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Latest Caption: Childhood Romance

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Test your World Knowledge

Trivia Section

This plant's technical name is Ambrosia Artemisiifolia. Its pollen is wind-dispersed, and can be a strong allergen to people with hay fever.

This is how you write 99 in Roman numerals.

In 1888 the Imperial British East Africa Company established claims to territory in what is now ______.

A Black Velvet is made from these two ingredients.

Get your “Riddle-in”

Riddle Section

What can you hold in your right hand that you can't hold in your left hand?

Why do cows have bells?

Why did the baker take a raisin to the movie?

Where do pianists go on holiday?

You’re Kid’n me, right?

Kids Rids Section

Why are basketball coaches happy?

How do you make fruit punch?

What did the acupuncturist say to the patient who phoned at midnight?

Is Frankenstein scary?

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In Texas, you NEVER question the cook

Grillin' Down South

Bernard Madoff attempts escape from house arrest

Balled Up

Latest Braille Sudoku Puzzle: #16676

Blind (Braille) Sudoku Puzzles

Superman's early splat days


When 'Who's on first?' could be 'Who's in the center?'

Family Picture

Cheap airfare deals - where customers are always placed first

Plane Pushers

How to make your meals come alive!

Food For Thought

Things are in a mess - as usual...

Construction SNAFU Awards

Saying goodbye to a cell phone relationship

Last Selfie

And you thought nobody was using your toothbrush

Cat Brush

Putting the cart before the horse?

Shopping Bike

Elephant Outhouse - Houdini's last movement

Hide and Seek

Fresh paint job for once-clean clothes

Paint Pants

Buying only the best to help the wife cut the lawn

Newfie Riding Lawn Mower

Don't let a little hole in the boat ruin your fishing day

Dryland Fishing

The best way to keep a public toilet clean

Korean Public Toilet

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #16671-74

Sudoku Sampler

Bubba only lets professional movers move his toys

Redneck Moving Company

A-truck-tive sign language

Up-Set & Hungry Trucks

Used camper sales reach all-time high in England

British Holiday

Shooting blanks in the PC vs. Mac standoff


Perfect dog to take with you to the beach

Towel Dog

An eggsellent breakfast presentation

Breakfast Cupcakes

Puzzle fruit depends upon season availability

Edible Rubik's Cube

Cutting back on the backboard

Sushi Spine

Choose your dinner partner very carefully


Fret not - any guitar can make it through our sound room!

Fender Bender

Who says you can't take it with you?

Redneck Funeral

How to control digestion and high blood pressure

Grandma's Remedies

Announcing the all-new 2012 Pelosi GTxi

Congressional Motors 2012 Car

How to enjoy holiday traffic

Lane Closure

Is your vehicle in danger of sliding downhill?

SUV Sinkhole

Latest Symbol Sudoku Puzzle: #16669

Symbol Sudoku Puzzles

A purseonal way to carry your daily digest

Why Such A Big Handbag?

Artistic optical illusions du jour

Double Vision

Only in New Jersey can ugly be beautiful

World's Ugliest Dog

Cheapest way to take a Ferris Wheel ride

Bike Ferris Wheel

Where you can park your dentures right at the door!

Redneck Restaurant

Where bootwear is preferred over sloppy floppies

Redneck Sandals

Owl and Dog are Best Friends

Friends Stick Together

Monk Desktop with crumb-e keys & whole wheat DVD

Computer Bread

Orange road safety cones for those who should know more about safety

Safety Nap

Ever tried to get around a road gate?

Gate Crasher - How NOT To Stop Your Car

Heads up for weatherproof computing


Some wide loads take up three Rhode Island lanes

Volunteer Fire Fighter

We've got the best dam security in the country!

Tampax Protection

Chewable posts attract illiterate animals

No Feeding

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 16666-67

2fer Sudoku Puzzles

How to get a better look at the fish you catch


A deer way to learn about motorcycle safety

Deer Hitchhiker

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