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He loves me... He loves me not...

Love - Hate Attitude

Relationship signs with a 'Stop Not' meaning

Never Stop Sign

Dressing up for Valentine's Day

Money Valentine

Love pouring over on Valentine's Day

Valentine Splash

Computer with heart

Digital Love

She loves me... She loves me not...

Love Lost

Looking for the perfect restaurant on Valentines Day?

Perfect Valentines Day

Redneck tie down straps

Secure Your Load

Fur-get me knot

Mink Love

Reporting a shooting in the hospital emergency ward

I Will Never Tell

New security concerns for small items at S’Canada customs

Baby Scan

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #17334-37

Sudoku Sampler B

Art's statue pointed directly towards him

Cupid Before Arrows

Compatible musicians make harmonic compositions

Making Music Together

Give her a Miss-Steak for Valentine's Day

Texas Valentine

Why Cupid's Arrow needs to point the right way

My Valentine

Mailbox design of the year - this'll crack you up!

Chiropractor Mailbox

Need some Pucker Power on Valentines Day?

Soured Love

Soliciting lawyer taking care of business

Lawyer's Valentine Gift

Government grants help families in the Moistwet Territories

Modern Eskimos

Disney World reaches Canada

Winter Snowglobe

How to ruin a romantic evening

Romance Lost

Electricians finally found where the dam was leaking

Hydro Water Power

Eat your heart out, Christopher Columbus!

Mariner's New World Watch

Wings of passion on Valentine's Day

Dragon Heart Love

It was love at first bike

Biker Love

Moving's easy when you don't have to worry about overpasses

Redneck House Move

Food shortage at the local zoo

Camel Clutch

The heartbreak of young romance

She Loves Me ... She Loves Me Not

How Bubba welcomes guests to his house

Welcome Beer Mat

Latest Symbol Sudoku Puzzle: #17332

Symbol Sudoku Puzzles C

Looks like this driver needs target practice

So Close

Easter Island statues have bodies

The Truth

Be on the lookout for a 1951 Chevy, red with white top

Border Agent Alert

Why demand for Canadian Cows is high in Iowa

Canadian Cow: Whole Stein

How to build a Venice canal in your backyard

Water Street

On the lookout for Trump dodgers, eh

Canadian Border Patrol

Did you receive a book from me last Christmas?

Books Due

Not everyone should be allowed to drive this time of year

Snow Shield

Tasty morsel culinary excursion

Deluxe Peanut Butter Jam Sandwich

Auto body repair by high-end specialists

Please Help My Car

Some road signs need instructions

Speed Bmup

Little Johnny wasn't little enough for this swingset

Toddler's Swing

Heat exchange pipe systems in the Middle East

Pipe Exhaust

Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #17330

Quad (Hyper) Sudoku F

How to tie knots without being funny

A Frayed Knot

Misdirected signs of fire safety

Don't Block the Frie Exit

Family members that stick out for each other

Look Alike Family

A better way to tell time

Domino Time

Root-bound tree searches for camouflage path

Adaptive Roots

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