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Putting a stain on the map of Great Britain

British Tea Party

Search for the bigger bone comes to an end

Dream Big

Making history in bathroom design

Peddle Sewing Machine Sink

Years of not cleaning your computer

Dust Bytes for Dust Mites

Hourglass view of television viewing patterns

Stop Wasting Time

What real fishermen do

Catfish Noodling

Turning the house upside down

Attic Spring Cleaning

Rare photo of the U.S. Border Patrol at work

Border Patrol At Its Finest

From Catfish to CaughtFish


Watts you see is watts you get

Compact Fluorescent Chandelier

A man's 'Clean House' policy

Why Women Don't Let Men Bathe Kids

Next time don't get so excited about visiting a nursery

Early Spring Planting Yields Extra Returns

Who's visiting who?

Tiger On A Roll

Why they call Bubba a real hoser

Gas and Dash

Harvesting time throughout the day

Nighttime Graffiti

Can't believe that someone would just throw their life away like this

Throw Your Life Away

Where not to make snow angels

Dog Park Snow Angels

Deerlusion for mountain cyclists

Montana Mountain Bike

Placing a face on the NBA Brooklyn Nets

Nothing But Net

An unexpected clap on the back

Encouraging Seal

Taking a bite out of travel luggage

Jam Packed Suitcase

Narrow tunnel vision requires a traffic light

Light at End and Start of The Tunnel

TP supplied by man's best friend

There When Needed

Because riding ponies is for pussies

Reptile Ride

Roll on butter 4U

Butter On A Stick

Message from the dog

Cats Don't Know Sit

Until one has loved an animal, part of their soul remains un-awakened

How A Bowl Should Be Licked

Finding the perfect birch tree hiding place

Spot the Hidden Barred Owl

And the survey says...

British Survey

What real hunters do

Snake Noodling

Nemo 2: Nemo Lost - not coming to a theater near you soon

Nemo Found at Japanese Sushi Bar

Fowl recession going on in America

Economy Hit Hard

Sometime's it's impossible to get a leg up


I'll drink to that!

Cocktail Shirt

Restaurant misnomer of the year

Sam 'n Ella's Chicken Burgers

Marijuana side effects for chickens

Bird On Pot

When food is left unattended at the picnic table

Watermelon Treat

Birthdays are good for your health

Healthy Birthdays

Clash of cultures in Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Runaway Blimp

Generations of Volkswagen family cars

Family Affair

Where to store politicians' promises

Political Promise Transporter

Me want cookie!

Real Cookie Monster

English New Romantic movement meets the Golden Arches

Boy George or Boy Gorge?

Go Norse, young man

Vegetarian Viking

Chainsaw art in the country

Just Carving A Tree

Have your blog posts caused offense to anyone?

Removed Posts

Standoff at the African watering hole

Serengeti Tug of War

Duffy Damage Control

Canadian Senator Books

Built tough to handle extra-heavy loads

Motorcycle Stress Test

Falling inspiration 4U

Waterfall Moment

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