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Latest duct tape solution for City Planning

Lego Bridge

Gun control for those above the law

Gun Laws

Latest X-Factor Sudoku Puzzle: #17195

X-Factor Sudoku Puzzles C

Keep it closed or you'll lose the Dark Side

Dark Room

How Chipper Jones got his nickname

Lost Leg

Sign of Body Piercing taken to a new level of pain

Painful Tattoo

Running away from the last drop of wine this year

One More Drop

Ski hill lights way to the Christmas treetop

Mountain Christmas Tree

How to save bathroom counter space

Toothpaste Holder

Slow design day for a Slug Bug

Turbo Snail

Bubba wanted to see if his truck had a roll bar

Truck Bender

The Subaru Outback lasts for many generations


Measuring up to your potential

Jeopardy Measuring Cup

Never worry about car theft - just take it with you everywhere

Anti-Theft Car

Offering hope - living candidates need not apply

Help For Dead Children

Do you have a fear of Clowns?

Clowns Have No Fear

Welcome to Michigan

Buns For Guns

Latest Quad (Hyper) Sudoku Puzzle: #17193

Quad (Hyper) Sudoku I

From kite to byte in 15 years

Selfie Stick Evolution

Gliding in a seagull's jet stream

Fast Beach Chicken

Why the 'm' in 'mri' stands for magnetic

Magnetic Personality

Who turned the lights out?

Power Outage

Is it Don's turn?

Airplane In Suds

Diplomatic request for VIP seats at a World Cup Play-off Match

Irish Diplomacy

Where the only thing to fear is sphere itself


Getting the low-down on Santa's daily duties

Christmas Thrones

City Salmon are preferred over Wild Salmon in Portland, Oregon

Salmon Street

Bicycle conversion kit for Canadians

Snow Bikes

Wise old cat

Make It Work

Celebrating the shortest day of the year in Canada, eh

We Witch You a Merry Solstice

If there's never any service you won't have to pay!

Interuption Charge

Christmas present that may backfire

Paid Off Student Loan

Latest Mega Samurai Puzzle: #17191A-K

Mega Samurai Puzzles A

How to create an expensive luxury cat

Cat Conversion

Motorcycle designed for a candy striper

Sweet Chopper

Finding a place on the roof for gun control

Gun Exhaust

Possession is nine-tenths of the law

It's All Mine

Side effects of taking one ride twice daily

Harley Medicine

Leaving relics along the West Coast Trail

Hiker Boot Camp

Trump justice between the scales of liberty


Do you smell something burning?

Santa Stop Lights

So that's what they were...

Small Speed Bumps

Have you got the Runza?

Free Gas

Balcony parkade for small car owners

Apartment Parking

Time for a Creative break

Day of Light and Darkness

German football fans prepare for gold crown

Germany In World Cup Final

Eddie 'The Eagle' Edwards lends a lorry

Snow Shuttle

How to cook a real sand-wich

Planet Bacon

How Star Wars characters move around the Galaxy

Darth Vader Cool

The fans are doing better than the Texas Rangers this year

Hold On, Let Me Catch The Ball

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