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Backyard dining for a wine connoisseur

Wine Glass Chair

Tasty treat for beach swimmers

Watermelon Shark

Wedding invites for every possible guest


My buddy keeps telling me how souped up his car is

Souped Up Car

How to keep people away from the site

Do Not Touch Sign

French cuisine takes on Eiffel Tower image

France-Is Bacon

Modeled after Greek celebrations to express happiness

Anger Release Machine

What more can a sports fan ask for?

Priceless Game

Adding a picnic lunch to your next bicycle tour

Bicycle Dining

Care in rearing the young

Family Planning Advice

But your store must be open now!

Closing Time

Dinner at low tide to enjoy the scenic waterfront

Beach Breakfast

New car specifications clean up after themselves

Courtesy Option

Turkey Dinner a la Redneck at Bubba's place

Bacon Turkey

Harley motorcyclist rides shark down highway

Shark Bike

Take my ab-vice - this exercise machine kicks butt

Ab Enhancer

What inattentive parents can expect at this gift shop

Gift Shop for Stray Kids

Fashion Week in the Big Apple

I Will Never Understand Fashion

Catching up on a literary classic

Thrilling Read

Have you seen a woman yesterday reading today's paper?

Today's Paper Read Yesterday

The Force is strong with this little one

Darth VadeHer

Devil sky brings cloudy outlook

Beware Of Who Is Watching Over Your Church

Canadian RCMP patrol all moose crossings

Moose Police

Finding a recipe for success

Recipe Holder

Proof of miracles in the 21st Century

Jesus Was Here

How not to display a campaign bus ad

Busted Politician

Space Visitor

Houston Space Problem

Police were called to the scene of the axe-ident

Someone Is Upset

Catch of the day

Lost Meal

How Yoga is practiced in India and Saskatchewan

Yoga's Balanced Lifestyle

Everything is BIG in Texas - even their diets

Texas Diet

How to get a better look at the fish you catch


Why some pilots never make it past their probation period

Plane Oops!

Nature's grand performance on the Canadian prairies

Manitoba Thunderstorm

What goes a-round, comes a-round

The Wheels of Life

FILO (First In, Last Out) book system

Igloo Library

A chick's pregnancy due date calculator

Freedom At Last

Some skydivers just don't get the point

Painfull Skydive

When a close screen makes for a close shave

Nerd Shaving

Avoiding the temptation of a good-smelling meal

Balanced Diet

Sure sign that a bad day is coming

Weather Warning

Pixel art on the ski hill

Human Pixels

Finally - the secret to Coca Cola's success revealed!

Coke's Special Ingredients

North Vancouver notice for dog guardians and dogs

Pick Up After Your Dogs!

Africa rolls out new Hybrid gas vehicle

African Wheelbarrow

Hamming it up at lunch time

Open Face Sandwich

Feeling poolish on a warm day

Drain Swimmer

Playing near the equator has its ups and downs

Tennis Down Under

Bubba's dent repair includes collision avoidance detectors

Tie Wrap Bumper

Don't croak on this Mexican spinach salad

Mexican Salad Dressing

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