November 2018

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Test your World Knowledge

Trivia Section

This pointillism pioneer was only 31 when he died of a sudden illness in Paris.

This resort island off the coast of South Carolina was named for a British sea captain.

In 1859 a sensational trial followed when a jealous husband killed Philip Barton Key, son of this man.

Vegetarians have to be careful to get enough zinc. These items, big at Halloween time, help make sure they do.

Get your “Riddle-in”

Riddle Section

What's a barber's motto?

Why is the shopping so good in Hawaii?

What girl collects money for the needy?

How can you prove that a man has three heads?

You’re Kid’n me, right?

Kids Rids Section

What's the biggest room in the world?

What type of books do baby deer enjoy?

How did Jonah feel when the whale swallowed him?

What candy is never on time?

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Smart Fortune Cookie

Cooling off after another hot flash

Menopause Sucks

'Roll' with the flow: Bugatti vs Baguette


Shared understanding and common goals

We Are All Tied Together

You decide their business hours


Snow removal in Eastern Canada

Going For A Walk

Tree that never gave up

Fell Years Ago

Winning ways get struck down by lightning stroke

No Pot Of Gold

How to flatten doughnut calories

Krispy Kreme Waffles

Shopping for grass fed produce

Organic Pears

Justice is served

Hungry For Justice

What happens on the desert stays on the desert


and stuff that tells you what life is really about

Quotes Matter

Smaller than small cell - just don't lose it!

Latest Cell Phone

Big toboggan ride

Sled Dog

Dodge cars in Michigan are out of this world!

Stratus Sphere

Standing guard over driftwood for sale

Driftwood Lion

Blossom of mushroom icicles

Frost Flower

Martin Handford bales out on country illustration

Where is Waldo?

How cold was it in the Everglades today?

Frigid Florida

Bubba's Redneck cowboy boots have a venomous kick

Texas Cobra Boots

Change is in the air

Autumn Download

The first people not to read Apple's terms and conditions

Read The Fine Print

How animals celebrate Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Harvest Time

Secret to survival in a stress-full environment

It's All About Attitude

Where you can Drink and Dive

Sauna Bar

Food For Thought at Happy's Market

The Importance Of Education

When deep sea creatures come a little too close

My Last Swim In The Ocean

Some days just aren't long enough

Dog Tired After Work

Emma supported the finest Redneck wine rack

Hammock Wine

Today's mobile and multitasking parent

Parenting Skills

Finding the limits of a Redneck yard security system

Property Boundary

The caring arborist supports a just cause

Tree Nurture

Beer floating (Kaljakellunta in Finnish) is a Finnish summer event

Beer Floating

Revenue fundraising in Australia

Police Targeting

When to wear your hard hat

Hard Hat Safety

Who said we evolved from monkeys?

Don't Try This At Home

Backyard beekeeping - take the honey and run

Canadian Bees

Making clothes out of a can

Spray-On Clothing

Revolutionary tire allows drivers to stop on less than a dime

Five Firm Brakes Tire

Why gondolas aren't popular in winter Venice

Venice in Winter

Latest news in re-cycled music

Turntable Bike

Playing yacht-sea with a strong wind

Sail Flight

What happens to you when you lie down?

Number Eight Laziness

Cleaning the driveway snow with the tools you've got

Newfie Snowplow

Orange road safety cones for those who should know more about safety

Safety Nap

Saving pennies to paint your car

$383.00 Paint Job

The original boneless chicken breast didn't come from KFC

Boneless Chicken

Where you're always on the right path

Hiking For Beginners

How grandpa communicates with the baby

Mustache Soother

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