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Some dog beds are not to be shared

That's My Bed

World Cup players prepare for rainy day games

Flipper Soccer

Some Doctors recommend one glass of red wine per day

Red Wine Diet

How to loosen up cornflour and orange sauce

Too Much Cornflour

Bubba found a cheaper option than motorizing his garden tools

Wheelbarrow Races

Music from a different viewpoint

Look At It This Way

Keeping ahead of short-range photography

Birds Eye View

You can't help stupid

Plugged In

Hanging out at home with bats

Drying Bats

Keep Smiling - it makes people wonder what you're up to!

Good Morning Babushka

How to balance a custom goldfish bowl

On The Edge

You can't go wrong with a right angle T-Shirt

Always Right

Survivor fitness training on the Wet Coast

Boot Camp

Giving Mom a break from baby chores

Bottle Support

When guys may want a 2nd delivery opinion

He Looks Just Like His Father!

What Americans couldn't do: find a weapon of mass destruction

North Korea's Secret Weapon

Walking towards another ride

Dogs On Dog Walking

Protecting passengers from aggressive employees

United Airlines Travel Pillow

Hunting for the illusive Tequila worm

Tequila Shooter

Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #16592

Quad (Hyper) Sudoku

Latest in Ghetto footwear


Finding a quick way to cut off all means of support

Wood Not Be Safe

How you can reach out to paint your own portrait

Reaching Out For Your Own Portrait

Bubba gets a lada fun in his Russian 4-to-3-wheeler

Redneck Snowmobile

Do you know where your dog is tonight?

Lost Dog

Beware of Internet quotes

Don't Believe Everything You Read

Are you allergic to dogs?

New Home Search

Canadian RCMP patrol all moose crossings

Moose Police

Concealed foot pedals almost make this a pleasant ride

Puddle Jumper

Creative statue in Bratislava, Slovakia

Man At Work

Restoring a previously-restored Classic Car

Uplifting Antique Car

Stop smoking tip: Butt Out!

Butt Meter

He's found a secure place where they won't be found

Trump's Tax Returns

Finding a quiet place to read

Cool Reading Room

Who's backing who?

Family Photo

Beach carving on Vancouver Island

Wooden Wave

Mailbox design of the year - this'll crack you up!

Chiropractor Mailbox

A cut above the others in da Ghetto

Who Kut U Barber Salon

What's your perception of yourself?


Harry's hairy leg shaving tips for bus passengers

Bus Legs - Close Shave Bus

Elect a clown, expect a circus

Clown Vision

How not to paint your house

Painter Pail

... and the force was with him

Sun Son Power

Polite anarchy in Seattle

Car Rest Stop

Sea what I mean - he’s got a sinking feeling

No Worries

Warning for Easter breakfast: Beware of firm eggs!

Firm Egg

Piranha X-ray reveals cause of in-digestion

Sea Through Fish

Safety always come above everything in Pakistan

Bolder Boulder

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 16587-88

2fer Sudoku Puzzles

You're never too old to take up ballroom, latin, and swing dancing

Ballroom Dancing for Seniors

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