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Topical antiseptic with alcohol and a dash of mercury


Stadium discount price - Hot Dog Deals!

Hot Dog Math

Dog in Heat

Meltdown Dog

Swarm symptoms of bees, wasps and insects

Car Swarm

When it absolutely, positively has to be there overnight

Fedex Home Delivery

Minions throughout history


Making the best of a wet situation

Flood Float

Even poor Russians can now afford a Dacha near the Kremlin

Moscow Beach

How to overcome laziness

Symptoms of Laziness

We know

We Open

When is the best time to plant a garden?

Pothole Garden

Cross country skiing without snow

Sand Skiing

Is your cloud in someone else's computer?

Cloud Computing

Finding the 'keys' to a successful, long relationship

Piano Ring

Walmart's new Department Of Unknown Sales

Stuff Sale

I can't understand why they keep searching her bag

Boom Bag

Party with us - you'll have a blast!

Big Birthday Surprise

How time flies at the office

Whatever Time

Prison mugshots for jail selfies


Unruly tenants get a kick out of this building

Soccer Ball Building

Bubba's favorite birthday present

Redneck Birthday Cake

Sign for an Optometric Bartender

Double Your Vision

Finding the sign of a good relationship

You May Pet Me

Einstein's comb


Mommy - this app doesn't tell me when to let go!

New Generation Priorities

Slow motion view of food droppings

Cutting Off Board

Come as you are to this Garage Sale

Groj Sale

The ultimate kitchen organizer

Corner Cupboards

Recipe for success on the farm

Mud Pie

Shakespeare's 'back' online

Back Bard

How olives swing in Israel

Olive Weather Forecast

Getting out of the parking space was easy...

Parking Forever

Looking at a very cloud-e forecast

UFO Cloud

Science Fair projects gone wrong

Science Project Turmoil

Why I don't watch soccer...

Soccer Watch

Be prepared for your next flat tire

Bumper Bike

1/2 second before Tsunami hits Sumatra Island

Pre Tsunami

Taking the calories out of fast food

Nice Try, Mom

Some Doctors recommend one glass of red wine per day

Red Wine Diet

Who needs a pommel horse when you have a pommel cat?


Umbrella to the rescue

Puddle Bath

How to stand alone as a Grandmaster

Chess On The Wall

Tilapia - food for thought on the Sea of Galilee

St. Peter's Fish

Road rage in the animal world

Get In Line!

Bubba bakes cookies on the road

Texas Bakery

Small cars in big places

Think Big

This driver wasn’t 'cut out' for this job

Cutting Edge Delivery

They do things differently in Texas

Only In Texas

Just going along for the ride

Horse Follower

When playing soccer may be hazardous to your health

Arrow-Dynamic Soccer Players

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