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Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #17202-05

Sudoku Sampler D

All nine iguana-deer are ready for takeoff

Santa Claws Is Coming To Town

The Force Awakens for Jewish Star Wars fans

Keep The Han in Hanukkah

Santa's helpers now wear hard hats

Elf Safety

Ozark scenery during the Holiday Hunting Season

Redneck Christmas Deer Hunt

Practical gifts towards Peace on Earth

Three Wise Women

Christmas ornaments that stand out among the others

Christmas Tree Costume

Walking in a lighted winter wonderland

Snow Lights

Little Johnny grew up with Whiskey Soothers

Found The Jackpot

Santa Claus's rodent lookalike

Merry ChristMouse

Merry Christmas from the Marzipan Singers

Frohe Weihnachten!

Adding a kid clause for Santa Clause

Santa For Kids

Have you been naughty this year?

Save Santa The Trip

Drowning after kayak catches fire

Eskimo Kayakers

How to recycle your old Christmas ornaments

Christmas Balls

How to cut back on Christmas spending

Recession Christmas Tree

Beware of open winter windows

Snow Zombie

Christmas shopping for dyslexics

Merry Snafu

1984 Chevy 4 wheel drive, new interior, clean windows, low miles

Camouflage Truck

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 17199-200

2fer Sudoku Puzzles B

Holiday Season gowns for hospital emergency personnel

Twelve Doctors Screaming

Reaching out for more snow

Icy Grip Of Winter

Putting light into the holiday season

Holiday Bike

Suborbital space flights - now with stops in Alabama

Star Trek Trike

What pilots do in fresh snow

Plane Snow Angel

Look what I found in the Christmas tree this year!

Christmas Tree Puppy Ornament

Jolly meal enjoyed by bearded men

Santa Convention

Bubba lights up his Christmas tree with jingle bells and shotgun shells

Texas Holiday Lights

It's all about placement...

Lottery Winner's Christmas Present

Relationships in the owl family were strained that day

What Did You Just Say?

How my wife and I differ on home design plans

Home Library

Dressing up your pet for the festive day

Christmas Cat

Merry Christmas from the Joe-kster!

Joe-kster Santa 2009

Making your own path through a winter storm

Winter Kayaking

Why bacon is for Periodic Element nerds

BaCoN T-Shirt

Searching the neighbourhood for good little girls and boys

Christmas Car

If Santa answered his mail honestly...

Santa Mail

Latest Japanese Sudoku Puzzle: #17197

Japanese Sudoku Puzzles A

Christmas recipes stuffed with good ideas

Christmas Dinner Made Easy

Performance transmission without performance

Race Break

How to shoot your way into a Redneck house

Texas Door Handle

Weather that is not welcome on Indian Reservations

Snow Reservations

Fence art illusion knot to be outdone

Happy Wood Pig

Is it Wine O'clock yet?

Wine Me Over

It's beginning to look a lot like chistmyth

Marijuana Tree

What recession? Bubba spends more on his deer friends!

Redneck Christmas Decorations

Taking very close up wildlife photography

On Top Of Things

Are you a little upset?

Polite Protest

Converting data from a byte to a sip

Missing File

Chinese cosmetics - an eye lift in a tube

Bag Deflation

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