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How to relate to young and old employees

Staff Communications

Bat-e aerodynamics in the classroom

Batman Equation

New accessory for back seat drivers

Steering Wheel For Couples

Feel like you're up a creek without a paddle?

Such Is Life

Why aren't Bald Eagles bald?

a real Bald Eagle

Weather they like it or not

All Dogs Go To Heaven

Walking bike tours in India

Brick Bike

Mane attraction at the horse show

Horse Mane Macrame

Stay away from estrogen-deprived women!

Out Of Estrogen - Make My Day

Please check broomsticks, bats and toads at the door

Home Sweet Home

Taking the skeleton out of the closet


Officer - is anyone driving that car?

Halloween Driver Costume

Seniors' Home scenery too close to home

Worst Halloween Decoration

Kids preparing for a long night of trick or treating

Grandparent's Halloween

Skeleton weather forecast for Halloween Day

Halloween Weatherman

Some selfies take a long time to develop

Halloween Selfie

Drinks for wine trick-or-treaters

Halloween Boos

Dressing up as a scary ride for Halloween

Costume Ride

Weld Done Pumpkin Art

Welding Pumpkin

Halloween costumes of yesteryear

Halloween Night 1914

What was considered scary at the turn of the 20th Century

Halloween Costumes of Yesteryear

Be prepared to fill up today

Zombie Drivers

Witch one is your ghoulfriend?

Which Witch

How Aussies react to legalized marijuana laws


Halloween costumes for dogs

Headless Dogman

Inspiring tidbits off the wall

Bacon Bits

Dracula's favourite Halloween snack

Finger Lickin' Good

Ghoulfriend's flight path - don't text and fly

Halloween Warning

When your first and last desert picture is a blast

Last PhotoBomb

Looking for cheap windshield wiper blades?

Russian Windshield Wiper

Natural gas shutoff valves in Israel

Gas Splitter

When you need to shoot hoops on the farm

Texas Basketball

Very high heel fashion raises the bar in the Far East

Sprained Ankle Footwear

English grammar lesson for British protesters

Punctuation Is Importanter

Carlos the Burrito Guy is always welcome here

Burrito Solicitor

The early days of road surface marking

Painting The Center Line

Unfortunately Boris was assigned to night watch that evening

Standing Guard

If you can't find me today...

Swing By The Beach

Mother nature's tire tread of life

Colour Wheel

Wall portraits waiting for finality

I Never Finish

Things weren't going well for Little Johnny that day

Messy Temper Tantrum

Another day fighting for your life

War of Worms

Possibly the best poster on the London Tube

Henry VIII Underground

Road potholes - real and imagined

Canadian Speed Bumps

Well-played footwear for famous musicians

Saxy Shoe

Looking forward to staring at your cell phone?

Weekend Plans

On the lookout for matching socks

Looking For A Mate

Dessert celebration for big diners

Cookie King

Sharknado Bassinets are popular with Rednecks

Jaws Baby Feeder

Oh, the humanity of it all!

Vegan Slaughter House

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