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Some license plates are worth more than a thousand words

Whoop C

Lending too much of a helping hand

I've Got Your Back

Camo clothing for women - camouflage fashion du jour

Subway Camouflage

Do you drive like a w'Anchor?

Aussie Road Safety

One can always make time to swing with a best friend

Friends Swing Together

Car steering wheels hold the key

Weakest Part

Why bacon is for Periodic Element nerds

BaCoN T-Shirt

Hopefully you can read this sign before entering

Crocodile Fall

Getting prepared for an X-rayted radio station

X-ray Art

If there's never any service you won't have to pay!

Interuption Charge

Who can last the longest in the bathroom?

Challenge Accepted

Wisdom from a prominent 1949 State of Georgia Democrat

Ode To The Welfare State

An alternative to Facebook social networking

Drama Queen Diary

Reaching up for a good book to read

Library Loft

Freudian Sip - for wine psychoanalysts

Wine Therapy

Games for the masses

Team Foosball

Brushing bicycle hair with a unique bike rack

Bike Comb

New organic, biodegradable method to mow the lawn

Portable Lawn Mower

Marketing products in the wrong-product market

Fork Sales

Some graffiti artists also take up bungee jumping

Risky Graffiti

Preparing for a Lebanese Food Fest

Holy Shawarma!

How can you tell that the grandchild wants to go see a movie?

It's Movie Time

Where Velocity first got its equation

Velociraptor Defined

To Go or Not To Go - that is the question

Executive Decision Time

Investing in the future

My Daughter and My Money

Dog shelters for humans

In The Dog House

Doing a face plant at the local restaurant

Gotta Love Plate Glass Windows

Merge Sign or Barge In Sign?

Closed Ahead

Mom's secret recipe for flatulent dessert

Laxative Cream Pie

Stretching the limits of a youth hoodie

Hoodie Onesy

Some fishing trips don't turn out as planned

Forgettable Fishing Trips

Bicylce links between Burma and southwest China

Burma Road Cycling

Finding an alternative for Mom on the farm

Redneck Calf Feeder

Spending quality time hanging out with the kids

Balanced Family Life

Why Deshaun couldn't bring enough water back for his family

Water Waste Basket

How dogs can make good snow angels


Close inspection of tree rings reveals animal traits

Animal Rings

Toking good care of the marijuana harvest

Cow Return

Oil spill containment to create hundreds of new jobs

Canada East Pipeline

Vatican unveils latest canine papal hat

Cat Hat

Pedal to the metal on Highway 401

Annual Meeting of the Ontario Summer Tires Club

Is the new guy as experienced as he says?

Sand Strap Experience

Playing with your wardrobe

Piano Dress

Truck or helicopter delivery?

Helicopter Mother Load

How to bypass a catalytic converter

Redneck Muffler Repair

When guys may want a 2nd delivery opinion

He Looks Just Like His Father!

Inspector checks out water quality in Calcutta

Potty 'Train'ing In India

Tasty pet T-Shirts

So Many Cats!

Welcome to Bubba's B&B (Burnt Breakfast)

Redneck Water Heater

Are you talking to each other?

Solving World Problems

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