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Looking for Elephant Easter Eggs this morning?

Easter Elephant Eggs

Bearing the cross at Easter

The Crucifixion

This year's bumper crop was eggsellent!

Easter Tree

Why your first phone call of the year may have to wait a while

New iPhone - Special Delivery

Distraction for Baghdad service personnel

Baghdad's 'Tiny' Camel Spider

Mounties On Wheels - latest Canadian skateboarder

Canadian Skate Park

Interior decorating idea not meant for colour-blind drivers

Colour Car

What happens when Easter Eggs hatch

Easter Egg Drop-outs

Latest Word Search Puzzle: Easter

Word Search Puzzles

How not to ask your spouse to prepare dessert

Husband Frosted Cupcakes

Hop into this rabbit transit Easter car!

Easter Car

Hearing impaired chocolates all too common at Easter

Did You Say Happy Easter?

Only the best flowers will do for SWMBO

Carnations vs. Roses

Creative Easter Chocolate - seal'ed and hopping with calories

Chocolate Easter Bunnies

Can your dog vouch for you?

Dogs Welcome

What Easter represents to a Blonde

Blonde's Meaning of Easter

DeShawn likes to cruise the slum in heavy rain

Ghetto Boat

Vatican blesses new gun powder application

Orthodox Weapon

NHL hockey is finally back - for those who care

Canucks Playoff Logo

Feeling for the cheapest brand toilet paper

In Touch Today

King of second hand smoke

Need A Cigarette?

Got the little sucker!

Kid Suction

Must be nice to reach up high for a passing food snack

Giraffe Lunch

Preparing another swan song

Flood Swans

Why Louisiana is called the 'Sportsman's Paradise'


How Bubba welcomes mice in his house

Redneck Mousetrap

Does your goat get its head stuck in fences?

Dunce Hat

Sorry for unscheduled crash routes

Polite Canadian Bus Drivers

How to repair broken Easter eggs

Broken Egg

What makes a great lawyer?

Good Lawyer

Rediscover the lost art of cooking with lard

Lard Family

For some reason the plants grow better with moonshine

Redneck Rolling Bottle Sprinkler

Wilbur likes cold naps in the afternoon

Just Chillin' Out

Raising a baby deer, just for fawn

Fawn Of You

Shoes for big crews

XL Safety Shoes

Burial plans in the Holy Land?

Taking No Chance with the Mother-In-Law

Welcoming Arms - when Heaven can't wait

Are You Ready?

Eggsellent Easter Riddles

Easter Yolks

Unexpected zoo visitor pops by for a chat

Camel Visitor

You're right - E.T.'s still here!

E.T. Never Left The Planet

Why Easter has been canceled this year

Easter Canceled

World's first 'Heavy Metal' orchestra

Musical Forks

You're no bunny 'til some bunny loves you!

2017 Bunny Calendar

Ever noticed the Pine tree crosses on Easter Sunday?

Pine Trees Know When It's Easter

From a kind soul working in the dead letter office at the US postal service

Dear Abbey

Dromedary Drive - my life between camels

Camel Hatchback

Rooftop stall after an exceptionally long winter

Parking Above Snow Level

Justin Bieber's childish attraction

What Do You Think?

Redneck bartender logic

Beer Salad

Yamamotoa goes on a diet

Sumo Ballerina

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