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Make me a nut-e offer!

Nut Salesman

Either a great hunting dog, or a coyote making an ass of itself

Not A Shot Was Fired

Looking at problems from a different perspective

Mirror Solution

Presidential aid from the Wizard Of Oz

We're Off to See the Wizard!

How cold was it last week in Vancouver?

Temperature Gauge

Champagne tastes on a beer belly budget

Hummer Carriage

Creative cutlery - latest in stainless flatware


How Bubba adds grounding to his receptacles

Antler Switch Plate

Where you can always find a police officer

Police Car Of The Year

Buster Keaton's stunts were ahead of his time

First Segway

How to keep your hand off the computer mouse

Cure for Internet Addiction

King size Coke for 10 cents!

1957 Woolworth Menu

Creation of American heroes

On The Eighth Day

Comforting support for those who feel irrelevant


Don't forget to set your clocks: Spring ahead, Fall behind

Daylight Savings Thing

When you want a good day of fishing, don't take Moses with you

Fishing With Moses

What time would you like it to be?

Turn Your Clocks Back

Daylight Savings - things in Canada that Spring further ahead

Errington Error

Spring ahead or fall behind, one foot at a time

Daylight Savings?

Making music with a fridge full of brewskie

Amplified Beer

Finally - proof of Sasquatch existence

BigFoot Caught On Tape

Wordsmithing an almost two-for-one sale

Special Second Meal

Marty McFly is sent back in time to 1955, where he meets his future plant parents

Back To The Fuchsia

Bubba's pull-away shackle support

Redneck Cotter Pin

Reach outside your normal daily activity

Confined By Walls

Finding a way around the building code in Turkey

Turkish Architecture

Licking for horse humour?

Horse Tickle

Look no further if you need a sign from above

If You're Looking For A Sign

Salads elevated by heavy metal

Bread Zeppelin

Some would not go quietly when they were captured by CP Rail

Manitoba Moose Harvest

Turning a hatchback into a woodback

Sideboard Car

How to shorten the distance between Earth and the Moon

Moon Descent

Waist expansion makes you a hot commodity

Heat Expands

Jethro likes to be near his ghoulfriend on Halloween day

Just Two Buddies Hanging Out

Capstone books at Le Bal de Ardents, Lyon, France

Bookstore Entrance

Sew what? For same day clothing alterations!

Sew It Seams

Flaming success of flickering art

Hot Swan

Adding more personality to beauty pageants

Powerplant Swimsuit Models

What's missing in these columns?

Middle Column?

What the cat looked like when it went on a diet

Is This What You Think I Look Like?

The grill of Howard's dreams!

Perfect Grill

Personalized license plate for those on the go


Tennessee's only upside down attraction (Pigeon Forge)

Upside Down Amusement

A real big bike for tall men

Tall Guy Bike

Standing up to a lot of bull

A Real Cowboy Has No Fear

Cleaning up new operating systems

Computer Detergent

Addicted to hood ornaments?

Smoker Hood

Looking for the true secret of happiness?

The Meaning Of Life

Where tourists go - and don't go - in Florida

Florida Map

Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it

Chicago Politics

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