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Pointing the way to a barn-burner of a party

Party Direction Sign

Tim Hortons 'RRROLL UP THE RIM' coffee winners in Eastern Canada

Roll Up The Rim

Bubba sets an example as chair-man of the bored!

Chair Skiing - Redneck Water Sport

Pet-friendly hotel for equestrian guests

Pets Allowed Apartment

Does your restaurant have a no-return policy?

Food Exchange

Sign of the times?

Ferrari Park

Making more of unused space

Staircase Closet

Would you prefer wood opulence in your bathroom?

Wood Soaking Tub

Time for sleep after a long day on the job

End Of Shift

High priority setting at a French Canadian intersection

Quebec Stop Sign

Sven went water hunting just for the halibut

Fishing in Norway

You wouldn't have stopped me if I was a polar bear

Police Profiling In Canada

Harry Potter character found on the WigWam River near Fernie, B.C.

Lord Voldemort Rock

Language 101 for new visitors to Canada

Canadian Alphabet

After-effects of swine flu

Swine Flu Symptoms

How to tell if an arriving flight has bird flu

Bird Flu Flight

How to earn a Redneck college fishing degree

Redneck Street Fishing

When equestrians horse around

Horse Laughter

How smart is your car?

Not-So-Smart Car

Bubba's method of leveling the door jambs

Door Dancer

Why monkeys are rare in Hawaii

Endangered Maui Monkeys

Baby's first hairstyle lesson


Secret to success in the office

How You Can Be Happy @ Work

The good news about being caught in a cougar's grip

Cougar Sighting

Fighting like cats and dogs

Gang Violence Has To Stop

What to give your least favourite golf friend

Camo Golf Balls

How to get rid of a nose cold

Egg Separator

What goes around comes around


How to contact your deer Redneck friend

Redneck DoorBells

Heads up to a very patient dog

Raining Dogs And Frogs

Flowers for Forrest Gump and friends

Florist Gump

March 4th!

Most Progressive Day of the Year

Why deer can't wait for hunting season to start

When The Deer Hunt The Hunters

Would Donald Trump build a wall around your food?

Authentic Tacos

Baseball has Foul Balls... Thailand has Fowl Bikes

Fowl Bikes

Playground prankster

Spiral Playground

Skydiver breaks sound barrier

Going Out On A Limb

Recycled parts for inspired vision

Shadow Art

If it wasn't broken we would fix it

Secret Of A Long Marriage

Laughing all the way to the bank!

Sports Hernias

When you want to grow your own food

Bacon Seeds

Watch Dog on high alert

Beware of Pouncing Dog

Eurorail's new economy run through the countryside

Train Road

How to prune a hedge for your garden

Redneck Hedge Clipper

Sage Advice: Solving yard work problems in Texas

Sage Camouflage

Work safety with wrenching consequences

How To Avoid Injury

Stair clear of this walkway!

Stair Warning

Strange relationships exist in the Aussie Outback

Australian Hangover

Sailing on the top of a diamond


Someone forgot to train their cat

Lost Unfriendly Cat

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