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How to insulate and keep your car warm during a Canadian winter

Canadian Parking

Doctor's orders: spend one hour per day on the treadmill

Treadmill Workout

New digital clock for the deaf and hearing impaired

Visual Alarm Clock

Marion County Police ask you to Choose Your Ride

Take Your Pick

Bubba's love chair - where he cares knot

Redneck Backyard Chair

Big shoes to fill

Redneck In Training

Enjoying the day from dawn to tusk

Elephant Sunset

Some kids never seem to grow up

Former Baby

Latest Mega Samurai Puzzle: #17265A-K

Mega Samurai Puzzles D

His bark tries to reach his bite

Frost Bite

Peeling back the layers of personal privacy

Tear-Paper Wall

How the butler cleans the driveway

Shoveling Snow With Class

It's a monkey thing...

I Finally Know Why

Cat in the act!

Reach For Your Dreams

This dog has a birch bark

Barking Up The Wrong Tree

Excelling in dog litter-ature

Proud Pug Parents

Digger clears the sky for a sunny day ahead

Construction Clouds

Attaching yourself to a very berry dessert


Rare photo of Wilbur transporting his new lawn cutting machine

First Dodge Ram

Mom, the dog's digging in the yard again...

Digger Dog

Sending a personalized birth announcement

It's A Boy!

Starting the kids early on bronco riding in Australia

Down Under Bronco Riding For Kids

Latest Chess Sudoku Puzzle: #17263

Chess Sudoku Puzzles C

Doing his best to clean up the neighbourhood

Painted Fence

A street racing car that won't race anymore on the street

Very Hot Rod

New satellite TV system for pets

Twin Dish

How to promote a yoga school, one flexible step at at time

Yoga Pencil

Skating towards a downhill surprise

Google Snowball

Are you too uniquely qualified?

Unique People

You are my ray of light

Son Shine

You can volunteer for NASA's High Capacity Centrifuge spin tests

NASA Test Centrifuge

Spare parts gearing up for office inspiration

Mechanic's Work Table

Does cardiovascular exercise improve life?

Important Health Information

How Bubba sharpens his pencils

Redneck Pencil Sharpener

Sign language in Russia

Wave To The Nice Lady

Why you should stay away from alcohol before you have kids

Pregnancy Warning

Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #17261

Quad (Hyper) Sudoku C

She could be waiting right underneath a bus sign

Perfect Girl

Waking up to lawntastic scenery

Lawn Time Awakening

Hand soap that kills sins on contact

Wash Away Sins

How to take a load off your mind

Big John

Harry Potter Motorcycle RideHer

Broooom Hilda

Lego toys for sale at the Munich train station

Lego Vending Machine

Pushing a path through a wall of snow

Big Blade Snow Plow

Choosing between caffeinated and decaffeinated

The Difference Between Regular and Decaf Coffee

Be careful what you eat if it's 'All You Can Eat'

'All You Can Eat' Breakfast

Terms for groups of animals, birds and insects

Animal Groups

Some chickens lay down very big eggs

Super Hen

Simple solution to gain control over alcohol

Little Drinking Problem

Job applicants are getting younger all the time

Child Labour

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