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Bubba's portable window workmate

Redneck Power Windows

Does French food give you the crepes?

Haunted Pancakes

Performance transmission without performance

Race Break

Make way for the bazaar train

Only In Indonesia - 'Trainees'

Putting the Play back into Playgrounds

Original Play Station

Cut and paste yourself

Real Life Photoshop

Turning a Halfstein into a Wholestein - beer with us!

Holstein or Holestein?

Culture clash on an Israeli bus

Remarkable Diversity

Team Zero runs neck and neck

No Neck

Are people dying to get into your house?

Skeletons In The Closet

Setting the scene for a pleasant walk on Vancouver Island

When Morning Gilds The Sky

How the Joe-kster thought his trip in Israel was going

Shofar So Good

Road safety in Canmore, Alberta takes on a different perspective

Look Both Ways

Unusual business signs

Pun-e Signs

Friends Without Phones - communication retrolution

No-iPhone Kids

Stacking your bets for high returns

Coin Stacking

Squirrel Selfie

Self Portrait for Squirrels

Grooming tips for high-flying canines

Dog Haircut

Rising cost of gas in Middle East results in slower transportation

Donkey Refill

Animal police careers are a walk in the park

Police Rides

When protection turns to down-fall

Dog Distress

Jethro shows off his fav barnyard tattoo

Cowbelly Tattoo

Looking for organic, genderless gingerbread treats?

Vegan Food

Looks like this dog's barking up the right tree

Tree Barking

Snowboarder steps off to another planet


A pun-e place to find polka dots

Poca Dots High School

'Show' dog named Spot

Dalmation Shadow

Why walk on water when you can use your head?

Summer Headstand

Gas shortages in Lancaster County and B.C.

Amish RV

How Little Johnny helps Mommy get breakfast ready

Egg Tester

Returning to the Star Wars Canine Galaxy

Chewie, We're Home

Be sure to buy only the original product

Autographed Copy

How to grow longer eye-lashes

Eyelash Embroidery

Why some fans love the Boston Bruins

Hooking Penalty

Going to Serengeti?

Zebra Bus Stop

This one's Just Grate!

Best Manhole Cover

Life's too short to walk around angry

Sing It Out

Mexico's 'Titanic' Day of Mourning

Hellmann's Mayonnaise

How Rednecks celebrate Mexican holidays

Sinko de Mayo

Hawg'n the road in style

Limo Bike

Lending a helping hand on graduation day

Grad Hands

What the world needs more of


How a mantid blends in with its North Carolina background

Praying WoMantis

Personalized pancakes for a special birthday


Experience the glow of health tonic

Beer Habit

Equestrian target practice recommended only for fixed-mount riders

Trip To The Emergency Room

Going the extra mile to serve customers in their cars

Drive-Thru Pharmacy

Holding her own with the Mannequin Models

Mannequin Holder

The Doctor told Sven to get lots of fresh air

Fresh Air Computing

Where airplane security takes place on the runway

African Airlines

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