Wayne Nowazek Submissions
recent joe-ks submitted: 1690

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Mathematical proof of Non-Existence
Santa Claus or Santa Clause?
Perfect place to store Bubba's spare tire!
Christmas Tree Wheel
Coral snakes blend well with candy corn
Cobra Candy
When Christmas is cheaper than a Holiday
Christmas Tree Special
Handy and adjustable for quick hair styles
Trump Comb
Don't hire this organist to perform at your next Hallelujah Chorus performance!
Hallelujah Chorus: Wrong-Key Organist
Don't forget to beat off the turner!
Tequila Christmas Cake
As Merry as it gets at Bubba's house
Merry House
A Jingle Cats production 4U!
Jingle Cats' White Christmas
Can you guess the titles of these fractured Christmas Carols?
Fractured Christmas Carols and Songs
It started out with a kiss...
Sucker Fish
Canned liquid happiness
Take Your Meds
Snow lumps with glow sticks for eyes
Glow Snow
Charged with early shopping
Early Christmas Shopping
Chain links indicate large-scale security system
Beware Of Big Dog
Hair of the dog that bit you
Morning After Dog
Hospitals resort to hiring Doctors
Breaking News
Thank A Hunter
Thank A Hunter
I have to go to Canada now
Politics Was Fun
Suspicious timing of document dump prior to U.S. 2016 Presidential Election
FBI Document Release
Waiting for handouts while slogging through the U.S. 2016 Presidential Election
Free Election Beer
Spooktacular makeup for a ghoulfriend
Halloween Eye Shadow
Superstitious black cats' house call before Christmas
Halloween Tree
Canine Security for Halloween
Halloween Guard Dog
Celebrating Halloween in Hawaii
Halloween Pineapple
Keeping trick-or-treaters off the back porch
Centipede Pumpkin
Dracula's second-favourite ghoulfriend snack
Fang Treats
Putting a face to Halloween
Pumpkin Gord's Gourd
Greeting Halloween trick-or-treaters
Smilie Pumpkin
A Redneck trophy pumpkin costs a buck an ear
Hunter's Halloween
What happens to corn on the cob at Halloween
Halloween in South America
Piranha Pumpkin
Mutt and Jeff preparing for Halloween
Halloween Dogs
Nothing like a Caramel Onion Apple treat!
Halloween Surprise
Witch ones?
Witch Relatives
The weird neighbour's alarm security system
Zombie Trespassers
You might even find a canoe or a kayak
Kanew Sales
Simply Vantastic!
VW Pumpkin
Here's to a spider web in your face!
Karate Instructor
Transparency is key to a bare bones Halloween display
Halloween Lamp
Hillary Clinton not meeting needs of women voters ages 18-35
Struggling Polls
Finding a use for those old vinyl records
Halloween Records
Strange sightings on Halloween night
Alien Halloween Costume
Are people mad at you?
Speaking The Truth
Heading down the pumpkin patch
Pumpkin Dragon Head
Bubba's Bonsai tree is for Redneck swingers
Redneck Tree Chair
Food on the hot seat
Grill Chair
Bubba has a special place for belts that get too small
Redneck Lawn Chair
Are Donald Trump supporters deplorable?
Nothing stops a Canadian looking for his next cup of coffee
Gotta Get To Timmies
Your cat's age related to people years
Age In Cat Years
Mosquitoes grow pretty big in the Moist Wet Territories
Dragonfly Art
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