antifreeze friends

Redneck Winter Spa

It pays to get the best stuff

Real Chicken

T-Shirt for good-food moments

Bacon Thoughts

Where one wrong turn leads to another

Which Way Now?

Doing a re-take in the Wild West

Clint Eastwood

Strong may be OK, but smell isn't everything!

The Joe-kster Working Out

Setting the stage for a French landmark

Eiffel Tower Crane

What today's passengers call stress on a cruise ship

Worst Cruise Ever

The Americas - as first designed by Christopher Columbus

America Duck

What appears to be a bargain after too many Happy Hour drinks

Special Offer

In Saskatoon they don't get enough snow in the summer

Snow Storage

It all depends on how you cut it

Newfie Pizza Order

She didn't want to become like her Shoestring cousins

Yam, Little Sweet Potato

Before Woolies and Coles arrived in Australia

Aussie Grocery Shopping

When my son kicked the sun

Moon Football

Touch foot computing on the beach

Keyboard Sandals

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 16421-22

2fer Sudoku Puzzles

The agony of de-feet

Stretch Line - Down To The Wire

Eggsellent young swimmer, ahead of his time

Michael Phelps - In The Beginning

So you're not interested in the Super Bowl?

Super Bowl XL - For Big Jobs

Unseen security at the previous Super Bowl

Super Bowl XLVI Security

Has your Holy Bible turned into a Hole-y Bible?

Moldy Bible

A grandma ready for the Super Bowl

Super Bowl Granny

For birds of prey lovers, the letters in 'SUPER BOWL' are arranged incorrectly

Superb Owl

Getting ready for a Super Bowl tailgate party

Super Bowl Lunch

People are dying to get this good a seat @ Super Bowl XV!

Perfect Super Bowl Seat

Some salt licks are disguised as dogs

Speaking in Tongues for Animals

Saints tickets, anyone?

Super Bowl Tickets

My daughter's socks were cute until we got to Saturday

Days Of The Week Socks

Searching for a political whine cellar

Basement Liberals

Convertible drivers in B.C. enjoy the Sunshine Coast

Topless in Sechelt

Gas blowout spotted on Canadian prairies

Flatulent Cow

Jethro's axellent idea to combine his yard tools


Re-inventing the wheel in France

French Army Knife

You moose be mistaken!

Canadian Cat

Stirring up ingredients for your next cold

Egg Flu

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