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Test your World Knowledge

Trivia Section

This Bronze Age civilization emerged on the Greek island of Crete around 2500 B.C.

This is the most extensively grown and eaten food.

This is the score of a forfeited baseball game.

his is what you get when you add fresh fruit to red wine.

Get your “Riddle-in”

Riddle Section

How did the author of Tom Sawyer learn to ride a bicycle?

What do you call treasure buried under your bed?

Why do you want the rain to keep up?

Why was the mortician fired?

You’re Kid’n me, right?

Kids Rids Section

Why do dragons make bad bosses?

Why was the insect kicked out of the national park?

Why don't ducks enjoy the desert?

If you're facing east, what would be on your right hand?

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Unruly tenants get a kick out of this building

Soccer Ball Building

The winner doesn't feel the splinters

Redneck Foosball

Queen Elizabeth greets former IRA commander

Her Majesty's Service

Handed down animal illusions

Hand Art

And in this corner you can choose Iron, Or...

Iron Deposit

Meeting a man ahead of his time in Hong Kong

Too Soon

Elderly deported by Canadian government

Government Cutbacks

Teen's round-the-world setback while living her dream

Abby's Wild Eyes

Bubba's DVD gas caps come in byte sizes

Redneck Gas Cap

Synchronized gymnastics for athletes with illusive form


Lose 800 calories in 30 minutes!

How To Burn Calories

Lending a helping hand on graduation day

Grad Hands

Latest 2fer Sudoku Puzzle: #s 16897-98

2fer Sudoku Puzzles A

How to avoid parking lot door dents

Eye Testing In Progress

Stay out of the way of hot flash women!


Are your participles dangling when reaching for the TP?

Long Reach Shower TP

Jethro's new bodybuilding supplement

Redneck Muscles

Go green with your next yawning awning

Tree Awning

If the hat fits, wear it

Saskatchewan Cool

How sucking in your stomach improves the scenery

Ajay With Heron His Chest

Taking the first step is always hardest

Water Dancer

Miss-placed advertising

Split Personality Ad

Where not to take your car for your next oil change

Mechanics Gone Wrong - Car Teeter Totter

Turn Bubba's charm bracelet backwards & you're a winner every day!

Redneck Watch

Model trains have prehistoric obstacles in Texas


Finding a good resting place

Dog Sitters

Latest Samurai Sudoku Puzzle: #16891-95

Samurai Sudoku Puzzles A

First Chapter of a long relationship

Understanding Women - Pocket Edition

Lining up for morning inspection

Puppy Roll Call

What transmission lines do during off-peak periods

Line Dancing - High Wire Version

When two vehicles won't yield to each other

How Fast Were They Going?

Post office delivery of mail by male carriers is a touchy issue

Mermaid Mailbox

Chastity belt for podiatrists

Meccano Shoe

Logging a restful airline travel flight in Taipei, Taiwan

Travel Log

What weird food do you crave?

Leave Toes Outside

GPS Street Finders - when you have to be at 13 places at once

Ultimate Navigation

Some plants don't like Mondays

Monday Flowers

When a close screen makes for a close shave

Nerd Shaving

Buddhist Worhsip Site in Foshan, China

Baolin Temple

Lighting up Bubba's house with Crisco shortening

Redneck Candle

Bush poet advice: Buckle-Up in the Bush, Mate!

Australian Bush Poetry

Trivia + Trivia Sudoku by the joe-kster

Daily Trivia B

Why Africa Air wasn't cleared for landing on the runway

African Airstrip

Hanging on to a better idea

Light Bulb

How apples show their age

Granny Smith Apple

How to get high while racing your street motorcycle

Roof Top Races

How to spread word about your balanced diet

Balanced Food Delivery

Perhaps they're overpromising this...

Inspiring Funeral Home

Sign of an illiterate school teacher

Teach Our Children Well

Leave the air conditioning on for man's best friend

Non-Hot Dog

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