December 2017

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Latest Caption: Childhood Romance

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Test your World Knowledge

Trivia Section

These weights were held by athletes in the ancient long jump to push themselves further.

These Alps lie northeast of the Sea of Showers.

Chinkara, dibatag, gerenuk, lechwe and puku are species of this.

The Seistan sand wind blows in these two countries.

Get your “Riddle-in”

Riddle Section

What do you call a girl with lots of suitcases?

What do you call a man with a cable coming out of his ear?

What do you call a greasy pachyderm?

What was the speed limit in ancient Egypt?

You’re Kid’n me, right?

Kids Rids Section

Why don't mummies take vacations?

What's a good gift for an Australian ghost?

What would you get if you crossed a witch with a gourmet chef?

Where do vampires keep their savings?

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Now On Sale for those who give a hoot!

Hooters Owl and Birds of Prey Calendars

Latest Greek Sudoku Puzzle #17185

Greek Sudoku Puzzles A

Pet pig provides food relief

Delicious Grief

Passing a dictionary test without diction

Eye Halve A Spelling Checker

Safety in numbers

Protective Wings

Self-service heavy haul movers in Israel

Israeli Moving Company

How to fall back on road rage

For Tailgaters

Windows users find a perfect fit for Macintosh computers

Mac Supports Windows

This cylist is over the hill and over the flames

Cyclist Roast

How to save beer trapped in a bottle

Beer Rescue

Home alarm blends in with snowy environment

Snow Monster Yard

Returning to the Star Wars Canine Galaxy

Chewie, We're Home

Finding a new path around the latest dump of snow

Snow Detour

Birds of prey - synergy in motion

Mid Flight Owl

Why clans huddle together in the Scottish Highlands

Scottish Weather Forecast

Something's 'up' at the Royal Tyrrell Museum

T-Rex Shadow

Why settle on the smaller 6 or 12 pack?

99 Pack

Latest Samurai Sudoku Puzzle: #17179-83

Samurai Sudoku Puzzles C

FIFA scandal steals focus as Women's World Cup set to kick off in Vancouver


Create your own high performance Energy Meter

Wife Consumption

100 mpg Hummer motorcycle from Harley-Davidson

Hummer Motorcycle

Are you using your time wisely?

Time Is Free

Hot air balloon rides for those who give a hoot

Owl Balloon

Bubba looked forward to his first salmon feast

Fish Diet Meal

Who's inside your house?

Owl Pottery

Set a good example - it's the law

Follow The Leader

Testing all-natural products on Vancouver Island

Organic Water Filter

Tire-d of seeing the same bathroom sink design?

Tire Store Restroom

Looks like you can get Domino's Pizza anywhere

Domino's Delivers Everywhere

White dove amongst roses

Faith Forever

Don't fret your next Swimming pool chord

Guitar Pool

Latest Astrology Sudoku Puzzle: #17177

Astrology Sudoku Puzzles B

Self service flatulent diner for unleaded customers

Eat Here

Purrrfect impression of a moustache


Ive always wanted a vacuum cleaner that could do that

Vacuum Clean Coffee

Intelligent eagle learns to use cell phone

Eagle Selfie

Landmark, Manitoba is the geographical centre of Canada, eh

Centre of Canada

Blurred vision for impaired drive-hers

One Too Many

Need a cheap unassembled snowman? Saskatchewan has a deal 4U...

Saskatchewan Christmas Entrepreneur

French Street under seige

Texas 4 Months Apart

Darth Vader's rarely photographed wife

Ella Vader

New mechanical tracking pencil - lead to lead

Well Trained Pencil

Tried out my new pressure cooker bomb today

Extreme Pressure Cooker

Boris may be strong but smell isn't everything

Russian BiteLifter

Hot lips in the garden

Flower Lips

It was a slow news day in Georgia

Old Traffic Jam

Latest Sudoku Sampler Puzzles: #17172-75

Sudoku Sampler B

Math solution to warm you up

Cold Corners

OCD Nightmare

Leaning Straight

Tit for Tat: Bikini Burqa Battle

Burqa Ban

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