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Beach diversion for wannabe springboard divers

Sand Dive

I thought my shoes hurt...

Chinese Shoelusion

Where vehicles are always going the wrong way

Another Day In Traffic

Some people need no introduction, just an exit

Macklemore's grandad, Macklemost

The high cost of cutting corners at a gas station

Stuck On High Gear

Latest Samurai Sudoku Puzzle: #16460-64

Samurai Sudoku Puzzles

Fancy a race?

Aging Cyclist

Longevity at the baseball park

Together Since

Vegetarian footprints

Foot Radish

Dang sticky clothing!

Bubba's Bubble Wrap

Daisy's a front-runner to be the Joe-kster's ghoul-friend

No Wheeler

Building the first custom log home

Douglas Fir Log Home

Bush survival during a Winterpeg winter

Moose Camouflage

Bubba invited all his friends for a spin around the block

Rinse Ride

Goodbye batteries?

Smallest Petrol Engine

RC cars for beach walkers

Remote Control Sleigh

Breast feeding in public causes traffic jam

Road Detour

Lining up for dog obedience training

Lunch Lineup

Create your own low-budget surfing movie!

River Surfing

What are your survival priorities?

Winter SOS

Latest in city graffiti removal

PacMan Road Crossing

Fir-get those old rubber tires - it's time to spruce'n up your drive!

Winter Tires

Fashion footwear for smiling relationships

Selfie Shoes

Tracking down the world's first computer peripheral

Prehistoric Flash Drive

A well-balanced relationship on the farm


When tie wraps work better than duct tape

How To Fix Electrical Poles

Yard security in the Aussie Outback

Long Snake

Where even the sign is private

'Do Not Read' Sign

This dog nose better!

Dog Face or Dog Butt?

Ah, nuts! It was there the last time I looked...


Computer links to the music world

Computer Saxophone - Pretty Saxy!

Pointing the way to a cleaner sinus

S'not The Way

Can you find the thief in this picture?

Spot the Thief

Evolution of smart fish

Plenty Of Fish In The Sea

Bubba's girlfriend found a new way to walk on water

High Heel Diver

Christmas present for an electrician

Wire Stripper

Diet plans for the heavy of foot

Jogger's Weight Scale

The real reason why it takes men hours to clean the house

USB Vacuum Cleaner

When an unexpected visitor 'waves' at you

Surfer's Dilemma - Oh No!

How long does it take you to unthaw?

Winter Sucks

Providing safety clothing for donkey employees

Protect Your Ass

When not to park your car in the upright position

Nice Parking!

If the shoe fits, wear it

Cat Box

Bubba's Bro Bra turns people's eyes, even his own

Redneck Bra

A dog's 'Do Not Disturb' sign on the driveway

Dog Patch

At least they have fish. Or do they?

Petco Supplies

Don't croak on this Mexican spinach salad

Mexican Salad Dressing

Creative touch from the last snowfall

Snow 'Art' - Snow Good!

Some thought she was as cold as the weather outside

Canadian Tough

How to get rid of excess change

No Time For Stamps

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