October 2016

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Test your World Knowledge

Trivia Section

British biologist Sir Richard Owen coined this word for prehistoric creatures in 1842.

In 1868 Christopher Sholes and 2 others patented the typewriter; in 1873 this gunmaker got the contract to market it.

To the ancient Greeks, a rough sea meant this god was angry.

With Deke Slayton grounded with a heart condition, this man got to be the second U.S. man in space.

Get your “Riddle-in”

Riddle Section

What is a twip?

What country makes you shiver?

Spell extra wise in two letters.

Why does time fly?

You’re Kid’n me, right?

Kids Rids Section

What do you call a Hindu wiseman from Australia?

How do Arabians dance?

What do Chinese cannibals eat?

What did the vampire say to the dentist?

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How to leave notes for your successor at work

Post-it Succession Planning

Latest Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzle: #16190

Jigsaw Sudoku Puzzles

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 16190-91

2fer Sudoku Puzzles

The Donald putting a curl into a whirl

Donald Trump Rabbit

Halloween Decorations: Master Level

Halloween Transformers

Receiving too many silent calls?

Dead Phone

A touch of Barbie for the wife's car

Blonde Car Mirror

Some witches won't need costumes this year

Happy Scary Halloween

The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be

Halloween Horse

Halloween takes a toll on aging pumpkins

Pumpkin Dentures

Pumpk-In or Pumpk-Out?

How To Enjoy Pumpkin Beer

What some people will do to have their pet win a contest

Animal Halloween Costumes

You can drink this famous letter of the alphabet

Mr. Tea

Winning kids Halloween costumes

Raccoon Stormtrooper

Dressing up as a scary ride for Halloween

Costume Ride

Latest Chinese Sudoku Puzzle: #16188

Chinese Sudoku Puzzles

Calm before the storm

Funnel Farm

Jewish Star Wars Halloween costume


Transparency is key to a bare bones Halloween display

Halloween Lamp

Who's been haunting around your house?

Halloween House

Bubba has to remember to take off the safety before he sits down

Texas Rocking Chair

Hillary Clinton not meeting needs of women voters ages 18-35

Struggling Polls

Coffin Attacks @ Halloween?

Coffin Attack

Where Jim stands on gun totin' conservatives

Military Motorcycle

Looking for a pumpkin? This farmer's market's 4U!

Pumpkin Patch Market

Note To Self: Bat Cave Ahead

Secret Revealed

No thumbs up for his first Halloween

Unhappy Halloween

Guaranteed to suck your funds dry

Bloodsucker Bank

Pat Condell 'The Old Brit Guy' on Hillary vs. Trump

America's Moment of Truth

Latest X-Factor Sudoku Puzzle: #16186

X-Factor Sudoku Puzzles

Chinese USB memory stick without memory

USB Lost Memory Stick

Critical Path Method for quick Trick or Treat turnover

Pumpkin Candy

Which witch did you see?

Halloween Clouds

Would you go on a cruise with this lovely nurse?

Cruise Nurse

Why some people call Bubba a 'hot' shot

Redneck Porch Hunter

Don't believe what I post

Post Research

Amish faith in a troubled world

The Power Of Faith

Bare Bones Bikes for cheap cycling

Halloween Cyclist

Lettuce pray for what we are about to receive

Lettuce Face

Cheat Sheet from a smart Redneck college student

Redneck Engineering Exam

What goes a-round, comes a-round

The Wheels of Life

Halloween pumpkins for Republicans


Economy class trip to the moon

Moon Landing

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #16181-84

Sudoku Sampler

Jethro entered his Segway in the Alabama marathon

Redneck Walkboard

Recommendations for your Halloween clothing

Custom Halloween Costume

Looking at problems from a different perspective

Mirror Solution

What was considered scary at the turn of the 20th Century

Halloween Costumes of Yesteryear

Disney remake of Puss in Boots

Cat Wrangler

How to lose pets in your neighbourhood

Mow Your Lawn

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