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Test your World Knowledge

Trivia Section

This is the only one of the five Great Lakes entirely in United States.

In 1939 his Hyde Park, New York presidential library became 1st to be separate from Library of Congress.

Boston's Green Monster is in this baseball stadium.

18th Century English feminist Mary Wollstonecraft was the mother of this Frankenstein author.

Get your “Riddle-in”

Riddle Section

What happened to the man who fell into an upholstery machine?

Do pilots get colds?

Why didn't Little Johnny hurt himself when he fell and struck the piano?

How should you treat a baby goat?

You’re Kid’n me, right?

Kids Rids Section

What's a farmer's favourite dance?

What do you get when you cross a fishing rod with a kitten?

Why was the rooster upset?

What do you call a sleeping lizard?

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Surviving another day of newspaper drudgery

Media Bondage

Bubba's new all-terrain 4 wheel vehicle

Redneck ATV

This product is all that it's cracked up to be

Duct Tape - for a Prettier World

What you'll look like after trying a 'Fiendish' Sudoku puzzle

Don't Get Your Head In A Knot

What they use as bait is a trade secret

Cornfield Fishing

And then it Dawn-ed on him...

Dawn Gone

Who holds the highest position in the world?

Highest Human Position In The World

Longevity at the baseball park

Together Since

Cellphone calculators for Alzheimer friends

You Never Call

If the shoe fits, wear it


Electrical receptacle with a lot of power

Water Short

Don't believe what I post

Post Research

Hailing a taxi cab in India

Motorcycle Taxi

How they clean streets in South America

Columbia Street Party

When flying trapeze artists fall down on the job

Fly By Meal

Is it Friday yet?

Down Day

Social networking skills for hikers

Hanging Out With Friends

Sometimes we ask too much of our friends

You Want Me To Do What?

Is this a fake mirror?

Mirror Lake

Dollar stores are not known for the quality of their goods

Kitchen Thing

Time lapse down lightbulb highway

Light Road

Spoon fed reminder to return to work

Coffee Spoon

Farm tractors for hobby farmers

Show Stopper

Hey, look - free water!

Water Judge

A dotted cross between a cat and a dog

Litter of DalCations

Weighing all your options on your way to work

Fitness On The Bus

Tasty morsel culinary excursion

Deluxe Peanut Butter Jam Sandwich

How you can tell who built the fence

Neighbour's Fence

A sign of Perspiration Inspiration

Smoking Hot Body

Budget Rental Car opens new office in Jamaica

Take Away Van

Do you carrot all?

Emotion Stew

Swiss holiday in the Alps

Appenzell, Switzerland

Finding an affordable Holiday Inn in the Middle East

Holy Day Inn

Young Jethro aspiring to be a Ladder Day Saint

Rising To The Occasion

How NOT to use an aluminum ladder

High Wire Act

Taking the ladies for a drive in the good old days

Sunday Drive in the Country

Hang in there!

Cloud Swing

Down-playing safety in the park

Playground Child Eliminator

Strong may be OK, but smell isn't everything!

The Joe-kster Working Out

World Cup players prepare for rainy day games

Flipper Soccer

3-way community stop for truth and conscious living

Superior Church

Used car hoist soon for sale

Redneck Auto Mechanic

Kids having fun at the park

Playground Drivers

Where backseat drivers are allowed to drink and drive

Trunk Drinkers

Making the impossible possible


Emily thought the Sphinx was her Mummy

Pyramid Kiss

When the shoe is on the other foot

What Goes Round Comes Round

Beating a path to the wrong entrance

Mistaken Door

Worker doing his best to stretch out the day


What weird food do you crave?

Leave Toes Outside

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