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Record high temperatures turn poodles into puddles

Melted Dog

Nutrition God's Way

Bible Bar

Cooling off during the dog days of summer

Shower Dog

MacIsaac found it hard to choose between the options

Scottish Choices

Patient waiting line awaits unraveling of fish net

Is Lunch Ready?

Church for the rich of mind

Food Bank Closure

Cat nibbling in the early hours

Breakfast In Bed

Looks like they had the right sign on this vehicle

'Turn Me Over' Pickup

Wilbur's fat-free ice cream cone was for the birds

Ice Cream Thief

Designer bed toppings for kids

Chocolate Bed

Moving experience with transmission cross leading way

Uplifting Church

Ladies like to handle this cactus

Touchy Subject

f'Eel good catch of the Century

It's A Keeper

Why you'd better stop horsing around on the streets

Horse Hearse

For serious drag racers who haven't got time for Pit Stops

No Pit Stop Car

Where many brooms make light work

Street Cleaning in China

Travel on the road to nowhere

Absolutely Nothing

Drumming up a few landscape ideas

Flower Drums

From the Department of the Obvious


Makes scents while making cents!

Waterproof Notepad

How to help Grandma on the road to recovery

Seniors Bike Club

What a hand-some family you have!

Family Hands

Flight training includes down-side survival class at this airport

Flight Downer

Grab hold of some piercing attention


Tim the Tool Man's SUV

Can Never Have Too Many Tools

New cubicle and private office layout

Office Budget Cuts

Crying fowl on a Canadian Prairie lake

Optimistic Goose

The sun doesn't go down - it goes sideways

Sun Wagon

Another perfect round of golf

PARfect Golf

Why their honeymoon got off to a bad start

Before The Impact

Oklahoma, where the wind comes sweeping down the plains

Tornado's Path of Destruction

Heritage candle - for unlimited lighting

Light Coil

Driver training in Thailand

Thai Bikers: Whoever Falls First Loses

Looking for more South Africa dinner suggestions?

Kayak Tours for Lunch and Dinner Guests

7200 Volts Vs Logging Truck

Power-Full Logging Truck

Kid's last 'Say Cheese' picture

Pre-Dinner Photography

Where managers serenely pond-er their next move

Pond Management

How not to whitewash your car

Revenge of the Birds

Bubba has to remember to take off the safety before he sits down

Texas Rocking Chair

Inspiration for toasted crumpet condiments

Culinary Breakthrough

Are you unencumbered, warm, caring and love joe-ks?

Aussie Husband Wanted - Call Helen

How to spice up a boring class

Lecture Meal

In the path of destruction

Tornado House

Guidelines for door-challenged employees

This Is A Window

On the cutting edge of digital produce scales

Cut Weight

Going round and round in circles

Forever Round

The tail end of an excellent fish diet

All Mine

Giving Mom a break from baby chores

Bottle Support

Hiking art from Nova Scotia

Falls Trail Tree

Going Green tip: stay away from pointed sticks

Going Green

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