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When your well runs dry, go see a Dentist

Texas Wildcat Dentist

Construction specialists with strong truck signs

Get It Up

Bloated currency - Britain's Pound Sterling has seen better years

Five Pound Note

Feeling poolish on a warm day

Drain Swimmer

Trivia + Trivia Sudoku by the joe-kster

Daily Trivia A

How to find a long and prosperous life

Live Long Street

Vatican unveils latest canine papal hat

Cat Hat

Mom, the dog's digging in the yard again...

Digger Dog

When you might not want to be first in line

Turtle Lunch Lineup

Fine dining in Bora Bora, French Polynesia/South Pacific

Only in Bora Bora - Water Dining

Bubba takes his portable platter with him on road trips

Redneck License Plate

Might not be a cheaper way to visit China

Great Wall Of China

How Sleeping Beauty became an instant celebrity

Thumb Queen

Finding romance in a Bollywood film

Adhesive Shade

When you gotta go, remember your backup systems

Understanding Computers

When fine china turns into broken dreams

This Cracks Me Up

Wheel to wheel survivors survey dent damage

Technology Collision

Remembering an extinct Walt Disney character

Goofy Dinosaur

Latest Arabic Sudoku Puzzle: #16715

Arabic Sudoku Puzzles A

Bubba expected fine dining the rest of his married days

Cook Ring

Who to call on when you need your car towed in India

TurbAnne - India's Iron Lady

Make sure your truck has all the bells and whistles!

Amplified Truck

Water you see is water you get!

Magic Fountain

Misunderstood sharks that just want to cuddle

Ocean Tears

How Bubba extended the usefulness of his pickup

Home Made Limo

Ankle monitor homing device decor at the gas station

Summer Bracelet

Canadians find news ways to use useless pennies

Copper Floor

Pedestrian overpass or underpass?

Underneath or On Top Car?

Kosher-approved road sign in Shiloh, Israel for the Joe-kster

Joe's Place

Getting 'behind' on your delivery schedule?

Bike Bed

Honey, did you empty my pockets before doing the laundry?

Pocket Book

Almost getting a real birthday present

iPad Not

For Days When Your Car Doesn't Run

Car Trolley Transportation

If Gin Can, why can't you?

Can Art

Create your own clouds on a clear day

Paint The Sky

5 Nuns sitting on legalicious chairs

Nun Chairs - Great Looking Legs

One World Record that's too brief for the Joe-kster

World's Largest Underpants

Best Man's last prank on the Groom

Help Me Before It's Too Late!

Missing out on a great opportunity

Worst Action Photographer

Weight loss programs that are hard to handle

Diet Utensils

PARfect sacrifice for the serious golfer

Hold These Golf Clubs

Infringement Notice (Part B)

Intial New Zealand Police

When your child has one of those moments

Alternative To Spanking

Evolution of Revolution: from unicycle to motorcycle

Vintage Circular Motorcycles

Quicker technique allows for faster patient billing

Dentist Drill

A good computing day is an error-free day

Double Error Message

Not even Bubba's this Dubm!

Bike Carrier

Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #16711

Quad (Hyper) Sudoku B

A better way to clean the grinds from your coffee cup

Coffee Grinds

Where inspiration outweighs monetary gain

Jazz Musicians

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