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Lessons learned on the golf course

Golf Like I Do

Cubism and surrealism painting by a selfie artist

Surreal Cubist

Looking through a calculation

Transparent Touch Calculator

Learning to play bagpipes - a breath of fresh air

Young Piper

Coming or going, mind the steps!

Escher Dilemma

New line of edible watches by Apple

Apple Watch

Supporting weight loss plans for other people

Obesity Is OK

Extreme Eyelashes

Eye Like It

What kind of pun-e ship would you sail on?


Canadians seeking higher pensions as illegal immigrants

Boatload Interception

Kissed by a wild moose

Canadian Kiss

Setting the stage for a French landmark

Eiffel Tower Crane

Shopping through the looking glass in Paia, Maui

Alice In Hulaland

Cutting the cord - looking forward to wireless charging

Museum Charge

Preparing for a slide down Lawyer Lane


Work safety doesn't include falling down on the job

Unstable Ladder

In-home pool accessories for the Out-back Australian

Aussie Hot Tub

How Bubba made record sales in house construction last year

Vinyl Siding

How much sugar in beverages and sodas?

Rethink Your Drink

For what ales you on the road

Brewery Motorcycle

She found a lifeguard job for car pools

Pothole Lifeguard

In some countries, chess is played until Czech-mate

How Russians Play Chess

Re-inventing the wheel in France

French Army Knife

Doing punitence @

Just Lettuce Know

Canada legalizes marijuana - driving around the legality of cannabis

First Shipment

Preparing for travel with a large family

Stretch Jeep

Kosher food now available at Israeli McDonald's

Sea Of Life

Bathroom faucets for an airplane pilot

Jet Nozzles

Computer repair tips for all operating systems

How To Fix Any Computer

What happens at Grandma's place stays here

House Rules

Recipes that come to a sad conclusion

Science Fiction Recipes

Flower bouquets to ease the tension

How Mad Is She?

Ceiling fan and light remote control for non-techies

Fool Proof Lighting

Canine Clothesline on wash day

Hung Out To Dry Dogs

Willie Nelson revives hit song 'On The Road Again'

Scooter Music

Stay calm - wine is here!


Pain-full ways to make an impression

Hazards of Nose Picking

Sitting down to a scrap metal view

Shadow Seats

Turning a new leaf at the apartment

Page Turn Mural

Higher education in Russia

Russian Graduate

Byron likes to go chicken racing on the farm

Chicken Rider

Seeing red through convoluted English interpretation

Why Fire Trucks Are Red

One size carpet fits all lawns - includes full grown tree

Tree Carpet

How bubble gum extends the usefulness of ordinary shoes

High Heel Gum Shoes

Perfect fit for the man of your dreams

Putting Your Foot Down

Anything dead between two slabs of bread

Road Kill Grill - You Hit It, We Spit It

Regifting for the bride not to be

Wedding Dress For Sale

Words of car theft encouragement

Items Of Value

Rednecks build their fences one can at a time

Redneck Fence

Latest in cheap designer clothing

Snake Wrap Dress

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