Wayne Nowazek Submissions
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Car problems when driving at night
Blonde Gears
Sexless statistics in normal relationships
Upsetting News
Nothing better than enjoying fine dining in your backyard pool
Redneck Box Barbeque
Recycling in Rio de Janeiro
Plastic Bottle Beach Art
Bubba remembers the good old days in the back seat of his car
Redneck Car Swing
Sears Crafstman tools to the rescue
What He Really Wants For Valentines Day
Special Christmas postal delivery
12 Days of Christmas - Gifts By Mail
Good excuses for not going to work
Why Parents Drink
Birth of a brand new Kawasaki motorcycle
How COWasakis Are Made
When 'Back in the office' doesn't mean the Back 9
All Over It
Used Fifth Wheel For Sale - half price for half unit
How Was The Holiday?
Life as it should be for a wannabe motorcyclist
Born to be Blind
Look what the cat dragged in!
Cat Surprise
How do you know you're shopping in Texas?
Shopping In Texas
Need a non-destructive way to fix the leak in your roof?
Cleaning Gutters With Your Friends
When to take a senior citizen's license away
Be Careful Pulling Out
The roughest wipe in Australia
Aussie Toilet Paper
Boys with big toys
Monster Truck Pull
The true meaning of 'running when pulled'
How Not To Remove An Engine
Smooth operation by clever con men
ATM Theft
Home light shade craft - watts you see is watts you get
White Light
Finding your family tree and its political roots
Political Gobbledegook
Dog training starts in the bathroom
Potty Trained Dog
Is your Injun light on?
Idle No More
Why there are no more lumberjacks
Next Lumberjack
Fortunately, the Oreo cookie says not to worry
End Times Cookie
Tips for drinking and driving
Safe Drive Home
Where a pint will fix all your marriage problems
Cold Beer
How suitcases are tampered with in airports
Luggage Tampering
Standing your ground to protect what's rightfully yours
Why Police Training Is So Tough
The ultimate in Dorkmobiles
This Little Piggy
Why you should be more considerate to construction workers
Caution - Struggling Workers
Been fishing up north lately?
Sought After Fish
Elderly husband gives a helping hand to his blind wife
Perfect Sight Golfer
Illusion of Evolution
Human Adaption
Romancing The Stone... again
Fondling In Bed (PG)
Some signs leave a lot to be desired
False Advertising (PG)
I'm fairly sure this isn't how it's done
Spear Fishing Tips (PG)
Things to do while waiting for your Air Canada flight
Airport Boredom
Wilbur forgot to get rust protection for his body piercing
Tattoo Fountain
Announcing the birth of Baby West - the Joe-kster's 8th grandchild
Introducing Baby West
Helicopter pilot that did one too many loops
Looping The Loop
Little Johnny gets full marks for wrong answers
Student's Failing Grade
Note to self: Cancel credit cards prior to death
Bank Late Fees
Real audio of Tim Thomas congratulating no-show Vancouver Canucks
Tim Thomas in the Handshake Line
Why dogs can't relate to humans
Top 10 Dog Peeves
Caught on a parking lot's security camera
Swimming Buddies
Secrets to a non-successful marriage
Marriage Expectations
Report from the weather center in Crystal, North Dakota
North Dakota Weather Alert
Newspapers report latest drop in iPad sales
Why iPad Won't Replace a Newspaper
What do your parents look forward to at Christmas?
Christmas Wish For Seniors
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