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Test your World Knowledge

Trivia Section

This physics term is defined as mass per unit volume.

Noah's Ark supposedly came to rest on this mountain in Turkey.

This refers to an ancient Greek city-state, or central urban area that controlled the surrounding countrysides - a principal unit in the Greek political system.

In 1895 this impressionist finished his famous series of paintings of Rouen Cathedral.

Get your “Riddle-in”

Riddle Section

How do they say good-bye in Canada?

Why is it so hard for a bank to keep a secret?

What would a barefoot man get if he steps on an electric wire?

Which word in the English language becomes shorter when it is lengthened?

You’re Kid’n me, right?

Kids Rids Section

What happened when the steam hammer was invented?

Where do cows get their education?

When fish swim in schools, who helps their teacher?

Why did the piano teacher chase the elephant with a feather?

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Which bacon came first?

Bacon Is Life

Throughout the good times and the bad times

How Men Think

Nothing like a watermelon slice inside a Rollkuchen

Rollkuchen Sandwich

Bagging a small special at the latest store sale

Two Hand Handbag

How to spot an imitation product when you really see one

Genuine Fake Shoes

Touring kayak no longer on tour

Kayak Funeral

Friends enjoying a real-time video game

Split Screen View

Holding on for all you've got

Ant Strength

New approach to fighting speeding tickets

Paper Scissors Cop

Gun safety begins with bullet trajectory adjustment


Fresh gourmet spices for the kitchen herb specialist

Ultimate Spice Rack

Winner of the retirement home's 'Still Motion Cyclist' award

Aging Cyclist

Knitters get ready - it's time for another yarn bombing

Yarn Bombing a Bus

No more missed calls on the rings

Cell Phone Athlete

Turning a Spacebar into a Space Bar

The Spacebar

Alarming car invitation on a hot African day

Africa Car Security

Where did summer go?

Sand Faces

Are you trained to walk on water?

Train Boat

How to 'wet' one's appetitie in India

Water Rickshaw

For male flies who don't take directions

That Way

How to extend shopping days

Week Sales for the Weak

When going the high-way is quicker than taking the stairs

Hazardous Delivery

Old fashioned entertainment for the nerd in the crowd

Nothing Can Compete With A Good Book

Hiding in plain sight

Camouflage Pro

When breakfast catches up with the news

Morning Paper

When a cure can be found in the next aisle

Diabetes Medication

Why there are few applicants for training plumbing jobs in India

India Plumbers

Keeping student's eyes on their own exam papers

How To Prevent Cheating

Looking for a short-term Army job? Testing for duds is 4U...

Worst Job in the Army

Taking a load off your mind in the office

Time Management

Record high temperatures turn poodles into puddles

Melted Dog

Nutrition God's Way

Bible Bar

Cooling off during the dog days of summer

Shower Dog

MacIsaac found it hard to choose between the options

Scottish Choices

Patient waiting line awaits unraveling of fish net

Is Lunch Ready?

Church for the rich of mind

Food Bank Closure

Cat nibbling in the early hours

Breakfast In Bed

Looks like they had the right sign on this vehicle

'Turn Me Over' Pickup

Wilbur's fat-free ice cream cone was for the birds

Ice Cream Thief

Designer bed toppings for kids

Chocolate Bed

Moving experience with transmission cross leading way

Uplifting Church

Ladies like to handle this cactus

Touchy Subject

f'Eel good catch of the Century

It's A Keeper

Why you'd better stop horsing around on the streets

Horse Hearse

For serious drag racers who haven't got time for Pit Stops

No Pit Stop Car

Where many brooms make light work

Street Cleaning in China

Travel on the road to nowhere

Absolutely Nothing

Drumming up a few landscape ideas

Flower Drums

From the Department of the Obvious


Makes scents while making cents!

Waterproof Notepad

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