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When you need a lift, take your vehicle to 'Old Faithful'

Hydraulic Truck Lift

Painted ceiling of the Tombinator Room

Smoking Area Ceiling

Bubba talks finance when he goes biking - it's all about inflation

Redneck Swamp Bike

Treat yourself to embedded hazelnut chocolates

Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes

Cheap water filters made from purified water products

Redneck Water Filter

Making light of a better idea

Designer Lamp

Transportation before the time of Henry Ford

Strange Old Vehicles

Reaching out to the backyard for a cold brewskie

Canadian Beer Storage

Before and after unwrinkling your dog

New Procedure for Unwrinkling Your Dog

Early Engineering plans for a new Paris shopping mall

French Ikea

Either you love bacon or you're wrong

Bacon Lovers

Prairie farmer finds bumper crop of snow

Saskatchewan Snow Blower

Do you bearly have all the right Koalifications?


Working in the frozen north without a bucket truck

Far North Cable Guys

Cheap airfare deals - where customers are always placed first

Plane Pushers

How to change a number 1 to a number 2

Changing Priorities

Just what Italians need to catch speeding drivers

New Italian Police Car

A utility that practices what it preaches

Wise Electricity Use

A foam mattress without the foam

Made His Bed

When the catch gets more attention than man's best friend

Just Checking

Looking out for better days to come

Behind Curtain Number One

Ma's got plenty grits fer dinner!

Critter Control

An eggsellent breakfast presentation

Breakfast Cupcakes

Fartkontrol on the Autobahn

German Flatulence Control

Usually paper covers, sands or captures rock

How Paper Beats Rock

Colloquial sign highlites Scottish Highland speed limit

Scottish Road Sign

Looking outside your Winnipeg backyard to see a moose

Only In Canada - Nosey Moose

Last surviving Toronto Maple Leaf cheerleader


Taking a load off his mind may put a load into his mind

Joburg Police

Bloated currency - Britain's Pound Sterling has seen better years

Five Pound Note

You Go Your Way, I'll Go Maui

Hawaii Scuba Bus

Training for a kid's sled dog race

Dog Sled

Running away from the last drop of wine this year

One More Drop

Some people (like Peg) can't understand computers

Computer Challenged

How Bubba saves many trips to the fridge

Brew Table

Taking hold of your own destiny

Holding His Own Portraits

Tapping into India's scarce resources

Water Supply

Side-saddle baby carrier slings

Nailed It Baby

Sniffing out someone new in the block

Just Checking

It's back to school for the kids after the holidays!

Mexican School Bus

French football team saves money on hotel rooms at FIFA World Cup

Football in France

Bubba shows his Wisconsin friends how to ice fish

Redneck Ice Fishing

Prompt control for grumpy old men

Senile Agitation

Bubba didn't throw rice at his wedding

Chicken Farm Wedding

Are you putting up a transparent fence this year?

Mirror Fence

Caricature art at the hair-port


Going up and down the celebrity light scale

Selena Stopmez

Pies are meant to be eaten before they hatch

Chicken Pie

Taking the first step is always hardest

Water Dancer

Bubba's portable window workmate

Redneck Power Windows

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