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Test your World Knowledge

Trivia Section

Effective January 1, 1948, Italy's new constitution outlawed this political party.

Declaring the world owes me what I need, he dressed only in silk, bathed in incense and wrote the opera Ring Cycle.

No one was killed in the battle for this fort, the first battle of the U.S. Civil War.

Around 1920 plates of this silicon mineral were first used to control radio frequencies.

Get your “Riddle-in”

Riddle Section

A father and mother have six sons and each son has one sister. How many people are in that family?

What fish tastes good with peanut butter?

When is a baseball catcher like a farmer?

What do aliens rest their teacups on?

You’re Kid’n me, right?

Kids Rids Section

Why did the Japanese chef yell?

What bad girl grows in a garden?

Which pirate do fish fear the most?

What kind of coffee was served on the Titanic?

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Heads up for weatherproof computing


Bacon and eggs takes on a new personality

Bacon Face Breakfast

Why some teenagers have short lives

Daredevil Selfie

Putting your best foot forward

Toe Trucks

Carter couldn't understand why his milk sales were so low

Weekend Delivery

The world's first life safety jackets

Inner Tube Swimmers

Time for a Social Networking diet

Twitter Overload

How to avoid food-on-the-floor germs

The Five Second Rule

Sign of a non-extinct sport

Dinosaur Bowling

How Australians convert soup into wine

Aussie Gazpacho

Rescue of the Japanese style hot dog

Save The Hot Dog

Working together in partnership to create and prevent crime

Police Thieves

Where Kong has no plans to scale the Empire State Building

Russian King Kong

Only a power wheelchair will do for a Texan

Texas Wheelchair

Welcome chair for uninvited guests

Nail Chair

How to stop and reverse a receding hairline

Goat Hairstyle

Hurry before spouse comes home!

Divorce Yard Sale

First notification of brain drain

Awesome Brain

Like father, like son

Months Apart

Time to start feeling young again - enjoy life!

Young At Heart

Making a point about trampoline safety

Pointed Trampoline

What to do if your Dog does a Poo

Naughty Dog

Can I put bigger tires on my wheelchair?

NASCAR Wheelchair

Taking a lobster bite of Fish and Chips in Texas

Fihs Meal

It pays to get the best stuff

Real Chicken

Before Woolies and Coles arrived in Australia

Aussie Grocery Shopping

How to install energy efficient lighting

Lightbulb Apprentice

No hay roca? Demasiado malo...

Argentina Weather Stone

German Sausage - food for thought

Wurst Humour

Pool rewards for carpoolers

Car Pool Lane

If you can read this, you're guilty

Do Not Read Law

White dove amongst roses

Faith Forever

Planting a rose garden to lose weight and gain stress

Diet Silverware

My wife asked me to cook her some seafood

Octopus Pasta

Traveling through a Separation of Church and State

No Separation

Preparing for a Zombie Halloween

Zombie Mug

When resistance to change is futile

What A Radical

Music to create a breakfast appetite

Bacon My Heart

If you drink then drive in Australia

Aussie Drinkers

Trigonometry basics learned in the kitchen

How a Tangerine Is Made

Finding the easiest way to the shopping mall

For Lazy Shoppers

Patience is required to get the best wildlife photographs

Wildlife Photographer

How to find cheap, nearby internet access

Wi-Fi Neighbour

Tips on safety for storing a senior walker

Walker Safety

What it's like to have the best of everything

Greatest Daughter

Now serving slightly lumpy cocktails in Yukon bars

Sourtoe Cocktail

Wood carvings for fallen forest idols

Ogre Tree

Choosing an above-ground bed with built in pot-e

Dog Pot Nap

Remember - Morons vote too!

Shame On All You Hunters

Choosing the right colour for men and women

Names of the Colours

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