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No more tangled headphones

The Untangler

A heartwarming Outback welcome from Aussie residents

Glendambo Welcome

Man's best friend holds his own in Italy

Leaning Tower Of Pisa Dog

The obese bathroom is under construction

Slim People Bathroom

Create your own 'baby baby' hairstyle pacifiers

Soothing Hairstyle

Bending over backwards for the best view

Truck Driver Birth

Having spider control problems around your home?

Spider Trap

Checking out today's snow crop

Nice Day For A Ride

Movie and motion picture industry trend analysis

Motion Picture Selfie

Will this Eagle face seven years of bad luck if it breaks the mirror?

Winter Mirror

Making famous first impressions

Is This Really Happening?!

Is your house insurance up to date?

House 'Broke'rage

Happy Valentine weekend from the restaurant industry!

Restaurant Valentines

Puppy with a lot of heart

Cute Puppy

How to spoil a good moment

Unhappy Valentine's Day

I'm looking forward to Cheap Candy Day

My Favourite Day of the Year

It was love at first bike

Biker Love

Romance on an artistic Texas ranch

Love It

Why Cupid's Arrow needs to point the right way

My Valentine

Valentine greetings from the Latin Lover

Rudolph Valentino

From cactus to cacti on Valentine's Day

Vera Valentine

Disney World reaches Canada

Winter Snowglobe

The heartbreak of young romance

She Loves Me ... She Loves Me Not

Better than a bite of chocolate on Valentine's Day

Bite Me Valentine

Evan reaches out with a Valentine sucker punch

Valentine Reach

Gopher it - she's worth it!

Hand Me Down Valentine

I hope my girlfriend likes my Valentine card

Choose Valentine

Cupids 'n arrow chairs bring you closer to your loved one

Romantic Table

Heart-shaped present from the dog

Valentine Gift

What the Cardiologist gave his patients on Valentine's Day

Valentine Heart

Let me call you sweet heart, I'm in love with you...

Heart's Heart

Don't forget the child support check along with the candy and roses!

Happy Valentine's Day to Our New Father

Valentine target practice in Japan


The last of its heavy loads

Truck Load

Not exactly the newspaper add she was expecting...

Valentine's Day Dinner

My heart burns for you

Love Flame

Follow your dreams, motorcycle riders!

Redneck Date

Love seats of the not-so-rich and famous

Love Bike

Romantic scenery in the mountain tops

In The Heart Of The Mountains

How to ruin a romantic evening

Romance Lost

Creative advertising can sell anything

Zombies Can't Swim

'Reptile Dial' - latest in pet dating services

Crocodial Love

Quickest way to a man's heart

Heart Pizza

'Fall' Leaves - Childish leap of faith

Soft Landing - Kowabunga, Dude!

From the inventors of Spam-a-Lot

Spamdex Pork Shorts

Looking for the perfect restaurant on Valentines Day?

Perfect Valentines Day

Sending him a heart-size chunk of meat on Valentine's Day

Valentines - Texas Style

Creative solutions to today's water shortage

Drinking Friends

Braille language spoken by high flyers

Pilot Lounge

Use your intials to Bluesify yourself

What's Your Blues Name?

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