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Playing soccer on vertical pitch makes for great scenery

Extreme Soccer

Rail-e good one-way transportation

A-track-tive Bike

Tipping the scales on your ride home?

Weight Watchers Bus

Where fine Rabiis shop


Keyless home security system

Puzzle Door Lock

Sign of a brilliant graveyard deduction

Dead End

Doing donuts on the highway

Pulled You Over

Holland cyclist takes ergonomics to a new level

Box Biker

Reading fiction on friction

Leaning Bookshelves

Leading the way in early telephone standards

Antique iPhones

Watch for a couch potato in the cycling lane

Office Bike

Lighting the candles at your own 100th Birthday Party

Centennial Puff

Trivia + Trivia Sudoku by the joe-kster

Daily Trivia I

When Jose finally found the illusive tequila worm

How Tequila Works

Pipe Dreams in Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada

Artistic COPs

VW wings for Batman wannabes


Lookalikes in the pet gene pool

CatRabbit Twins

'Bubba Box' wins Tike Transport award

Redneck Baby Stroller

There are 3.14159 apples in an Apple Pi

Edible Pi

Affectionate cat litter

Golden Nugget

Entrance forbidden without a non-smoking sister

Smoking Sister

Breast implants for your tattoo?

Tattoo Implants

Choosing the Wong bicycle for the long journey ahead

Burma Road Cycling

'Fitting' South African road warning sign

Bumpy Road

Horace thinks that at his age this is better than chasing his shadow

Onward, My Noble Steed!

Latest Chinese Sudoku Puzzle: #16852

Chinese Sudoku Puzzles D

Setting up a tangled relationship at home

Girl Sitting or Boy Hugging?

Mary Lou would soon be closer to the wounded bear

Trip To The Emergency Room

Don't let dentures get in the way of your wrinkles!

Can You Bite Your Nose?

Finding information when the internet is down

Wikipedia Offline

Bubba's brewskie and fishing staycation holiday

Redneck Inground Swimming Pool

Do atoms make everything up?

Atom Trust

Perfect logo for a plumber!

Glass World - Where Plumbers Buy

Is it Friday yet?

Down Day

Why some relationships end up on the rocks

Hawaiian Surfboard Trade

How not to wire an electrical switch

Short On Electricity

My wife's a diverse driver - the more she drives, diverse she gets

Diverse Women Drivers

Outdoorsmen tip - how to watch for fresh bear activity

Bear Warning

Great American Landmarks

Gateway To Obesity

Latest Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle: #16850

Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles F

Transparent picture that radiates own approval

Radiologist Selfie

Drinking in moderation?

One Glass Per Day

Straw draw - good to the last drop


Some Dutch road signs need no translation

Dead End Road

Bubba bakes cookies on the road

Texas Bakery

Some people have way too much hair to play with

Animal Shaped Hair

Open forever?

Confused Store

Diet plan that's only an illusion away from reality

Beauty Bag

The Wedding Day - clinging together for the rest of their lives

Kissing Clothes Pins

Cotton that's Mensa 4U...

Knit Pick-e Yarn

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