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NBA basketball stars on and off the court

Big Basketball Fan

Making reservations for the best hunting dog

Dog Named Salesman

Making cell phone booths obsolete

Mobile Phones

Duran Duran's first successful back-to-back road trip

Making Music

Crowd pleasing fruit

Thumbs Up Strawberry

Latest Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle: #17495

Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles C

When I grow up, I want to be a Harley

Harley Load

Cattle herding - quite moooo-ving

Cow Walking

Some people thought Little Johnny was high-strung

Redneck Clothesline

Comedy in the animal kingdom

Seal LOL

Brussels convention for chocoholics

Chocolate Train

If you live with a blonde, never leave your laptop in the bathroom

Living With A Blonde

New 2-Step Tax Form - thanks, Revenue Canada!

Revenue Canada Simplified 2017 Tax Form

Adding hundreds of millions to state coughers

Seattle After Pot Was Legalized

Calcutta driving lessons with a nice-name company

Glamour Training

A 'fine' way to get better grades

Cheat Sheet

Animals in the Great White North adapt to surroundings

Canadian Squirrel

What if the Federal Income Tax is illegal?

Pay Your Taxes

The effects of gas...

Gas Passer - Downwind Protocol

Anorexia Survivors

Jolly Good Recovery

Take your best shot with this underwater canon

Underwater Photography

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 17492-93

2fer Sudoku Puzzles B

Why have a cat nap when you can doze off with a cow?

Cow Nap

Fine art insurance for the clumsy tourist

Vase Security

Olympic swimmer's final thoughts: 'I’ve been framed!'


Bubba's lo-tech space travel plans

Redneck Space Shuttle

Some whale watching tours add special backdrop scenery

Whale Photobomb

Looking for a '57 Nash Metropolitan?

Saskatchewan Snowmobile For Sale

Good news - the snow has reached the Maximum

Reach For The Mountain Top

Some stores never know when to close

Open Too Long

Beer for tea drinkers

Beer Bags

Delta's new economy fare to combat high fuel prices

Economy Flight Plan

Boys will be boys

Grown Up Men

When it's not n'ice to be on the road

Rush Hour Ice

How to keep intruders away from the worksite

Australian Construction Security

Clock for those who couldn't care less about Daylight Savings Time

Who Cares Clock

Latest Symbol Sudoku Puzzle: #17490

Symbol Sudoku Puzzles B

Taking stretch exercises to an outer limit

Mr. Flexible

Another missed call?

Pregnant Ref

Roo's self photograph makes news in Australia

Aussie Selfie

Gets better the longer you 'stair' at it

Redneck Stairs

Learning a new language in Pennsylvania


Computer literacy starts at a young age in Newfoundland

Pet Mouse

Catching a ride with Mom

HorseBack Riding

Always secure your boat to the trailer

Boat Launch

Looking for a Cool way to spend your evening with the grandkids?

Special Present For Grandpa

Mennonite's peaceful version of 'Hunger Games'

Unger Games

What happened at the butt end of the cycling tour

Cow Cycle

Can your Facebook status wait?

Pay Attention While Walking

World's first milking horse an udder success

Down Under Cross Breeding

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