Wayne Nowazek Submissions
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Chair legs for females
Chair Master
Full-time jobs for hardcore bikers
Killing Bugs
When a farmer goes to the beach
Beach Farmer
Dishwater duty when the wife is out
Hubcap Shine
Chainsaw art in the Moistwest Territories
Wooden Owl
Looks like this car has limited turning capability
One Way Repairs
Heavy Dtuy Wrench
Nice Try, China
How to put out fires in Venice, Italy
Italian Fire Exit
Angus' sheep rides were getting quite popular in Edinburgh
Scottish Lawnmower
Is this on the level?
Wrong On So Many Levels
NASA set the over–under to 2.0 on this moon shot
Camouflage farmer waits out winter storm
Manitoba Spring Day
Eggsellent Easter Riddles
Easter Yolks
What happens if you don't eat your breakfast eggs
Egg Hatch Breakfast
Have a Happy Kiss-ter!
Kiss-ter Eggs
Spring thaw can't come early enough on the prairies
Manitoba Spring
Don't bother looking for Easter eggs this year
Easter Lost
Buddhism and Reincarnation
Reformed Buddhists
False eyelash with backward compatibility
Winter blahs!
Tired Of Snow
Golf Gourmet - adding a hole in one for French Fries
Perfect Pizza
Extremely rare sneakers
Two Foot Steaks
When life gives you lemons, search for melons
Simple Surgery
And you thought wine in a box was good value!
Home Wine Delivery
A DJ's music mixer inspired from the kitchen
DJ Birthday
Look! Some buds on the trees already...
Spring Trees
When it might be a good time for global warming
Frozen Parking Spot
When it's especially hard to go back to sleep
Once You're Awake
Most commonly spoken language in the U.S. other than English
Mexico Is A Huge Country
What if the Federal Income Tax is illegal?
Pay Your Taxes
Difficult decision facing U.S. voters
Your Choice
Archaeological artifact at the Barnum Museum, Bridgeport, Connecticut
Centaur of Tymfi
Quiet please - if that tiger roars, we're all dead
Tiger By The Pants
How much fun is it to chase Pokemon?
Real Life Pokemon
Following the latest weather in the U.K.
British Summer Installation
They call him MotorcycAl
VW Motorcycle
Denver Boot for Tow Truck Drivers
Karma Towing
Bird gone to pot
Teapot Birdhouse
Everything is fresh in Hawaii
Hawaii Flowers
Swinging couple idles time away waiting for next bus
Montreal Bus Stop
Some rear ends make good customer seats
Dodge Bench
Bubba's free alternative to laser tattoo removal
Redneck Tattoo Removal
Lighting the way for a clean-energy environment
Oil Lamps
Looking for good deals down the road
Cart Rod
Sumptuous leg hair hosiery
Doin' what you can to warm the pool
Redneck Hot Tub Heater
Say no more
Accordion Lessons
Scientists in 2350 find remnants of early meltdown man
Stuck Truck Snow Bank
How tacky!
Under A Tack
Does your computerized car have windows?
If Apple Made A Car
If Steven Spielberg owned Caterpillar Tractors
Bush Warrior
Nature's way of showing off birds of prey
Barn Owl Beauty
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