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Test your World Knowledge

Trivia Section

From the Latin for inactivity, this refers to the tendency of a body to resist change in its motion.

This is how many times a Roman numeral's value increases if it has a line over it.

Once the capital of an Ethiopian province, Asmara is now the capital of this country.

This is the national airline of Ireland.

Get your “Riddle-in”

Riddle Section

What table is made of paper and has no legs?

What's the best way to improve a long speech?

What type of tree is made up of numbers and letters?

What's the definition of a will?

You’re Kid’n me, right?

Kids Rids Section

What should you do if you get a rash from biting mosquitoes?

What's a good name for a molecule?

How do you fit more pigs onto a farm?

Why did the python need a vacation?

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Elvis would be proud of this Philippine hairstyle

Lego Haircut

When things finally went well at the office

It's Been A Good Day

Marching to the sleep of a different drummer

Yawn March

Who to call on when you need your car towed in India

TurbAnne - India's Iron Lady

Sliding market for Oscar Mayer products in Montana

Wienermobile Crash

When there are no seats available, make your own

Subway Solutions

Latest Samurai Sudoku Puzzle: #17425-29

Samurai Sudoku Puzzles B

Keeping a-herd of the pack with a hi-tech vehicle

Cattle Herding in Africa

How to turn water into de-vine

Hair Growth - a Sign of the Times

On the edge of a meltdown

Who Needs Physics?

Inner tube tire repair at a Redneck mine

Tiring Tire

Bubba remembers the essentials on camping trips

Redneck Hitch Attachment

Why Panda Bears have a bad reputation at Chapters


Far East restroom restrictions

No Wash Feet

Everything in its right place

OCD Cookie Jar

Baby swings for the traveling Redneck

Redneck Daycare

Tax dollars put to good use: 6 Safety Watchers to 1 Worker

City Work Crew's Slow Day

Pied piper finds the perfect standalone dance partner

Dance With Me

This crocodile packs its own lunch

Croc Surfing

How to use a pottery wheel when you don't have one

Redneck Potter's Wheel

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 17422-23

2fer Sudoku Puzzles I

One guy who failed @ Gyna College

Why Men Shouldn't Take Messages

Business in the Muslim Quarter of the Old City (Jerusalem)

Gold Silk Fabric

Bubba's 'Wooden GPS System' - wooden you like one!

Redneck GPS

Preparing an elegant look for a brick building

Ivy Facade

Little Johnny looked forward to eating his vegetables

Eat Your Vegetables

How to cook tough beef

Beef Teeth

An incredible story of luck and inspiration!

Feel-Good Story of the Year

The best way to keep a public toilet clean

Korean Public Toilet

Sharing friendship with man's best friend


Fine dining in da Ghetto

Dat Donuts

Keep your car smelling fresh and clean

Texas Air Freshener

From the Imelda Marcos shoe collection

Well Heeled Shoe

Where to place late assignments

The Circular File

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #17417-20

Sudoku Sampler D

Bollywood groupies start young in India

What Do You Think?

Best Man's last prank on the Groom

Help Me Before It's Too Late!

If trees could talk

Tree Sorrow

Let Little Johnny choose the best dog food

Finger Lickin' Good!

eyeGoogle, do you?

Google Glasses

You're never too old to take up ballroom, latin, and swing dancing

Ballroom Dancing for Seniors

President's Day Sale - everything must go!

Protest Signs Are Getting Better

Rediscover the lost art of cooking with lard

Lard Family

See you later, gator!

Gator Baiter

Premature denture preparation in the park

Tooth Loss

Coffee served in suspended animation

The Floater

Exercise the day after St. Patrick's Day

Irish Yoga - Day 2

Turning around music in the 1700’s

Bach Flip

Bubba told his wife to stop drinking from afar

Quit Your Wining

Latest Hebrew Sudoku Puzzle: #17415

Hebrew Sudoku Puzzles B

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