Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1687

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Always check your kid's homework
Sticker Story
Bubba's 'Breakfast Bride' - the grill of his dreams
Bacon Bra
How real men remove fish hooks
Fish Hook Removal
Parents: the one thing chldren wear out faster than shoes
Teeter TottHer
Happy St. Patrick's Day to the Irish!
Teddy Bear Dance
Hero dog tries to rescue wounded dog
Rescue Dog
So much for combination locks
How To Hack A Lock
Don't be a victim at the pumps
Nozzle Rage
Snakes don't come much larger than this
Huge Dead Snake
Why you shouldn't mess with my gun
Husband's Revenge
Bailing Out - Olympic haymaking record
Hanging Load
Full and high - pigging out on pot brownies
Cookie Overdose
Why AARP sells insurance
Aging Disgracefully
This guy's days of stealing vehicles are over
Freeway Chase (PG)
What an uplifting idea!
Viagra Switch
Moving Motorcycle Moron
Truck Stuck (PG)
A few people had angels watching over them that day
Red Light Survivors
Guide to success in the financial world
Economics 101
Newfies taking the high road
Double Decker Bus
Playing the other 'Clair de Lune' piece?
Victor Borge Quotes
When firefighters have nothing to do
Car Hosers
Now there's one less scooter on the road...
What Red Light? (PG)
Anger Management - never fight back!
Control Your Anger
Lucky Day - Saved By A Dent!
Blindsided Pedestrian - Beware the Red-Light Runner (PG)
Taking a foul fowl to a bizarre bazaar down a coarse course?
Sounds The Same
If CPR doesn't work on a man, practice on a $2.35 chicken!
Chicken CPR
Looking for communion in all the wrong places?
Church Moments
Find out what the famous phrase is!
Phrase Codes from Past Years
Try not to become an eggnog-aholic this Christmas
Holiday Eating Tips
Is baby Jesus missing from your manger scene this Christmas?
Baby Jesus - Pure Innocence
Xylophone Ball Christmas
We Wish You A Merry Christmas
Recipients of the 'Worst Christmas Present' Contest
What Women Won't Want for Christmas
Dog Dance - latest in canine creativity!
World's Best Trained Dog
Amazing what a little gunpowder can do for longevity
Cowboy's Secret to Living a Long Life
Tired of overpaid NHL coverage?
No NHL? Yule Have To Spend More Time With Your Wife
Practical Pranks for Santa
How To Confuse Santa Claus
Thoughts of roasting on an open fire
Holiday Songs for the Disturbed
Postal Workers bring Christmas cheer to a 93-year-old widow
Christmas Letter To God
What happens when you upset the maid - crappy service!
Don't Annoy The Maid
How to tell if you've got the Bird Flu
Bird Flu Symptoms
And now for the winner of the porcupine javelin contest...
Bull Terrier vs. Porcupine: Quill He Make It?
When you can hardly wait for your next plate of perogies
Ukrainian Perogies
Reinvesting profits thanks to the dubm barber
Dubm Kid @ The Barber Shop
How not to hot brand a horse - rib-crackler du jour
A New 'Brand' of Pain - OUCH!!!
Got any Prison Insurance for this guy?
Disability Insurance for the New Prisoner
John West - Enduring the worst to bring you the best
Salmon Fight - Only the Tastiest, Most Tender Salmon
Finding a place for Dad at Christmas
What Dads Are For
Count your blessings this Holiday Season
Merry Christmas To All Of You
'Twas the Light Before Christmas
Christmas Laser Light Show
Business Case for Corporate Christmas Funding
12 Days of Christmas - Cost of 'True Love'
Finding a normal or different mind
Are You Normal?
What Santa receives at Christmas
Christmas Letter From Mom To Santa
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