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Big shoes to fill

Redneck In Training

Sum Ting Wong with Japan's latex hand-some footwear

Wong Thong

Life before electric washing machines and dryers

Erect-it Dryer

Carlos the Burrito Guy is always welcome here

Burrito Solicitor

Even elephants are having a ball at the World Cup!

World Cup Elephant

Security for those who cannot see

Muslim Guide Dog

Heads up re the latest financial woes

Dollar Drop

End of shift at the circus carousel

Circus Escape

Prairie farmer finds bumper crop of snow

Saskatchewan Snow Blower

Cat in the act!

Reach For Your Dreams

Mountain madness in Boulder, Colorado

Boulder and Bolder By The Moment

How do Mexicans feel about Donald Trump's wall?

Trump Wall

This one's Just Grate!

Best Manhole Cover

When you know that rush hour will be a real pain

Traffic Jam Alert

Stork delivery from above

Here Comes Another One

When kids can let it all hang out

Why Men Shouldn't Babysit

Run for your life!

Grizzly Shoot

Friends Without Phones - communication retrolution

No-iPhone Kids

Riding the rails in a Speeder at Kualt, B.C.

Railroad Velocipede

Waiting for spring breakup in the Ukraine to harvest the fish

Spider Web Ice Fishing

Where your kids are safe, held captive throughout the day

Middle East Play House

Korea's latest movie-on-the-beach: Dances With Sardines

Sunbathing on a Korean Beach

When choosing the best landing spot is important

Skateboard Stairs

The pot calling the kettle black: Middle East hypocrisy?

Forbidden Israeli Passports

Some golfers will never get a hole in one!

Underwater Golf

Who can stay in the longest?

Hot New Game - This Fire's 4U!

Long distance training in Uganda

Ostrich Race

Come along for a perfect ponytail

Chain Weave Hairstyle

You'll never have to play second fiddle to anyone else again!

Third Fiddle

Top down push-up exercises

Family Exercise

Dole pineapple re-tools its core operations

Pineapple Slicer

Location, Location, Location

Mountain Lookout

Leaving lots of baby kisses on the way

Grandma Was Here

Tight fit car parking in Europe

Exactly Enough Space

Tokyo government officials misplace snow removal equipment

Snowmen Protest

Preventing windhield wipers from freezing

Frozen Wipers

She sounds quite lovely

Mannequin Cello

If the shoe fits, ride it

Bike Walker

New Muslim shrine proposed for downtown Paris

Eiffel Tower Modifications

Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #16431

Quad (Hyper) Sudoku

I can't believe I was doing it wrong all these years!

How To Weigh Yourself Correctly

How a Redneck adapts to change on the farm

Farmer's Hole

Turning over a new leaf in the Pacific Islands

Hala Fruit

Prison mugshots for jail selfies


Baby's 1st Fly

What's That?

Stop procrastinating - how to get organized

Procrastination Workshop

Celebrity actor makes good by playing on his name

Morgan Freeman

This bugs me

Tatra Lawsuit

When there's not enough money to fix it properly

Duct Tape Road

Bringing colour into life

Colour My World

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