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Many wealthy men on the Titanic wore ties to history


Who really runs the house

My Chair

Difficult decision facing U.S. voters

Your Choice

High Jump in the animal world

Giraffe Leapfrog

Pleasant music to a Redneck's ears

Crappy Wind Chimes

When security dogs go bad

Drug Dog Search

Getting a-head of your competition

Turtle Tops

You get more value for money in this clothes call... more or less!

Spot the K-Mart Shopper

Do you suffer from Cirrhosis Of The River? Take Vitamin Sea

Nautical Sense of Humour

Why coffee goes a lot farther in Dallas

Everything Is Bigger In Texas

Archaeological artifact at the Barnum Museum, Bridgeport, Connecticut

Centaur of Tymfi

Good to the last drop!

Pigeon Drink

Quiet please - if that tiger roars, we're all dead

Tiger By The Pants

How much fun is it to chase Pokemon?

Real Life Pokemon

Following the latest weather in the U.K.

British Summer Installation

They call him MotorcycAl

VW Motorcycle

Going undercover to find the cat

Hidden Cat Nap

New hail size recorded at Environment Canada

Hailstone Timbits

Here's looking at you

Who's There Bird

Sp-eye satellite explores the galaxy

Space Eye

Wish I worked in that department...

Lhasa Them in Tibet

When two focused eyes are better than one on the battlefield

Army Seeing Eye Dog

Finally, patio season has arrived in Ottawa

Ontario Spring Dining

Denver Boot for Tow Truck Drivers

Karma Towing

Bird gone to pot

Teapot Birdhouse

Ultimate watering hole for the tech-minded man

Man Centre Fridge

Technicians who double as sheep herders

Afghan Livestock Management

Eggsellent artwork

Egg Family

Group discount tour for bikers

Hawg Limo - Hawg'n The Road

Everything is fresh in Hawaii

Hawaii Flowers

Sound matchmaking advice

Dating Time Saver

A bridge that finally made it off the drawing board

Balloon Bridge

Backyard bicycle merry go round

Bike Hanger

Swinging couple idles time away waiting for next bus

Montreal Bus Stop

For those who lose their Visa at the closest airport to Mt. Everest

Nepal Lawyer

Some rear ends make good customer seats

Dodge Bench

Sheamus creates a path for the Mainlanders

Winter on Newfoundland's Trans Canada Highway

Bubba's free alternative to laser tattoo removal

Redneck Tattoo Removal

How can you run a Stop Sign that you can't see?

Frozen Stop Sign

Nothing but the 'reel' thing for Bubba's truck!

Redneck Trophy Fish

The result of cutbacks in the Pentagon's budget

Military Cutbacks

How to move a Shar Pei dog

Super Fan

Lightweight Indian vehicle runs on soda pop

See Through Car

Lighting the way for a clean-energy environment

Oil Lamps

Little Johnny's 'Wait - Lifting' tips

Baby Weightlifter

How to best listen to uplifting music

Musical Bathroom

Bubba's cool car draws lots of fans

Redneck Windshield Defroster

Go ahead, make my day!

Clint Eastwood's Dog

Looking for good deals down the road

Cart Rod

See a comeback between the lines?

John Lennon Lines

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