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Classic puns started in the 1920's

Tom Swifties

Supplying your own motorized transport

Biggest Fan On The Block

Woman climbs Great Wall of China to avoid paying admission fee

Admission Avoidance

Can you spot the pet in the carpet?

Carpet Dog

Nature's tootbrush, fiber rich and packed with vitamins

Colon Celery

Finding a quiet place to read

Cool Reading Room

Had enough cold and snow?

Peaceful Demonstration in Saskatchewan

When fine china turns into broken dreams

This Cracks Me Up

Confucius wisdom - the U.S. government shutdown

Bird Brain

Third World Luxury Ride - includes 'Rear' air conditioning

Hybrid Thai Car - Thai One On!

Painting the car natural white

Backyard Car

Nail polish remover no longer required - just twist!

Cutex Screwdriver

Young and attractive relationships at the beach

Men Are The Same At Any Age

Bubba spares no expense to protect his vehicle

Redneck Car Lock

Toughing it out Down Under in the Outback

Working New Years Day in Australia

Bubba enjoys a boot-i-full cup of coffee

Redneck Cup Holders

When it rains in the Lower Rainland, B.C.

The Moist Wet Territories

Stirring the feline pot

Pass The CatSoup, Please

The real leaders of the pack!

Dog Marathon

Fashion statement for the Royal Guard

Ready For Rabbits

Bubba's mechanics use only high performance muffler parts

Muffler Hanger

Little Johnny's survival techniques in Winterpeg

TyrannoSnowRus Rex

Adding more power to cross-country skiing

Motocross Skiing

Carefree attitude for the New Year

No Worries This Year

Dining room collar model - Patent Pending

Senior's TV Tray

Some days it takes a little longer to prepare a fish meal

Waiting For Dinner

Going on a diet this year?

Calory Bomb

One of life's great mysteries solved

How Twins Are Made

A motorcyclist's New Year's Resolution

Ride More

Well, there's always next year...

Ongoing New Year's Resolutions

Computer geeks bring in the New Year

New Years Resolutions for Nerds

Bubba plans to drop about 200 pounds

Hunters New Year's Resolution

Resolved to stick with the status quo this year

Same New Years Resolution

Counting down the days until the next Hooters (Owl) Calendar arrives

Calendar Shredder

Pilot Plans for the coming year

Happy Aviation New Year

Putting out fires one small fry at a time

Fireman Poster Boy

Can't 'bear' the thought of another year?

Polar Bear New Years

The New Year is in full gear

Champagne Stick Shift

Changing times require a different outlook

How Things Have Changed

Celebrating another year of prosperity

Happy New Year

New Year's greetings from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Greatest Good Fortune

Thanks to all of you from all of us at

Happy New Year 2U!

New Years without Dick Clark

New Years is Cancelled

Not another New Years' Resolution!

New Years Cat

Spending less time on the computer

Facebook Resolution

Reviewing finances going into the New Year

New Years Broke

When you can't find the mistletoe

New Year's Kiss

Get a sober ride or call a cab

Don't Drive if You're Tipsy, Buzzed or Blitzen

Some Moms push too much to have first babies of the year

New Year's Baby

Keeping a secret on New Year's Eve

Mistletoe Secrets

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