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Lending a helping hand to Little Johnny

Sometimes Dads Are Wet For Work

How to determine directions to anywhere but North

North of Somewhere

Teenage Chinook Salmon on the Wet Coast

Salmon Bikini

(also known as the Irony Punctuation)

Percontation Point

Cloud illusions of the animal kind

Dog Days Of Summer Weather

Hockey is the national sport of Canada, eh

Canadian Growth Chart

Break it in before it breaks you

Horse Never Ridden

Make anything into a finger sandwich!

Bread Gloves

The murder that took place 100 years ago that set off World War I

Archduke Franz Ferdinand (d) 28-June-1914

What's behind a tattoo?

Leg Works

Disclaimer: hockey puck velocity may vary from rink to rink

Canadian Math

What a tree-mendous idea!

Save A Tree

Latest Chinese Sudoku Puzzle: #16753

Chinese Sudoku Puzzles B

Definitely time for Changing the Guard at Buckingham Palace

Night Watch

Found a diet plan that will help you lose more than this plan?

My New Diet

Phyllis ruined it for everyone

Cow Trampoline

Chinese 101 for English tourists

Extreme Littering

How to install Rock Tamers Down Under

Aussie Mud Flaps

Fingerlings in the primate world

Tiny Monks

Crowd pleasing fruit

Thumbs Up Strawberry

New Brunswick's latest lodge even welcomes politicians

Lodge Welcome

Lighting the way in a home Down South

Texas Lampshades

Don't choose the bottom one!

Igloo Library

Did you know that Canadians are sorry about everything?

Canadian Diary

Don't go bacon my heart!

You're Home Early

Recipe for gluten-free, sugarless compost

Vegan Brownies

Latest Olympic Sudoku Puzzle: #16751

Olympic Sudoku Puzzles A

Dermatologist recommended brand of face cereal

Nutella Face Lotion

How to tie knots without being funny

A Frayed Knot

How to use English punctuation correctly

Oxford Comma

Playing yacht-sea with a strong wind

Sail Flight

Would you like some whine with your wine?

Quit Your Wining

Use commas, and never miss a period

Practice Safe Text

Something not seen in a Kosher butcher shop

Stylish Butcher

Diet plans with no calory limits - until you start eating...

Milkshake Diet

Snooker with perfect pool pockets

Beginner's Billiards

A real up-right piano

Piano Shelves

Inspiring your ride to go faster

Faster, My Noble Steed!

How to ensure safety for motel guests

Motel Hunters

Learning to ice climb in Russia

Ice Climbing Building

Trivia + Trivia Sudoku by the joe-kster

Daily Trivia C

Formal clothing for almost every nationality

Oxford Style

Cleaning up relationships

Fairy Soap

Having a ball with recycled paper

Throwaway Sport Paper

Time to start feeling young again - enjoy life!

Young At Heart

How to milk a good picture

Like No Udder

Wanker message to the neighbour who rang council

Love Thy Neighbour

Here lies a man who loved his taps

Good To The Last Drop

All is not as it seems on the internet

Gated Community

Finding an appropriate place for the park's bronze statue

Squat Statue

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