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President Donald Trump rejuventates the U.S. space program

How To Save NASA

Big expectations for a hot fire fighting season

Bad Ass Fire Truck

GR8 teambuilding idea - hanging out with your buddies

Cliff Side Camping

This one's pretty corn-e

Blonde Corn Maze

Math solution to warm you up

Cold Corners

How to enjoy extreme situation meals

Canned Cheeseburger

Horsing around on the farm

Carrot Tug-Of-War

Feeding inmates at Jurassic Park

Mother-In-Law Moment

Who's in charge at your home?

Man Of The House

How to make peace, not war

Flower Battleship

Feel insecure with non-nonsymmetrical patterns?

OCD Floor Tiles

You get what you pay for!

Cheap House Siding

Don't let dentures get in the way of your wrinkles!

Can You Bite Your Nose?

Preview of this fall's leather jacket selections

Cow Jacket

Nothing beats a hockey stick at a slow intersection

Canadian Driving Perk

Stay 'out' of the bubbly while on the open seas!

Cruising Advice

Bubba's motorcycle doubles as a weekend lawnmower

Moto Lawnmower

Sikh and you will find it - in India

Urban Turban

Bubba's first day in Chemistry class


A man's bathroom etiquette guide

Chicks Be Like

17 equations that changed the world

Famous Equations

Growing up with noisy siblings

Bird Feeding Time

Airbus 'grounded' on maiden flight

Middle East Airlines

The real reason why dinosaurs became extinct

Flamingo Predator

Marital relationships since time beginning

Obedient Wives

Shell-fish baby's potable transportation

Lobster Baby

They call this parrot Spike

Feather Fashion

Calligraphy skill in Math class


Remembering faithful war dogs

Fallen Friend

Things to do with a single sheet of paper

Paper Art

Short protection for short European people

Socket Shelter

Who wants to be a rich Congress Senator?

U.S. Millionaires

Fire Marshal Humor in Texas

Max Occupancy Rounded to 100

Best of friends braid hair together

Braid Hair Pair

Go Green - do your part to help preserve the planet - walk in it!

Human Hamster

Portrait of past to present

History Doesn't Repeat Itself

Growing graffiti plants

Coming Up Roses

Then whose is it, then?

Ain't Peter's Place

What happens when you hire a colour-blind labeler

Black And White Cookies

Reconditioned luxury bus for travel security

Living Inside a Garbage Truck

New Brunswick unveils new DUI form

Written Breathalyzer Test

Looks like a song coming on

Middle Of The Road

Climbing up to meet your real relatives

Step Ladder

Ironic sign of the times for retail business store

Radio Shack Closes Down

Latest Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle: #17627

Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles F

Good news from the Missing Children search

Kid Search

Latest Japanese Sudoku Puzzle: #17626

Japanese Sudoku Puzzles A

For those 'In-the-doghouse' days

International Sign of Marriage

Levitation for the Nation

Air Couch

Crazy items confiscated at Customs

Almost Harmless Live Reptile

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