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Best sleeping spots for senior citizens

Once A Kid, Always A Kid

How to spot an imitation product when you really see one

Genuine Fake Shoes

How to attract consumers with do-it-yourself marketing

Customers Wanted

Latest X-Factor Sudoku Puzzle: #16723

X-Factor Sudoku Puzzles C

Tandem biking - latest rage for Florida Snowbirds

Florida's Retired Bikers

Capturing the last light of day

Moon Filament

Only in Newfoundland!

Musical Spoons

Canadian mail delivery in 1910

Moose Team

Prawntastic food design

Sushi Motorcycle

Horse Equestrian leads show in synchronized trot display

In Step Horse

Bear with an open door policy

Anyone Home?

Putting cyclists to work on logging roads

Bicycle Logging

Gathering around Dad to hear a pup-ular story

Dog Fairy Tales

Mildred enjoys her 'Waterskiing for Seniors' class

Water Ski Rocker

Seeing red through convoluted English interpretation

Why Fire Trucks Are Red

English police work hard to bring in the bacon

Pig Arrest

Chowing down at the Old West Cafe in Grapevine, Texas

Cowboy Dinner Bell

Latest Symbol Sudoku Puzzle: #16721

Symbol Sudoku Puzzles A

Promoting Bear Claws onboard the Star Princess

Canadian High Five

'Black Birds' painted in ink

Ink Birds

New rail line based on roller coaster design

Railway Bend

Frozen lake thaws to create illusion of a scary face ice surface

Scary Cold

Mommy - this app doesn't tell me when to let go!

New Generation Priorities

George gives regards to Broadway; Broadway gives him whitewash

Cohan Bird

Tourists on parade in Vietnam

Paddy Field Canal

Better think twice about walking a mile in my shoes

Backtracker Special

Sighting in your expensive new deer rifle

New Deer Rifle

Little Johnny got too close to a hanging statue

Hand Held Tourist

All the chicks will be Bug'in Jethro for a ride

Basketball Car

Over time, paying customers blossomed forth

Vintage Planter

How to grow longer eye-lashes

Eyelash Embroidery

Jared Fogle takes Subway to the Subway

Subway Dinner

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 16718-19

2fer Sudoku Puzzles B

You can't rescue what doesn't want to be rescued

Animal Rescue

The Burj Al Arab Hotel, Dubai

Dubai-ous Hotel

Some older children like to speed up their Merry Go Round ride

Merry Go Motorbike

Ensuring car clearance in a small parking lot

Texas Rims

Making a speck-tacle of himself

Dr. Plank - 'Speck Out Of Your Eye' Guy

Home made rabbit ears

Funny Bunny

Championship darts in heaven

God Darts

What happened when Moses complained about his headache

Moses' Headache Relief

Stop pontificating - Vatican City has a new Eggs Benedict special

Vatican City's New Breakfast Special

When your well runs dry, go see a Dentist

Texas Wildcat Dentist

Construction specialists with strong truck signs

Get It Up

Bloated currency - Britain's Pound Sterling has seen better years

Five Pound Note

Feeling poolish on a warm day

Drain Swimmer

Trivia + Trivia Sudoku by the joe-kster

Daily Trivia A

How to find a long and prosperous life

Live Long Street

Vatican unveils latest canine papal hat

Cat Hat

Mom, the dog's digging in the yard again...

Digger Dog

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