Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1620

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Job applicants are getting younger all the time
Child Labour
Cardboard box makes a perfect hiding place for the cat
Drawn To Curiosity
PVC piping to the rescue
Redneck Boot Dryer
Getting a little firewood in for next winter
Logging Basics
Moose have been a Moistwest Territories transportation network company
Canadian Uber
Some parking spots are non-returnable
It Looked Like A Round About
Gliding in a seagull's jet stream
Fast Beach Chicken
It's licking like a friendly relationship
What An Earfull
Simple solution to gain control over alcohol
Little Drinking Problem
Sign language in Russia
Wave To The Nice Lady
Girls just want to have fun
Girls' Joy Ride
Lending an ear to gun control
Texas Earrings
Walks through paradise valleys
Amazing Paths
Putting the right slant on acute and obtuse angles
Angel Angles
How long do you cook eggs?
Hard Boiled Eggs
When you have a loose tooth and need to see a Dentist
Shark Dentist
Receiving too many silent calls?
Dead Phone
Taking one more run on an aging sailboat
Retired Fishermen Walker
Experience the glow of health tonic
Beer Habit
Hawg'n the road in style
Limo Bike
Deer Me - Clean up on Aisle 5
Walmart Hunting Section
Special uses for Duct Tape
Lip Gloss for Whiners
The art of Rock Balancing
Arch Rockery
Where Canada sits in the world
Canada - World Leader of Northern-ness
Canadian RCMP patrol all moose crossings
Moose Police
Language 101 for new visitors to Canada
Canadian Alphabet
Some thought she was as cold as the weather outside
Canadian Tough
Compatible musicians make harmonic compositions
Making Music Together
Desert Dromedary - Arabian illusion du jour
A purseonal way to carry your daily digest
Why Such A Big Handbag?
On the road to going nowhere
Bike Stop
What's your perception of yourself?
Shopping hours are never long enough for Wilbur's wife
Shopping Wait-er
Warning indicators for too-fast drivers
Pick Your Fate
WARNING: This is un-bear-able! Platinum Edition SUV preferred by Grizzly bears
Totaled Toyota
You Juan One?
Taco Emergency
Stair design inspiration for an arborist house
Stairway Roots
When you know you've tried CPR resuscitation too long
Worst Aid
Portable pump attachment allows for faster fill-up at gas stations
Taste something funny in your coffee lately?
Dog Hair Coffee
The Rothschilds and the Federal Reserve
Trillion Dollar Man
Shedding light on a recent Mechanical Engineering idea
When clam shells sea what's up
Eye've Been To The Beach
How not to ask your spouse to prepare dessert
Husband Frosted Cupcakes
Finding a use for used jeans on the farm
Pantastic Crop
Welcome to my life - this is where I live
Where I Live
Choosing a relationship with strings attached
Want To Fiddle Around?
Pray that you aren't prey
Eagle Hunt
No-distraction driving with a manual transmission
Don't Want Your Child To Text And Drive?
Before crocodile leather there was...
Crocs Shoes
When the cargo letsgo
CarGo Loads
Custom shelving for innovative storage plans
Ikea Not
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