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In safe hands amidst the storm

Lighthouse Safety

Finding one man's treasure hidden in a snow bank

First Signs Of Spring

Diorama depiction of Jesus' tomb

Easter Sepulcher

False eyelash with backward compatibility


How observant are you?

Find 11 Faces

Water in its purest form is not conductive

Redneck Electric Pool

Is it time for you to turn yourself around?

Hokey Pokey Addict

Winter blahs!

Tired Of Snow

What's moving - your head or the drawing?

Moving Dot Illusion

Outraged Lehman Brothers employees blockade bank headquarters

Lehman Brothers Protest

Passed along during concert frenzy

Crowd Surfing - Expert Level

Easy to follow instructions for pipeline protesters

Pipeline Protesters

How to find a long and prosperous life

Live Long Street

For Days When Your Car Doesn't Run

Car Trolley Transportation

How to slow down traffic around your house

Gone To The Dogs

Becoming as one with nature

Inside Outside Thinking

How many Germans does it take to change a lightbulb?

German Efficiency

How to create a major power outage

Cutting Trees Above Powerlines

Golf Gourmet - adding a hole in one for French Fries

Perfect Pizza

Finding a cool place to sit on the back porch

Fridge Support

Unexpected traveler crosses the Passagassawaukeag River in Maine

Moose Pedestrian

Extremely rare sneakers

Two Foot Steaks

Renaissance of the Venetian Gondoliers

Venice on a Shoestring Budget

Living sculpture frames German landscape

German Forest

Something tells me my package will be a bit late

Late Package Delivery

When life gives you lemons, search for melons

Simple Surgery

Latest Mega Samurai Puzzle: #17912A-K

Mega Samurai Puzzles E

And you thought wine in a box was good value!

Home Wine Delivery

Pointing towards a good hunting season

Deer Hunter Tattoo

Developing a good relationship with your spouse

In Three Pictures

A DJ's music mixer inspired from the kitchen

DJ Birthday

From Activist to Captivist

Greenpeace in Russia

How to treat Jellyfish stings

Stinger Beach

Look! Some buds on the trees already...

Spring Trees

When it might be a good time for global warming

Frozen Parking Spot

May you rust in peace

Water Tank

Are they white-tailed or mule deer?

Worth Two Bucks

For 'close calls' on a very busy day

Cell Shaver

When it's especially hard to go back to sleep

Once You're Awake

Can you resist an inviting sign?

Rocky Orders

Balancing a full load of paper-work

Aerodynamic Load

Getting pumped for your first date

His and Her Pumps

Bringing back a souvenir from Easter Island

Tourist Baggage

Water Monks

Waterfall Method for Buildings

Where Gin, Vermouth and Olives belong

Perfect Martini

Most commonly spoken language in the U.S. other than English

Mexico Is A Huge Country

Finding what's in a toddler's mouth

Fastest Land Mammal

Bubba finds a way to make it on time to his own wedding

Truck Stuck Wedding Cake

Motorcycle shipping around the world


What if the Federal Income Tax is illegal?

Pay Your Taxes

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